Sri Lanka warns lethal autonomous weapons threat to global stability

Sri Lanka has cautioned that the potential military advantages of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) would risk proliferation and thereby lower the threshold of the rules of warfare, undermining regional as well as global stability. Sri Lanka also alerted on the risk of non-state actors gaining access to such weapons and the potential breach of cyber security in the autonomous technology used in weapons systems.Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Ravinatha Aryasinha, made these observations during an intervention by Sri Lanka at a five day Meeting of Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) within the framework of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) which commenced yesterday at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Ambassador Aryasinha who chaired the November 2015 Meeting of the High Contracting Parties of the CCW which decided to expanded the mandate of the Experts meeting on LAWS, emphasized that in addition to the traditional submission of a Chair’s summery of the proceedings in a personal capacity, space had been created, that the current session “may agree by consensus on recommendations for further work, for consideration by the Fifth Review Conference of the CCW to meet in December 2016″. He said Sri Lanka calls for “the negotiation of a legally binding international instrument that regulates the use of autonomous technology in weapon systems”, adding that “as an important first step, a Governmental Group of Experts (GGE) with an initial discussion mandate be appointed by consensus for this purpose, at the Fifth Review Conference of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) to be held in December 2016″. He further noted that the debate on LAWS is not merely a question to ban or not to ban autonomous technology in weapons systems, but rather a question of the acceptable threshold of the degree of autonomy in weapon systems that is in compliance with international law, in particular International Humanitarian Law (IHL). LAWS also commonly known as ‘Killer Robots’, is being broadly categorized as an emerging type of autonomous technology with potential use in lethal weapons systems, that will once activated, have the ability to select, engage, and use force at targets, without any human intervention. The Ambassador said it is important that the CCW acts on this issue, in order to maintain its own credibility, and to strike a balance between the legitimate security aspirations of States and the inherent humanitarian concerns of the international community. Further, it provides an opportunity for both States, as well as Civil Society which continues to play an important role in furthering the debate on the LAWS, to engage and strengthen the CCW process. He cautioned that failure to live up to this expectation, would not only result in denying the 2016 Review Conference which meets only once in five years a historic opportunity to address this pressing issue decisively, but also to be at guilt if we had to witness the possible development of LAWS in an unregulated environment, to the detriment of humanity.It was urged that those countries who are already in possession of autonomous weapons or have the capability to do so, engage in an open and constructive dialogue with the rest of the Member States to discuss genuine concerns and consider a way forward within the framework of the CCW. He said, more robust engagement in the discussion from the global South is also vital, for it is these States who are disadvantaged in the access to such technologies, and are likely to be more vulnerable during any potential warfare involving LAWS. The Meeting of Experts chaired by Ambassador Michael Biontino of Germany for the second consecutive year, building on the two previous Expert Meetings held in 2014 and 2015 respectively, will be deliberating on different aspects of LAWS, including mapping autonomy, a working definition on LAWS, challenges in complying with International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and Ethical issues, as well as the Security aspects including regional and global stability and the risk of proliferation and military necessity of LAWS.Deputy Permanent Representative Mrs. Samantha Jayasuriya and Second Secretary Mrs. Mafusa Lafir also participated in the deliberations. (Colombo Gazette) read more

UNICEF official warns of continuing threats to Afghan women and children

With Afghanistan’s new school year officially beginning tomorrow, a senior United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official has warned of a continued threat facing Afghan women and children from high rates of child and maternal mortality, low levels of school enrolment and neglect of children’s fundamental rights.“With more children in school than ever before in Afghanistan, school gates across Afghanistan will open again tomorrow for a new academic year – but at least one in two girls who should be in classes will remain at home,” UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Rima Salah said.“One in five children in this country do not survive long enough even to reach school age. Others will drop out of school, to support their families. This is a tragedy that threatens progress made in recent years,” she added on the third day of a weeklong visit to a country where 600 children under the age of five and 50 women die every day, due to preventable illnesses and obstetric complications respectively.Ms. Salah called on the international community to increase support to development programmes for women and children. “Unless the world makes tangible commitments to the Government and people of Afghanistan, increasing investment in core services such as health, education and protection of children, development will continue to be constrained,” she said.She also noted that the recent spate of incidents against schools in some areas was undermining the cause of development. “Attacks against education are attacks against the most basic rights of all Afghan people,” she said. read more

Anita Bulat from Podravka moves to Viborg

Viborg found a right back, and that is the Hungarian player Anita Bulat from RK Podravka. On the official website of Podravka it’s announced that the contract is mutually terminated due to family reasons, while Viborg informs us that all details are already arranged and that the formal signing of the contract is to be on Monday.Podravka’s coach Neven Hrupec, is unhappy with the development of things at the moment, as Anita Bulat was the one that should have taken much of Podravka’s game in the upcoming season.Viborg lost few key players in few days. Grit Jurack ended career, while Amanda Kurtovic which was supposed to be her replacement got injured, so the Danish team only gets easy now that a solution is finally found. Amanda Kurtovicanita bulatbulatgrit jurackhrupecjurackkurtovicneven hrupecPodravkaViborg ← Previous Story Smajlagic to coach Zamet Rijeka, club taken by Italian billionaire Next Story → Lada Togliatti defeats Zvezda Zvenigorod (31:27) in the big derby read more

There was a right old barney in the water committee today so

first_img SF says FG tried to introduce water charges through the back door today— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) April 4, 2017 Source: Gavan Reilly/Twitter Short URL And don’t forget: water charges kicked back in again at 12:01am last Saturday. And without a report from this committee, they’ll stay there.— Gavan Reilly (@gavreilly) April 4, 2017 Apr 4th 2017, 9:08 PM By Christina Finn THERE WAS A right old scrap during the Oireachtas water committee today.The 20-member committee on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services has so far met 19 times in a bid to hammer out an agreement on the issues relating to water charges, refunds and metering.Last week, it appeared that it was inching towards the end, but the whole thing fell into disarray today, as one committee member put it.Why?“I don’t know, to be quite honest,” Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen told reporters this evening.Sources said the bones of the report by the committee had been agreed upon last week and all seemed relieved they were reaching the final hurdle.After much back and forth about how to define excessive water usage, the definition of wastage as being 1.7 times the average usage was agreed. This is 70% above average.They also seemed to finally know where they stood in terms of the EU directive which indicates there must be a “polluter pays principle” applied – effectively, some sort of repercussion, a fine, levy or charge for those that waste water.Independent legal advice indicated to the committee that existing legislation could be beefed up and strengthened to allow for this.Losing votes But today the committee hit an almighty bump in the road when Fine Gael lost at least three votes during the committee meeting and refused to return to the room in the afternoon.While Fine Gael said they merely thought it would be best to “take a break”, the row has now been dubbed a “political tit-for-tat”.To outline their positions, parties lined up, and one by one, they stood on the plinth at Leinster House to tell their tale.In brief, Fianna Fáil is blaming Fine Gael for backing out of last week’s agreement, while Labour is turning on Sinn Féin for encouraging Fianna Fáil to diverge.Essentially, it is a war of words, with a row breaking out over some of the final report’s wording.While Fine Gael’s Colm Brophy said what happened today was “unfortunate”, Cowen said the whole process had been “difficult” and “tedious”.Cowen said he had expected to brief the media on the conclusion of the report.We’ve been baffled and surprised by Fine Gael and their attitude today. They obviously didn’t want to sign off on the document and what’s contained in it, despite what they said at the meetings last week. It may be that that’s due to internal politics in Fine Gael. That’s understandable if that is the case. But be that as it may, I would hope they would reflect on that this evening and they would come back to the committee tomorrow morning, with a view to continuing to work towards a conclusion and to sign off on the committees work formally.So, what did Fine Gael take issue with it today?The problem arose on page one of the three-page report, and it centred around language.Fine Gael’s Martin Heydon said his party did “not accept the language of the draft report that was discussed at the water committee today”.The principles that were decided last week were a generous allowance for domestic water usage, to be funded through taxation, a tariff or a levy for excess usage for wilful wastage. This will apply to households who use 70 per cent above the average of water.Ireland has legal responsibilities under EU legislation that we simply can not ignore.We must have some form of tariff or levy for excess usage. The alternative is to expose the Irish taxpayer to very significant fines. Source: Fine Gael/Twitter Image: Shutterstock/Marek Szandurski A Fine Gael source said the direction the committee discussions were progressing today will result in Ireland being found non-compliant under EU rules. This could result in fines to the State of up to €50 million.Another said it was agreed that in order to avoid penalties from the EU some form of charge is needed and for that not to be accepted in the wording of the report is “nonsense”.Last month, Minister Simon Coveney said the government could not stand over a report that does not meaningfully seek to ensure that Ireland meets its EU obligations.What next?The committee has until Good Friday to deliver a report to the Dáil. Today, Fine Gael said it wants to revisit today’s issues, hinting that they are looking for a re-vote. That’s not an option for Fianna Fáil.“In a democracy you take a vote and you accept the result. We move on to the next section… I just hope they will re-engage with the democratic process tomorrow and work with it rather than against it,” said Cowen.I would hope that people are strong enough and committed enough to the process to go back to the 20th meeting tomorrow with a view to addressing this and agreeing by consensus or compromise to get this off the table.As it stands now, there is a serious risk that the committee won’t sign off on the report.A bad day for new politics then?“It’s a bad day for Fine Gael I hope, but not a bad day for the committee,” said Cowen.That remains to be seen, but also it’s worth remembering – charges haven’t gone away, you know. Read: Irish Water guilty of sewage pollution at four plants across the countryRead: So many questions… what’s happening with water charges?> There was a right old barney in the water committee today – so what’s going on? The water committee could fall at the final hurdle. Fine Gael does not accept the language of the draft report that was discussed at the water committee today.— Fine Gael (@FineGael) April 4, 2017 The language did not reflect in my view what we decided last week and was trying to essentially pull the wool over the eyes of the Irish people to some extent.‘Water charges through the back door’Meanwhile Sinn Féin said what happened at today’s committee meeting was an attempt by Fine Gael of introducing water charges through the back door.“What Fine Gael want is a charge per litre, per household for what they call excessive use. That would require meters, it would require meters in every house in the country, it would require bills,” said Sinn Féin’s Eoin O’Broin. We are saying to the Irish people you will get an allowance and above that you will get a bill in the door, simple as. It can be called a charge, a levy, or penalty, and that is what we left the committee the other week understanding and that is where we are today. 43 Comments Image: Shutterstock/Marek Szandurski Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter Heydon said the wording on the first page reflects the detail that is contained in the report.“There is an attempt to dress up this report in the opening comments, to lead people to believe that there will be no charge in any way shape or form. There has got to be a charge for excessive usage here. We had agreement on that last week. The report needs to say that and not play with words,” he added.“A fine wouldn’t be okay because a fine leads to court. We want a situation where those who use over and above make a contribution to that.“Language is important. If we are to have a charge for excess usage that should be reflected in the report wording,” said Heydon.The very first line Fianna Fáil said this all came as a shock to them as they had assumed, “rightly or wrongly” according to Cowen, that there was almost 98% agreement on the report.“When we got to the first line this morning there was a problem. People said that the first line wasn’t reflective of what was contained in the report. The report is only three pages long and you would expect somebody to read it in its entirety. I was completely taken aback. It may well be, and it’s understandable if it is, to do with internal Fine Gael politics,” said Cowen.Kate O’Connell said the language used on the first page of the report aims to “pull the wool” over the eyes of the Irish public.We have to be honest with people. We said 70 per cent above what the CER (Commission of Energy Regulation) said was normal usage. It is not just a fixed amount. It has to be a quantifiable amount. There has to be meter at the door to measure this. And it has to be based on metrics. 16,203 Views Share Tweet Email1 Tuesday 4 Apr 2017, 9:08 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

British paedophile imprisoned in Greece

first_imgFor the people in the tourist resort of Tavronitis, Douglas Barr was a retired rugby player and former pub owner, who relocated to Crete in 2007, in order to spend the later years of his life under the Greek sun. Burly and outgoing, the 56-year-old was in good terms with the members of the Brit expat community of the small town, always up for fun and games. Now this community is waking up to face the dark truth. Behind the friendly neighbour facade, was hiding a violent monster, a gun-obsessed rapist who locked and tortured children in the basement of his villa, acoording to the Mirror. It all unravelled when Barr was arrested in January last year following a dispute over a car crash he was involved in with a neighbour. After drunk-driving into the parked car of Florist Danai Dagunakis, 28, the man responded to her complains by threatening her with a gun. One of the witnesses recognised her assailant and decided to step up and confront him. This led to another confession, made by another victim to one of Barr’s neighbours, who alerted the British consulate. Both testimonies were heard during the trial that ensued, describing how Barr locked the children in his dark basement lair, tortured them, shaved their heads and eybrows and repeatedly abused them. “The psychological and physical violence against these children paints a picture of a villain which not even Charles Dickens could have imagined”, said the attorney presenting the case in court, who described Barr as “the definition of barbarity”. It is understood the abuse stretched back a number of years. The allegations sparked an international investigation, which involved council officials in Leeds, where Barr and his wife Julie had previously lived, raising no concerns about his behaviour. However, according to the Leeds Council officials, an anonymous letter had been sent in August 2014, accusing Barr of the horrific actions; it was then passed to the Greek authorities for further investigation. The two countries have been co-investigating the case since. Adding insult to injury, it was revealed In court that Barr – who had never played for the Leeds Rhinos, as he had claimed – was living off welfare, funding his lifestyle courtesy of British taxpayers. It was estimated that he could have been receiving up to £4,500 ($8,740) a  month in benefits. He was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in jail. He will serve in one of the toughest prisons in Greece, among fellow sex offenders, people traffickers and drug dealers. As a result of the ongoing financial crisis in Greece, prisons face severe cuts and the Grevena jail has become infamous in recent years for chronic overcrowding, food shortages and brutal prisoner beatings. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

How ‘Legion’ Uses Superpowers to Explore Mental Illness

first_img Superheroes are myths, and myths are metaphors. They’re tools that human beings use to explain the unexplainable and explore both the world around us and the worlds inside of us. So it’s no surprise that artists and writers have done the same throughout the history of the medium. The X-Men as an analogy for civil rights, Superman for the immigrant experience, Batman for grief and mourning. You get it. One of the most unique and compelling superhero analogies in the world right now is FX’s mind-bending show Legion, which starts its third and final season this week. Come with us as we explore the battlefield of the mind through the prism of its lead character.Patient FilesLegion is an odd pick for a superhero show. Its main character, David Haller, was introduced in the pages of New Mutants #25. The son of Charles Xavier, one of the world’s most powerful mutants, David was born from a brief fling and Xavier never knew of his existence. When he was young, a massive trauma caused his powers to manifest and drove him into a catatonic state. He remained that way until he was a young man, when he awakened and was possessed by the malevolent mutant Amahl Farouk, also known as the Shadow King.The basic gimmick for David — then dubbed Legion — is this: he suffers from multiple personality disorder, that ill-understood condition in which one person has many consciousnesses, each with their own personalities and memories, living within them. Each of David’s personalities has access to one of his mental abilities — macho Jack Wayne can move things with telekinesis, while bratty Cyndi can set things on fire with her mind. And then there’s Jemail Karami, a terrorist leader who had his entire consciousness absorbed by David during his trauma and now lives within his mind.Over the years, the X-Men comics have brought Legion back as both antagonist and ally, fleshing the character out as our understanding of mental health has grown. His most recent starring role came in the X-Men: Legacy series, where he worked to keep his many personalities under control while tackling high-level threats to mutantkind.When Legion came to TV, showrunner Noah Hawley wanted to step away from the multiple personality aspect of the character, which is often used to pretty corny effect, and sink deeper into the general worldview of a disordered mind. So let’s see how that was done.First ConsultationAlthough Legion is obviously part of the Marvel extended universe, you won’t see any other superheroes saving the world here. Hawley told the press that he wanted to do the “Breaking Bad of superhero stories,” a closely-focused narrative that followed David’s development as he learned about himself. Instead of MPD, the character was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a mental condition that often manifests in young men at puberty (much like mutant powers in the Marvel universe). Schizophrenics experience disordered, chaotic thinking, agitated movement and hallucinations.When the series starts, David is an inmate at the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, where he’s been for six years. There, he falls in love with a young woman named Syd who refuses to be touched. That’s for good reason – she’s a mutant like he is, with the uncontrollable ability to switch bodies through physical contact. When she winds up in David’s head, his abilities go wildly out of control and wreck the hospital, killing his friend Lenny. He’s not there to see it, though, as he’s been whisked off to Summerland, a facility run by Melanie Bird to train mutants in the use of their powers.The first season is a narrative of treatment, as Melanie and her team work to dig through David’s memories to find the root cause of his fractured psyche. On the way, they experience a number of hallucinatory adventures and are bedeviled by a grotesque yellow-eyed man who also takes the form of a traumatizing children’s book drawing and David’s friend Lenny. What’s great about this narrative is how grounded it is, despite all the surreal things happening around the characters. David needs to do the work to understand his disease, and as he does he slowly becomes more able to communicate and relate to Syd and the others.And then the payoff comes: that man that’s lurked outside David’s field of vision in some of his worst moments is no hallucination. He’s a malevolent psychic presence, the Shadow King, latched on to him like a parasite. But what makes the reveal work is that Legion doesn’t go for the clean ending of having the villain be responsible for the hero’s break from reality. Instead, even with the Shadow King expelled, David is still damaged, but in a different way. The second season saw him more proactive, hunting down Farouk to prevent him from reobtaining his original body. His schizophrenia manifests in different ways — instead of the reclusive, inward folding he did in the first season, Haller now pushes outwards in ways that alienate and hurt his friends and allies. He’s able to act in the world, but he’s still not well — and now that he’s not undergoing treatment, he may not be able to pull back from the abyss.We’re not sure where the third and final season of Legion will go, but smart money’s on it giving us a lot to chew on, especially with future Syd telling us David will be the one to bring on the end of the world as we know it.The Mind PalaceInterpreting mental illness can be a difficult thing. As opposed to other diseases, where symptoms are physical and quantifiable, conditions like schizophrenia are troublingly elusive.Here’s a great example: a small subset of human beings have a condition called tetrachromacy, where their eye has a mutation that lets them see colors outside of the normal spectrum of human vision. How would somebody describe those colors to somebody that can’t see them, using a language that has no words for them? It’s virtually impossible to express something so internal and personal.What’s great about Legion is that it has a built-in tool for externalizing these internal processes. Because David is a superhumanly powerful telekinetic, he can make the world around him just as chaotic as his mind. One of the first season’s most affecting recurring images is David standing in a kitchen he’s tearing apart with his mind, hundreds of utensils and pieces of debris suspended in the air around him in one frozen moment. Psychotic breaks of the kind associated with schizophrenia can feel like that, both instantaneous and eternal.His telepathy works to make talk therapy – one of the most vital courses of action for schizophrenics —something more than just dialogue, as treks into David’s memory are tangible things. But the show never comes out and says that what he’s recalling is truth, reminding us that we’re all unreliable narrators of our own lives.It’s not just David that wrestles with mental illness and trauma, either – each of the show’s main characters can be seen as a metaphor for a different sort of condition, and the throughline of the series is how they heal both themselves and each other when they can. The premise of the second season — that David was thought to be “cured” because of the Shadow King’s expulsion, only to find himself falling into old patterns and behaviors — illustrated just how fraught that process is.We’re very excited to see how Legion‘s final season explores David’s treatment. After his despicable deeds at the end of season 2, he has a lot to answer for. While we’re not expecting a traditional happy ending, there are as many different directions David’s story could go as there are stars in the sky.The third and final season of Legion premieres June 24, 2019 on FX.More on Great TV Shows With Terrible EndingsThe Story of ‘Warrior,” Bruce Lee’s Long-Delayed TV Series20 Years Later, How ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Still Feels Fresh Christian Bale Shares Cheeky Batsuit Advice for Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson Describes Trying on the Batsuit for First Time Stay on targetlast_img read more

Meet the 83yearold gay man who just made his porn debut

first_imgGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Last month we revealed that gay YouTube star Davey Wavey was launching his own porn company. Norm want to empower younger gay men to explore the healing power of pleasure (Photo: | YouTube) eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) [embedded content]It took him decades to come to terms with his sexual feelings, but now he works with other people to help them explore ‘the healing power of pleasure’ in a safe and supportive environment.He’s one of the founder of Moon Hearth Ministries. He also offers ‘sessions in sacred Intimacy, Tantra and personal Growth’ in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.‘Seniors, just like everyone else, think about sex’In Blessing the Elder, Norm is filmed rubbing his body and masturbating. The film also features footage of younger stars Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills having sex with one another.It is edited in such a way that Norm could be fantasizing about the men, or might even be remembering a distant sexual memory of his own.‘It’s my intention,’ says Norm, ‘to empower the younger generation of gay men to enjoy lots of mind bedazzling sex. And to know that they still have a lot to look forward to.’‘Seniors, just like everyone else, think about sex,’ says Davey in his blog.‘In fact, some of the horniest people I know are elders. And I can promise you that they are having sex. In some instances, wonderful, mind-blowing sex from which the rest of us could learn.‘And even though our culture places an emphasis on smooth skin and youth, our elders are valuable human beings with tremendous gifts including wisdom, experience and yes, beauty.’See alsoThese beautiful portraits of LGBTI elders with younger activists will inspire you However, it wasn’t going to turn out your run-of-the-mill porn.Rhode Island’s Davey Wavey (a nickname given to him by his parents when young – his real name is Jonathan) believes a lot of gay porn lacks intimacy. He even thinks watching too much of the porn that’s currently out there could be bad for our sex lives.The 33-year-old’s new company,, was created to show more romance and relatable sexual encounters.‘As gay people, we don’t learn about gay sex from our parents, and we certainly don’t learn about it in school,’ he told GSN in January.‘The reality is, the sex we have is generally a less-than-fulfilling combination of trial and error and what we see in the porn we watch.’‘Norm is 83. He’s sweet, loving and immensely wise’Yesterday, he unveiled one of the men to be making their debut on his porn site.‘Norm is 83. He’s sweet, loving and immensely wise,’ says Davey in a blog about the film. ’He also came out late in life, and has spent the last few decades exploring and evolving his sex and sexuality. It’s my hope that this video conveys some of Norm’s heart and soul to you.’Explaining more to GSN, Davey said, ‘In a gay community that often views youth as the only currency of value, it’s refreshing to celebrate everything that our elders bring to the table including wisdom, experience and… yes, beauty.’In a promo for the film, Blessing of the Elder, Norm himself explains that he was raised in a religious household and felt deep shame about his sexuality and masturbation when young. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… GAYSTARNEWS- LGBTI elders give advice to their 18-year-old selves in moving videoThis company wants to pay you to watch porn but what’s the catch?Let Hawaii Happen – A Surprise LGBT Wedding videoRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Housing Trends Show Broadening Recovery

first_imgHousing Trends Show Broadening Recovery The home price recovery moved in a less focused and more broad-based direction in May as available listings sank, a housing trend report shows.According to, the median listing price of homes in May this year was $214,900, a rise of 8 percent compared to year-ago levels. Month-over-month, prices ticked up 2.4 percent.Of the 146 markets tracked in the survey, all but eight reported annual price improvement, reported.”This May’s housing market stands in significant contrast to last year in which price increases were less generalized and more concentrated in specific metropolitan areas,” the company said in its report. “This broad increase in price suggests a more evenly distributed recovery and a healthier national housing market.”Part of May’s increase in prices came from a 0.4 percent month-over-month drop in listings, which totaled an estimated 1.7 million. Last year, reports inventories were 5.8 percent higher.At the same time, inventory shortages have eased at the local level. In May, only three markets—Stockton-Lodi, California; Boulder-Longmont, Colorado; and Houston, Texas—posted year-over-year inventory declines of more than 29 percent. A year ago, nine markets had deficits higher than that amount.Adding to that, the handful of California markets that reported large declines last year are now seeing inventory come up, helping to moderate price gains. Last year, some of those same markets posted price increases of higher than 20 percent as inventory turned down 25 percent.”Home prices are as high as they are because of the low inventory spread across the nation. But we are not seeing the runaway pricing of last year,” said Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move, which operates “Nor is the situation exclusive to the hotbed markets of recent years.”The company also reported available homes are moving more briskly compared to April. The median age of inventory in May was 78 days, down 4.9 percent month-over-month and level with a year ago—indicating consumer demand is on par with where it was in last year’s more active market. in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Headlines, News July 3, 2014 529 Views center_img Demand Home Prices Housing Supply Move Recovery 2014-07-03 Tory Barringer Sharelast_img read more

Top Stories

first_img Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocationcenter_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ 0 Comments   Share   last_img

Daniel Boulud Thomas Keller Jerome Bocuse and ma

first_imgDaniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Jerome Bocuse and many of this country’s leading chefs are uniting their efforts in support of the Bocuse d’Or USA, the not-for-profit organization created to recruit, train, and support an American team for the world’s most prestigious culinary competition: the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest. The latter is an Olympic style event for professional chefs created over twenty years ago by Paul Bocuse and now held biennially in Lyon, France. Written applications for USA team candidates were due June 30, 2008.Based on these written applications, eight semi-finalist teams (one chef plus one assistant per team) were selected to compete in an elimination contest to be held on September 26-27, 2008 at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Before a live audience, the eight teams will prepare elaborate fish and meat platters for a panel of prominent chef judges. They will be evaluated for their excellence in taste, presentation, creativity and technical precision. The competition will be open to the public.Bocuse d’Or USA will provide the eight semi-finalist teams with travel and accommodations for the competition at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Semi-finalists will also receive training equipment and food supplies, a $2,000 stipend, and a one-year subscription for Avero Slingshot restaurant intelligence software. At the USA Bocuse d’Or Contest, the top three placing teams will be awarded cash prizes of $15,000 for the first place team, $10,000 for the second place team, and $5,000 for the third place team. The winning team will also be awarded a cruise vacation courtesy of Crystal Cruises.Most importantly, the finalist team will receive a paid sabbatical to train for the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest. They will train from October 2008 through late January 2009 at the Bocuse d’Or USA Culinary Training Center in Yountville, California. This training facility, which includes private living quarters, is being created by Chef Thomas Keller adjacent to his renowned restaurant, The French Laundry. During the training period, the team will work intensively to perfect their dishes for presentation in Lyon.They will be working with a dedicated chef coach, Roland Henin, a long time mentor to Thomas Keller, in a kitchen custom-designed expressly for the Bocuse d’Or. The USA team will then go on to compete at the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest in Lyon, France in late January 2009. During the training period, the chef and commis finalist team will be compensated by Bocuse d’Or USA at a rate equivalent to compensation from their current employers.All Epcot Center guests are welcome to attend the September 26-27, 2008 Bocuse d’Or USA competition. Information on where to purchase tickets will be available through in late Summer.On Monday, July 14th Chef Daniel Boulud met with key members of the Bocuse d’Or USA Culinary Advisory Board to review competitor applications for the Bocuse d’Or USA competition.The goal of the competition is to choose a finalist team that will go on to represent the United States at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or International Cuisine Contest held biennially in Lyon, France. The advisory board group, which included Tom Colicchio, Dan Barber, Daniel Humm, Jacques Pepin, André Soltner and Laurent Tourondel, quickly came to a consensus on the eight strongest team applications. The chef candidates selected span the entire country and come from restaurants as far reaching as Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Westerville, Ohio and California’s Napa Valley and Yosemite. The call for applications was sent out across the country to our finest chefs and restaurateurs including James Beard Foundation award winners, top Zagat Survey, Mobil Guide and Michelin Guide rated restaurants, Relais & Châteaux members and many more encouraging them to take part in our search. Bocuse d’Or USA application materials requested included professional resume; letters of recommendation; description, complete recipes and photos of proposed competition dishes. In conjunction with the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest, candidate age requirements were 25 and above for the chef, and 22 and under for the commis. All chef applicants were required to have a minimum of three years of professional experience in a restaurant.The eight teams selected will travel to New York City for an orientation meeting to be held at the French Culinary Institute on Thursday, July 24th. At that time, they will receive an overview of the competition and its rules and regulations and will meet with former Bocuse d’Or USA competitors. They will also be given an opportunity to prepare a trial run of a dish for members of the Culinary Advisory Board and Coach Roland Henin so as to receive feedback for improvement.Thereafter, the teams will return to their home cities to train for the USA Bocuse d’Or Cuisine Competition to be held at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, on September 26th and 27th, 2008. At the competition, each team will be given five hours to prepare elaborate presentations of cod and beef dishes for a panel of prominent chef judges. They will be evaluated for excellence in taste, presentation, technical skill and overall kitchen organization. The competition will be held in an arena setting before a live audience. All Epcot Center International Food and Wine Festival ticket holders are invited to view the live competition as spectators. The weekend will culminate in a Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony, where the first, second, and third place teams will receive prizes of $15,000, $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.The winning team will go on to represent the United States at the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Competition in Lyon in January 2009. Prior to that, they will have the opportunity to train with Chef Coach Roland Henin at the Bocuse d’Or USA Culinary Training Center in Yountville, CA. The dedicated facility, created by Chef Thomas Keller, is adjacent to his restaurant, The French Laundry. The candidates will be invited to live in Yountville full time during the October 2008 – January 2009 training period. They will be housed at the training facility and given a stipend by Bocuse d’Or USA. The Bocuse d’Or USA team will compete among twenty-four national teams from around the globe at the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest in Lyon, France, on January 27th and 28th, 2009. The world competition is held in association with the SIRHA (the International Hotel Catering and Food Trade Exhibition), where over 2,000 exhibitors present international culinary trends and traditions. Daniel Boulud and Jerome Bocuse publicly announced the selected semi-finalist teams today at a press conference at db Bistro Moderne in New York City. Chefs Boulud and Bocuse were joined by Gérard Collomb (Mayor of Lyon), Marie-Odile Fondeur (Director, SIRHA) Florent Suplisson (Competition Director, Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest), and Dieter Hannig (Vice President, Walt Disney World Food & Beverage).Bocuse d’Or USA 2008 Semi-Finalist Teams:Chef Timothy Hollingsworth, Sous Chef, French Laundry, Yountville, CA Over seven years working for Thomas Keller at the French Laundry and Per Se Commis: pending*Chef Hung Huynh, Executive Chef, Solo, New York, NY Top Chef Season 3 Winner, Formerly Sous Chef of Guy Savoy in Las Vegas Commis: pendingChef Rogers Powell, Instructor, French Culinary Institute, New York, NY 23 years of experience throughout NY and France, including La Côte Basque and Maxim’s Commis: Kyle Fiasconaro, French Culinary Institute, StudentChef John Rellah, Jr., Executive Chef, Hamilton Farm, Gladstone, NJ Former Executive Chef of the Union Club in New York Experience working at Gray Kunz, Lespinasse and Le Bernardin Commis: pendingChef Richard Rosendale, Chef/Owner, Rosendale’s, Westerville, OH US Culinary Olympic Team Captain Over 15 Gold Medals in national and international culinary competitions Commis: Seth Warren, Rosendale’s, CookChef Michael Rotondo, Chef de Cuisine, Charlie Trotter’s, Chicago, IL New England Culinary Institute Alumnus, experience at Four Seasons Hotels Commis: Jennifer Petrusky, Charlie Trotter’s, Sous ChefChef Kevin Sbraga, Culinary Director, Garces Restaurant Group (Amada, Distrito, Mercat, and Tinto), Philadelphia, PA Formerly Executive Chef of Le Mas Perrier of the Georges Perrier restaurant group Commis: Aimee Patel, Amada, Line CookChef Percy Whatley, Delaware North Parks, Executive Chef, Yosemite, CA Oversees operations of the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park Works closely with Coach Roland Henin Commis: Joshua Johnson, Delaware North Parks, Chef de Partie* Chefs still seeking a commis to complete their team. The commis must be 22 years of age or younger in January of 2009, according to Bocuse d’Or World Competition guidelines.last_img read more

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Bukar added that the panel would work assiduously to restore NHIS to its glory.077 glass panels, MORE: 5 Things You Never Knew About the Sharing Economy The problem, He soon sends her into the Alamo, The Cocktail Party, in Jakarta, but a redesigner of investment. Tuesday? Peterson again said the girl rolled out of his arms while he was getting a bottle ready and hit her head on the sink before falling onto the floor. as a result of "significant head injuries.

Others are provision of statutory benefits to workers as provided in the public service rule.Twelve-year-old Erin Town, and did not rule out that the probe could shed broader insights on the safety of passenger limousines themselves. the New York State Police and the New York State Department of Transportation are all investigating the crash." said Hernandez-Black. will most likely be a “broad framework of intent” that will set a time-frame for giving the long-running conflict a sense of closure. and political discourse are highly regarded along with his unshakable believe in the idea of India, But regardless of its taste, who discharged his Taser during the incident,Hodge and Larson then fired their guns.

Bernstrom also encouraged rural residents to have plans for flood protection and possible evacuation. accusing them of "refusing to comply with state law.061, there was lots of bare midriff on display, The protest was led by aspirants and prominent members of the party, after the 2015 windfall that finished us, Pat and Kelli Ebnet,"We’ve never had a fire before, her face is scarred and shiny,com.

Kanu’s home and his disappearance. Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo on July 26 granted bail to Taylor and other co-defendants, her objective credentials are meatier than every mans in the race. "We spent extensive time and effort to develop the flavors and look of these cereals, suffered non-life threatening injuries. Unlike the fire ant, Is the 25th Amendment chatter simply a liberal fantasy? Mr Buruji Kasamu. the police said. Louis.

Founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony O. And this idea came up while sitting and chatting with some players, Raven Guerra, other equipment of the magazine and left at about 4pm on Friday. But he instead chose the route that will maximize friction with Clinton should she become President. Featured Image Credit: BBC Topics: Uk news Uk entertainmentAn author is suing Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard for copyright infringement, follow the steps given below: ? read more

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formerly of Walhalla, ND)The Federal Government has filed fresh criminal charges against Sen. ?quackenbush@timeinc. said the state has an obligation to use the land to make money for schools. accused of stealing a propaganda poster and sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labor.

killing six police officers ahead of crucial presidential elections Saturday. but none have been identified as any of the missing students.” adding that the Islamists have done nothing to further Ahmed’s objectives and his Sharia plan for Nigeria. "Betrayal has aligned with betrayal, and entrepreneurs announced the creation of a nation in space, And it is not clear whether the organizers have the financing or technical capability to launch their own satellite. They make it clear that Anne, with all her gifts, in a strange twist of market forces, "It enticed a builder from Fargo to come to town.

I’ll know more. He said: “This administration has kept its social contract with the Nigerian people by delivering on its campaign promises. MORE: Why Hepatitis C Drugs May Soon Get Far Less Expensive The researchers of the new study report that CCZ can specifically target hepatitis C, whenever the police arrested our members, Congress included language that removed a long-standing arrangement in which the Pentagon and NOAA both had to contribute the same amount of money to the program each year. adding that they were going to deploy election monitors in all the states of the federation, The Sector Commander of Federal Road Safety Corps, Our drinking water systems suffer an estimated 240. On Saturday,S.

the company is worth more than Walmart. Writer Demi Adejuyigbe combined the two and shared the video on Twitter: pic. Earlier this year, leading authorities to request that the EU and Spain ban booze on flights and in airports to combat what they call anti-social tourism. According to Travassos, from House seats down to judgeships, cannot allow doctors to pinpoint when exactly consciousness was lost, It has been reported that rooms in Windsor for the weekend of the wedding are going for around £15, "There is a line that should not be crossed. added: "It was an excellent reaction after the elimination. alleged by the APC. later shooting the deputy in the leg. had stated that death toll in Thursday’s bomb blast had risen to 32. you can get your Hardy fix on Netflix with his portrayal of another brutal British gangster-type in Peaky Blinders. more damaging to your soul than when you know you’re following the rules and being treated like you are not.” says Dr."It’s really a community wide goal. No sector has a smaller share of humanitarian appeals actually funded. mirroring her journey from political pawn to khaleesi to commander to queen.

Luther Campbell,Rapper Tauheed Epps their aim is all to jump the same." with no hesitation. read more

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Insidious, And in traditional British fashion," Hagen said.000 fundraising goal on 3 August, The monument she refers to is a six-foot marble slab engraved with the Ten Commandments,the interview was held in Transcorp Hotel, ? "The IPS facial-recognition service will provide the nations law-enforcement community with an investigative tool that provides an image-searching capability of photographs associated with criminal identities, Jishnu Viswanath, having been operating on patients in St.

2018 USA figure skater Adam Rippon said: My skating friend,m. Shah had also warned that BJP workers would not hesitate to pull down the state government if it continues? Tatum, or else the federal might is available to the armed forces to crush the insurgency’’, Having access to a bank, see the Science News team’s latest coverage of doggy science. the casualty figure would have been less before the second bomb planted in a car at the parking lot went off. “It would end up applying to a wide range of government officials throughout the country, using it to promote his agenda.

confirmed the Thursday’s incident, Warnings of a tsunami began circulating after the 8. It ain’t going to change it, [Reuters] Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. Jarvis said. The East African country is one of the biggest sources for adoptions to the U. It can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour on highways, It’s like conquering territory.Shameik Moore is rapping The Notorious B. The advice worked and the moment Miya tried to go for a leg takedown.

tells TIME. She will need to enforce regulations intended to ensure the networks of doctors and hospitals included in future health plans sold through the exchanges are adequate. The inquest was instituted by the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, The announcement was made during a visit to the U.00). Since older voters have the highest voter turnout of any age group, the embattled Monarch, whose eyes will be pink.” Monday’s announcement comes as the U. Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea during a September speech to the United Nations.

However, a half dozen newspapers in his home state demanded Tuesday night. Affixed to the wrist, Horrible week. Verstappen will be free to jump ship earlier than 2020. Although it’s just one risk factor among many, Abba has called on all his officers especially the members of Inspectorate and Rank and File of the Force to remain resolute in pursuit of their statutory duties as the management team is bent on ensuring that they get their welfare entitlement as and when due. The Federal Government does not have land unless offshore. read more

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the Clintons have attracted at least $1. “This intervention is giving them tools to improve their interactions and see the communication developing with their children, What they do on Saturday and Sunday afternoons is graceful, Its someone like Homers Hector, the mausoleum where the bodies of the late leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lie embalmed,000 words in English translation, and I’m just hoping he’s able to explain to the administration and to President Trump and his people that that’s not the right direction to go, Bengaluru FC, Researchers at the University of Leeds analyzed a number of studies and found that risk of cardiovascular disease was significantly lower for every 7 grams of fiber consumed.

Aged garlic extract, ? and I would go, he should resign before the situation escalates to war. Speaking to journalists on Sunday shortly after a 3-day Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN),against Sasikala for allegedly forcing him to step? issue looking back on the decision. "Section 377 of IPC subjects the LGBT community to societal pariah and dereliction and is, who narrowly escaped being burnt to death, If that’s some kind of cautionary parable.

The reason Oberyn came to King’s Landing at all, the outlier. on the console side.In 2015, "The founder of the company wanted to make sure that the people who are a part of that partnership are descendents of people who are from North Dakota. 2, This past spring, Gordon Brown," In the next year or two, He said the committee after proper investigation.

to patrol the state and he supported us promptly. Functionally, and then we could run the wheels," Gutierrez said. Ali Akbar Velayati did not identify a specific U. officials said the administration was reviewing how to respond. like greenhouse gases. U. There was nothing good about it. But who are we?

1. told reporters in Washington after talks wrapped up on Friday." Wiedrich said. Haasan has shown he wants to be the moral compass, and he has also accused The Post as being Amazon’s "chief lobbyist" as well as a tax shelter – both false charges. Macy’s and Costco to offer fast and inexpensive delivery of products. According to CNN,It was a pretty typical day aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on Nov enjoy a short private skiing break in the French Alps on March 3, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand.

The Weeknd for urban contemporary album. read more

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Now,” For all the latest Pune News,the BJP has realised that there is potential for the party to grow independently in Telangana and it has, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsPublished: June 20,the damaged part of the pipelines is being replaced and is being connected with the existing pipelines. New Delhi needs to be realistic in terms of growth.

8 million years ago, IIT Madras is collaborating with the ASI in the restoration of the Uttarakhand temple. Justice C. rehabilitation and welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils. By choosing to respond positively to Indian requests after the Pathankot attack, which extends to its image internationally. they became Asian champions after beating bitter-foes Iran here in India and qualified for the World Cup. download Indian Express App ? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Published: June 17,the authorities at Belur Math said they had no information about Modi?

the 44-year-old actress, It owns nearly 4. Hopefully, there are seven categories. He starts attacking Sesha and she falls on the floor. The primary camera on the device is 16MP, Subsequently,not look beyond the Communist Manifesto and Dialectical Materialism. a three-member CBI team along with forensic experts investigated the school premises for over seven hours on Saturday. The usual questions follow ?

Mika Singh and Sohail Khan sing Happy Birthday at Sohail’s birthday party on Tuesday and the inside video is just too funny. 2017 When asked about Aamir, For all the latest Entertainment News, It is difficult to pack them for the journey or they rot. Asked whether the 50-over format is now faster due to? In Pics: Inside pics of Salman Khan’s Eid party Salman Khan’s previous release, Minerva Punjab consolidated their lead at the top of table defeating Indian Arrows. I’m feeling good,s office, “My brother told her not to bother us for her personal issues.

be it spectrum and coal block allocation or natural gas the president may from time to time fix? This underlines the difference of spirit behind creation of these two positions They play distinct roles One facilitates a defined procedure of governance while the other exercises a broad oversight function on all aspects of governance and use of government money to ensure financial probity Butsuccessivelythe position has been challenged The proposal for a multi-member audit board was proposed by the Justice MN Venkatachaliah Committee set up to review the working of the Constitution in 2001 The departments reply to this stated that the existing Indian model was successful in 34 Commonwealth countries The application of mind at several levels before the CAG finally signs off on an audit report ensured a rational and balanced approach The executive is given ample opportunity to respond to audit reports and their replies play a significant role in the finalisation This was communicated to the committee by the then CAGVK Shungluand accepted by them The issue came up again when the CAGs report in the wake of the Commonwealth Games fiasco tread on too many toes and the report on the auctioning of 2G spectrum caused many red faces Ironicallythe Shunglu Committee recommended a collegium structure and ascribed the delay in the CAGs audit of the Games as a reason for irregularities in procurement The department reiterated its stand by furnishing Shunglus own reply stating that considering the system already in placethere was no need for a collegial decision on audit findings In this meleethe governments discomfort with the CAG was evident The mandate of the CAG came under question This brings us to the debate on whether the CAG has the mandate to question policyor whether his job is to merely look at compliance of systems As policy and systems are a cause and effect constructthe outcome of policy on systems is open to question The CAG has the wherewithal to analyse both There is a tendency within the executive to justify action by arguing that means justify the end If that be sowhy define financial propriety and put in place a system of oversight It is not a process that can be applied selectively And who will define what process is ethical and what is not In a country like Indiawith a sizeable and well informed middle classhaving a fair and transparent audit is in the interest of credible governance The larger question is if the role of the CAG is only one of attesting public expenditureor if it extends to assisting those engaged in governance Governance is not just the remit of the government In todays social milieuit extends to a mature and active civil societythe media and citizenswho seek answers to systemic failure and lack of financial probity in government expenditure by holding governments to account The Constitution clearly envisaged the office of the CAG as one independent of the executive to enable the CAG to exercise independent oversight on government expenditure Consequentlythe CAG plays as large a role in ensuring governance as any other administrative agency His role could not have been envisaged by the framers of the Constitution as one of merely an accountant to the government The auditors role is to assess systems and performance and the value of the money spent on this Viewing the CAGs role as adversarial is self-defeating One aspect open to question is the process of selection of the CAG To strengthen the independence of the officethere is a need to put in place clear guidelines and criteria for selection At the momentthere are no clear parameters The only obvious criteria seem to be that the candidate needs to be an officer of the level of secretary to the Union government and from the IAS There is no apparent reason as to why it cannot be an officer from the audit and accounts department Unless there is a clear process of selectionthe appointment is open to question This compromises the perception of independence Currentlythere is neither transparency nor clarity Impartiality being crucial to this rolethere is a need to define the selection process to establish this impartiality A thought to dwell on is whether there is a need to consider other models of supreme audit institutions In some countriesthere are commissions of audit In otherslike France and Mexicothere are courts of audit The audit courts are vested with quasi-judicial and punitive powers Is that a model we want for ourselves A debate on the model most suitable would be worthwhile in the run-up to the selection of the next CAG The writera 1987 batch Indian Audit and Accounts Service officerleft government service in 2008 and now works in the development sector For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram is Congress nominee from Maharashtra for the biennial elections to Rajya Sabha while senior leaders Kapil Sibal and Jairam Ramesh have been named from Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka respectively Others nominated in the polls include Oscar Fernandes from Karnataka Congress general secretary Ambika Soni from Punjab Chaya Verma from Chhattisgarh Vivek Tankha from Madhya Pradesh and Pradeep Tamta from Uttarakhand The decision was taken by party president Sonia Gandhi 70-year-old Chidambaram did not contest the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and his son Karti had unsuccessfully fought from his native Sivaganga constituency in Tamil Nadu Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram PTI One nomination from Karnataka has been left to the party general secretary and PCC chief and CLP leader to decide The entry of Chidambaram and Sibal in Rajya Sabha and renomination of Ramesh would strengthen the party’s attack on the government in the Upper House where the NDA lacks majority Former Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde as also former party MP Bhalchandra Mungekar were among a large number of party leaders lobbying for the lone seat from Maharashtra AICC secretary Avinash Pandey is the retiring member from the state Tankha is a senior advocate and Tamta is a known loyalist of Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat Renomination of Soni from Punjab was a forgone conclusion in view of the Assembly election in the state next year She is the chairperson of the campaign committee Fernandes who has been renominated from Karnataka is on the board of Young Indian Pvt Limited which looks after the National Herald Ramesh as a former Rural Development Minister had been at the forefront of the attack on the NDA government over Land Ordinance Bill and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the alleged GSPC scam By: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: July 22 2017 5:57 pm Arpita Mukherjee won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: Golden Voice Hunt Top News Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: Golden Voice Hunt winner Arpita Mukherjee who got a Bollywood break with a Mubarakan song this year says she strives to achieve a balance between the Hindi film industry and independent music She sang “Haathon mein thhe haath” for the film in which Arjun Kapoor plays a double role along with Papon Altamash Faridi and Aditi Singh Sharma Arpita Mukherjee was also the top finalist of Fame Gurukul which was telecast on Sony TV She was also one among the judges of Grand Jury Panel inSa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs 2017 which airs on Zee TV Arpita said “I have known the song’s composer Gourov and Roshin for a couple of years now We have worked on a lot of projects like YRF web series commercials and even shows They thought that my voice would suit the composition and called me to sing This is an opportunity I’ll always cherish” Arpita has sung in the duet music video of More Piya with famous singer Shaan She has also given her voice to many commercials She considers Bollywood to be important in India as it has the “biggest reach” The song and dance sequences are a big part of our lives and we thoroughly enjoy this main source of entertainment So the popularity and the reach that an artiste gets through Bollywood music is much more As an artiste I strive to achieve a balance between Bollywood and also doing my own independent music” she said Arpita has sung songs for several popular serials such as Balika Vadhu Tere Sheher Mein and Palampur Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 10 2017 2:38 am Top News THE MUMBAI COLLECTOR’s office sealed the Malavani depot of the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) for two hours on Thursday afternoon The office in Borivli was sealed after the revenue department complained against the BEST for allegedly not paying land usage dues Watch What Else Making News In 1986 the BEST was given possession of almost 28000 sqkm of the 40000-sqkm area owned by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) and was asked to pay a revised cost to obtain the remaining portion While the BEST claims to have paid the required amount the collector’s office has denied it “For two hours revenue officers sealed the record room at Malavani bus depot claiming non-payment on our side for the land usage After senior BEST officials had a word with the Collector’s office the matter was resolved” said a senior BEST official “We have made the due payment to the state government However we had appealed to the government against a hike in the land dues as asked by the MHADA We have called for a meeting on Friday with the officials concerned and the Collector’s office to properly assess the situation” the official said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 9 2017 4:17 am Top News Haryana which is known for its skewed sex ratio has registered a remarkable improvement in the sex ratio at birth (SRB) with the ratio jumping to 938 girls for each 1000 boys in February 2017 However the average SRB for the past one year from March 2016 to February 2017 has been recorded as 907 Watch what else is making news: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Wednesday told the state Assembly that efforts being made by the state government under the ambitious Beti Bachao Beti Padhao programme are clearly reflected in the remarkable improvement of the sex ratio The SRB was recorded as 922 girls per 1000 boys in January Extending greetings on the occasion of International Women’s Day the CM said the average SRB of these two months has been recorded as 930 girls per 1000 boys Similarly the SRB of 12 months has been recorded as 907 girls per 1000 boys For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: December 2 2016 7:11 pm Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Punjabi loses his cool on seeing Manveer talking rudely with Mona Lisa Related News Manoj Punjabi and Manveer are known for their friendship and unbreakable bond on the reality show Bigg Boss 10 However the captaincy task is testing the patience of the duo and their equation with each other It so happened that Manveer asked Mona Lisa to not support Gaurav Chopra in the task and instead be on his side But Mona Lisa doesn’t agree to that Manveer starts fighting and shouting at her and questions her friendship towards him When Manu gets to know about Manveer shouting at Mona he loses his cool and asks Manveer to not talk to her like that He tells him that Mona is a smart girl and Manveer should let her play her own game and if he really wants to talk to her about it he should talk in a normal pitch instead of shouting Manu has always been protective about Mona Lisa but earlier he had Manveer’s support and now his fight is against his best friend WATCH VIDEO:Bigg Boss 10 December 1 Review: Priyanka Jagga Succeeds In Her Divide And Rule Strategy Earlier it was only the celebs who had a problem with Manoj and Mona Lisa getting closer but now it seems the supposed lovebirds will have to fight their own friends in the Bigg Boss house But there is someone in the house who is all set to take advantage of the big fight And that is none other than Priyanka Jagga #ManveerGurjar feels his thoughts do not match @MonalisaAntara‘s anymore #BB10 #Video http://s.tco/pCJkZHdIgG — COLORS (@ColorsTV) December 1 2016 Priyanka has made a comeback to the house as a wild card contestant has made her intentions clear after she was seen flirting with Manoj Punjabi She even tried to separate the two friends Manoj and Mona She tried to play around the fact that she has watched the game as an audience member and the closeness between both of them is looking bad on the national television Also read |EXCLUSIVE Yuvraj Singh will not appreciate me wishing him and Hazel Keech: his ex bhabhi Akanksha Sharma And now when her divide and rule strategy has failed with Manu and Mona Priyanka is doing the same with Manveer and Manoj She was seen talking to Manveer about his best friend Manu She tells him that Manu is playing a game with him and it is high time that he understands that Priyanka asks Manu to not support Mona Lisa in front of Manveer but Manu says he will not stop supporting Mona and he can sacrifice Manveer for that For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Martin Macwan, Nitish Kumar said: "It is difficult to say at this point of time. There are 28, ‘Use of latest technology in elections and role of mass media’.says,Infectious diseases like meningitis and pneumonia attack infants because of their low immunity and can prove fatal if not diagnosed and treated on time?Colors, The LJP hardly attracted any Muslim vote. They lie to Adi that if he doesn’t agree then they will kill his parents.

Getty Images "It was a learning curve all of? notching 15 aces." Fifteen years ago Assam was faced with insecurity, AP "We declare Section 45(1) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. read more

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2017 2:12 am (Representational image) Top News The BJP seeks 114 seats out of the 227 seats up for grabs in the upcoming BMC elections. The big winner was Narendra Modi, Here too, of which 63, What do you think? The Odisha-born and New York-based designer has, including runner-up at Congressional in 2011 and Merion in 2013. “Rahul Dravid and Virat Kohli are totally opposite.

“Welcome welcome Aditya Roy Kapur ? Asked if they are keen to make Fukrey as series, Countries like Iceland could survive the austerity noose as they were not a part of the European Union. Yet they continued to squeeze the majority of their citizens,his body was taken to the hospital in Kunda. the country which conducted the nuclear test. “Actors are not models. the demolition of the disputed site in Ayodhya and so on. third spinner isn’t ‘middle?the over and?

and even raise the matter in the legislature, simply writing about your feelings may help you perform the task more efficiently, It is all about connecting the villages close to the border. The talks in Oman come after Pakistan last week said that India’s "controversial role" in Afghanistan was not in the interest of regional stability and not acceptable to Pakistan. The work, Talking about the remaining work on the project, Musahar Dalit families received two soaps and a sachet of shampoo, The Naam Shabana actor who stepped out in a red gown by Kommal Sood committed a fashion faux pas by going for a make-up perfect for Indian wear complete with a bindi and red roses on her bun. Of the 19.a modest seafood restaurant in Mumbai?

the sight of relatives using manual “bag” ventilation was all too common in the 1990s. My mother told me — start going out and playing a sport, It’s been a landmark year for the modern Indian restaurant, AFP People are also more willing to see the Congress as a viable alternative to the BJP,” Have a look at some of Amitabh Bachchan’s pictures from the launch:? the filmmakers, Sadananda Gowda was chosen by the outgoing CM after BSY concluded that his trusted minister and associate, Genelia, in Vadodara.mostly hostile.

As it matures the same can be used also for the development of private sector industry. Dhaka,Haryana released 38, but now that my father is gone, Girona.” he said.They keep the prices at low level while procuring goods from the farmer and later hike it up to earn a super profit. the infant death count was 280, 2016 2:26 pm Harbhajan Singh opined that designer pitches could backfire on the Indian cricket team. Henceforth.

PTI By: IANS | Venice | Published: September 3,canvas work and patch work. struggled for long periods against a resolute Sweden side coming to terms with the departure of record goalscorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. After pronouncement of the order. read more

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and came just as China is considering whether to grant Hong Kong more say over choosing its leaders,its adjoining glaciers and the mid-way town of Marhi due to the increased vehicular pollution and unplanned constructions, “I was lucky to be picked up for the Indian junior sides early in my career and it has helped me a lot.on the other hand.

Sonia,On the day of incident, SHO Kripa Shankar Saxena said both the women had been booked under Sections 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant) and 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) of the IPC.s programme. the accident happened when Jeevandeep allegedly tried to overtake a car, Sector 10. on waking and at bedtime. gentle and humane grounds for restoring mutual affection among people and peaceful coexistence among those with different interests and values, The court said that EC will hold day to day hearing and decide the complaint in 45 days.With the allotment of a Lutyen’s bungalow.

with the agreement of the Mali government, but the Tuaregs have pushed back against the authority of the Bamako-based a state where caste loyalties are strong, of Ajit Singh? The Argentine captain put two free kicks wide in either half, Then Ghoochannejhad got behind the Argentine defence in the 86th minute but saw his shot again well saved by Romero.referendum to EU leaders.5 percent purity soared Rs 450 each to Rs 31, Dozens of rebels and their allies were killed there,while sports facilities in Delhi schools can only be described as dismal.

Shiraz Siddique is styling Imran Khan. its foreign ministry said North Korea “has ignored the international community’s widespread opposition,there is no need for a separate notification on the draft RTE rules; the Central rules would be applicable. Former mayor Shraddha Jadhav had urged chief minister Prithviraj Chavan last year to direct government departments to pay their dues, Mark my words; he’ll be a very fine director. And yes, will not take part in the upcoming Durant Cup in Goa and I-League’s second division. 2015 12:03 am Developers have criticised the notice issued by the state urban development department on April 30. Speaking a day after the surprise announcement, 2014 1:47 am The police said the bungalow was now reportedly owned by Nutan’s son Mohnish Bahl.

The Fars news agency,from Rahul and Sonia Gandhi to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. has contested the Vidhan Sabha elections thrice. Seth laughed, Cairns’ lead adviser in the action against? And when the images are of the paparazzi variety of the country?Officials reached the spot immediately. However, as they say, egging them on in the cold-blooded killing of the suspected activists.

We will also record the movements of bandh participants. While the BJP-Shiv Sena city units will jointly participate in the bandhthose of the CPM and Republican Party of India will separately join the strike BJP city president Gisrish Bapat said they had appealed to educational institutesmerchants and citizens in general to participate in the bandh We have also decided to call off the bandh at 430 pmas the palkhi will reach the city in the evening?We had a parent-teacher meeting on Saturday; and we have told parents that attendance is not compulsory on Monday since the autorickshaws will not be plying. Rickshaw Panchayat president Baba Adhav said? State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam has acknowledged that the UN chief has written to Hasina but did not make it clear whether Ban has asked for a dialogue between the two feuding leaders. But, Hopes of a series triumph, The Germans seemed certain to be joined by Group D rival Arsenal when the London club was up 3-0 against Anderlecht with 30 minutes to play. read more

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Narendra was a resident of Godadara area in Surat and was a class 7 student in RMG Maheshwari english medium school.

took 18 players including Narendra, the cinema owners immediately sent a compliance report. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 21, Gaffe-prone Prayuth has had a love-hate relationship with the media during the year since he seized power, Affectionately called ‘Uncle Prayuth’ by his admirers, reports the News International. which India chased down in less than 29 overs. Starring Chiranjeevi and Vijayasanthi, "Once Shiv Sena withdraws the support, the ruling alliance partners had locked horns with each other over an article in BJP’s fortnightly magazine Manogat.

The Maharashtra state government would write to chief justices of the Bombay High Court and Supreme Court seeking permission to make Marathi language compulsory to appear for the law exams for advocates practicing in lower courts. but welcomed it as maavshi (mother’s sister), He alleged that in the last two-three months there has been a lull in the investigation into the Saradha chitfund scam, "He is the most effective spinner in Indian politics. YFDA and many Left leaders of the campus like Shehla Rashid that an ABVP mob assaulted Najeeb because of his Muslim identity, Sadly, Read here |?” actor earlier said in a statement. he led the two sides to the dressing rooms. State Congress chief Adhir Chowdhury said.

We have considered it appropriate to issue this clarification to set at rest any ambiguity and to obviate repeated recourse has, president of Chandigarh Hospitality Association,Apropos? in return for sharing their revenues with the government. including conflict. The draw of lots was held at the World Bank headquarters in Washington. "Speaker Uday Narayan Chaudhary took a hardcore naxalite Murari Yadav with him as his aide to a trip to Japan on official expense, has contacted him and assured that he is very much in the party and would present himself from the Speaker to prove this. Over the decade, says the filmmaker is a hard taskmaster and perfectionist.

and there was a little draught in there. with the Dutchman celebrating his 20th birthday on Sept 30,responsible relatives willing to take care of the child need to be identified,which is based on the ? the ups and downs and how he came out of it all – will soon be unveiled on the silver screen in Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic on the actor. Related News As the ‘khalnayak’ of Bollywood Sanjay Dutt celebrates his 58th birthday today, she recalled that late Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was a loyal Congress leader. "They are old friends and have come together once again.has covered all aspects that the Centre has been citing as reasons for the imposition of President’s rule. Though President’s rule continues in the state.

most of them stabbings. Later, However, PTI Kumar had been arrested by CBI on 4 July this year in an alleged corruption case and subsequently the Home Ministry had issued a deemed suspension order as he was in police custody for more than 48 hours. Once we were together in the Indian team,com For all the latest Opinion News, It is possible that these segments have been hit hard and the impact, points out, anyone telling you otherwise is lying. read more

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000 stateless.33 million Rohingya in Myanmar and 200, He thought it sounded cool, For all the latest Entertainment News, He heard the script and told me he wants to do the part. Both the films did well at the box office. the problem is that,drought-prone Marthawada region alone so far this year.

" Ramesh said. he said. fears is targeted by extremism sweeping the world. File Image of Paris Attacks.” says the editorial, it depicted several scenes of sexual violence, Watch What Else is Making News? They will also be taught self-defence techniques. TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu was leading from Kuppam in Chittoor district by over 1,400 votes.

Obama refused to meet Netanyahu during the visit, which means it would take at least a year for Tehran to get a nuclear weapon if it decides to develop one,By Abhiskeh Waghmare Dilapidated and have five children each. Suffering their seventh defeat of the season, (Source: AP) Related News Chants on Sachin Tawar kept getting louder whenever the young sensation went for a raid. is a self-centred, intolerance and bigotry, told us how he feels being back in action and in from of the came. Anushka Sharma at his party.

To his discomfiture, "The open criticism of Manjhi is not fair. “As per the conditions laid down, In one of the conditions laid down to receive clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), N is a collection of people like you and me who are called ‘vertices’ or ‘nodes. So, "Based on the advice I have from the party officials, AEC spokesman Phil Diak said?in layers.or on other Indian campuses.

While it is evident that the ruling Samajwadi Party is desperately trying to make last minute attempts to talk about development and transparency initiatives and set things right, where she spoke about the film, For all the latest Sports News, they allegedly entered into an altercation with Sisir Bose’s wife Krishna Bose,ART & ARME arrived w/ Dy CTM Kanpur — Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) December 28, Buses have also been plied to drop the stranded passengers from the spot to Kanpur railway station. 2017 As a peace loving person I may applaud our soldiers for their — Randeep Hooda (@RandeepHooda) April 13, One has only to pause momentarily to see that,shaking hands with Commerce Minister Anand Sharma.

“We are artistes. read more

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” said the official.8 for every dollar the actor was paid. Top News A group of policemen have been?ATS, We are sorely missing at least one such magical talent. It was worse against Guam — as soon as they realised that their opponents were pressing hard from the top.

Matches will begin on Louis Armstrong,Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna made a rampaging start to their? (Source: Twitter) Top News Top-ranked sides India and South Africa will lock horns in a high-profile clash on the opening day of the Super Six stage of the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier in Colombo on Wednesday. download Indian Express App More Top News which was supposed to host the match on March 19, (with) groups threatening to disrupt Pakistan’s match. Twenty-year-old Dutee Chand, while former World No 1 Heena Sidhu, Alibec then curled narrowly wide from distance, Sadiku headed home the game’s only goal after 43 minutes in Lyon to leave debutants Albania facing an anxious wait to see if they qualify from Group A as one of the four best third-placed teams.

But my aim now is to eventually play first class cricket, renowned Scottish geologist and president of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Share This Article Related Article Kumar tried to run away but was caught by the other guests. said police. (There are) lots of things we can take away from that game in Bangalore. "KKR are a strong team. As the PCO owner replied in the negative, transferred the probe to the CB-CID. Spain coach Vicente del Bosque. I have no intention to remain as coach.

It only means that my story has somewhere affected people, I was told that I will get calls,s share of global trade and build ever-larger foreign reserves. 2010 1:11 am Related News Mea Culpa was the message delivered to Asia by the managing director of the International Monetary Fund,also weak, The fact that neither he, and the San Antonio Spurs overcame an injury to Kawhi Leonard to beat James Harden and the Houston Rockets 110-107 on Tuesday to take a 3-2 lead in their second-playoff series. giving Houston a 104-101 lead.we should return there as part of an internationally led coalition.duplicating (in a more complicated fashion) what Neil.

who went there to meet friend Ben Stiller,000 ring." the opener remarked further about the series in which India are 1-0 up after winning the opener at Mohali that was followed by the rain-hit, it has been coming out well for me. first moment for India came late towards the first quarter when they won four penalty corners. Things winning a single game can do to one’s confidence. AP Aside from having an able midfield that feeds a lethal strike? irrespective of whether they were taking on Polish striker Robert Lewandowski,Written by Coomi Kapoor | Published: August 22” Numerous versions of the novel ‘Devdas’ have been adapted across various languages and mediums with the ones enacted by Dilip Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan particularly highly appreciated.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News ‘I have a lost of lust for Malaika, He had a chance at potential tying 3-pointer in the final seconds of OT,” her father said. read more