The Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia sent an Open Letter to the Supervisory Board of Jadran dd

first_imgToday, the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia sent an Open Letter to the President of the Supervisory Board of Jadran dd Crikvenica, which we are transmitting in its entirety.” At the time when it was known and publicly announced on the CERP website that the pension funds PBZ Croatia osiguranje and ERSTE PLAVI had made a binding offer for the purchase of shares in Jadran dd; when it was known that their offered price was almost 6 million higher than the initial established price; that in the binding offer the bidders, ie pension funds undertook, in accordance with the invitation, to recapitalize in the amount of HRK 200 million within 6 months from the day of concluding the Agreement on sale and transfer of shares, the Supervisory Board of Jadran dd whose president you are based on the Decision of UV CERP, and based on the proposal of the Ministry of Tourism CLASS: 334-05 / 17-05 / 8, Reg. No .: 529-04-18-7 of 19 January 2018, unanimously appointed Peru as the President of the Management Board of Jadran dd Matić, and Marija Galjanić Sovar as a member of the Management Board.And it would not be worrying if the Contracts with the new Management were not concluded for 4 years and if, at least it is speculated, millions in severance pay were not agreed in case of early termination of such Contracts. We believed that there was an agreement between the current and future owners of Jadran dd, ie between the Ministry of State Property, ie the Ministry of Tourism and Pension Funds, which submitted binding offers. However, at the request of the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia from 15.02. 2018, which was sent to the Minister of State Property Goran Marić and representatives of pension funds who made a binding offer to Mr. Dubravko Štimac and Mr. Petar Vlaić, representatives of pension funds responded for the second day “that it is in their interest that when they take possession of shares in very soon to establish an appropriate management structure of the Adriatic “, and that they have already sent you, as the President of the Supervisory Board, a letter” to take everything necessary to convene the Assembly of the Company as soon as possible to set up a new Supervisory Board “, and the appointment of a new Supervisory Board does not assume any obligations or undertake activities that could have consequences for the future operations of the Company, other than those necessary for day-to-day operations ”. It was emphasized that they mean “activities in the field of human resources, taking on future obligations to suppliers and the like.”The Minister of State Property, Mr. Goran Marić, is implementing everything he announced earlier regarding the privatization of Jadran dd, saying that the privatization of Jadran is going on despite strong pressures, and according to media reports, his ministry has nothing to do with the scandalous appointments of the new Adriatic Administration. sales company. We as a Union have no reason not to believe his words.Is it possible that you then on your own initiative, without strict written instructions from the owner’s representatives, appointed a new Adriatic Administration for 4 years? Is it possible that the stories that you signed contracts with them are true, in which millions in severance pay are agreed in the event of early termination of the contract? Because, if that is the case, then we have the right to suspect that this is an organized undertaking with the aim of extracting millions from severance pay at the expense of Jadran dd, and then SIKD will call the State Attorney’s Office and Uskok to reconsider.Mr. Basic,Have you informed the Management Board of Jadran dd about the requests of the new owners that any Decisions, except those based on daily operations, are not acceptable? We ask because the new Management Board appoints new people to various positions, changes the organization of the Company, and with its actions and Decisions creates new obligations to the Adriatic, which could ultimately lead to a decrease in the value of the Company.You are the most relevant person along with other members of the Supervisory Board who currently represent the current owner of Jadran dd and as such, the most responsible person for all activities carried out in Jadran dd, so we will, in case of obligations to the Company, which could affect the position of employees Jadrana dd to request that you be liable for the incurred liabilities (which include possible severance pay) as members of the Supervisory Board with your assets.With respect,President of SIKD, Bruno Bulić  “last_img

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