Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng bloke Web site keywords ranking how stable

speaking of my blog ranking is not stable, so today said the website keywords ranking how to, how to make key words ready remained longer. There are many workers in the customer site after site optimization rankings do go up to feel that is not in be accomplished, especially the management of the site, in fact, often to the back will find the website ranking in the fall a little bit, have not updated snapshot and a series of problems, such as when you found out to make up for aid, it takes a lot of no matter how time can keep the site’s ranking stability is our long-term goal of website optimization will require read more

The new sites included only the inside pages included not included home problems and Solutions

Xiaofan believe this problem that simple is also more difficult, so when we do not encounter these problems at a loss, to find the root of the problem, using the best method to solve it is effective, so today the new station included Xiaofan only the inside pages included not included home problems and solutions on the way here, the hope can help to you.

causes all know so we can make the following conclusion: because A. is new, the current love Shanghai for the new assessment period is relatively long, and the investigation is very strict, even if the home page is included in the search engine will not immediately put out; b.robots set wrong, of course does not rule out when setting the robots to website shield such a stupid mistake, many buddies still make mistakes, our fundamental purpose is to guide the setting of robots more clear and smooth the spider crawling our website, because of negligence and shield off the home page; C. website or poor quality and some web page content is too similar, in the vast sea of the Internet, website templates have spread your copy, I copy, everyone in the copy, resulting in high similarity search page will bring this Engine spiders judgment, which will lead to the inside pages of content to attract more love of spiders in Shanghai. Xiao D. think this is a very important point, when a lot of new on-line in the new site because the site without a good location, in the late frequently modify site title, keywords, description, which will lead to the home page even was collected is not put out, in fact, that is not a big problem in this kind of small, as long as we wait patiently home will always be put out, but also need to pay attention to increase website update and the chain of the usual sequential. read more

Long tail keywords flow mining acquisition for the original secret

is a video site, but the movie website and on a clear distinction, this distinction is the site of the flow graph, half from the home page, this is to extend from the title keyword secret, extension of this keyword may be with a wire technique, then what is the this technique, it is possible to collect a keyword, then the reasonable arrangement in the home, interspersed with a variety of long tail keywords, formed a unique title of the passage, the most important part of this is the long tail keywords, that is mining. read more

Medical image user experience optimization scheme of station

ENT Hospital from the name of the hospital that is the treatment of ENT and ENT Hospital, specialized medical organs in the head, so it should be the object of Otolaryngology disease patients, because of this, the content of the website to meet the ENT content, whether it is news content or medical information should be around the ear nose and throat content, other website knowledge content can be divided into children, young, middle-aged, elderly class class classification, clear user view.

ENT hospital advanced medical units at national level, so first need to process web site is top-notch unit, a need to highlight the atmosphere of the hospital. Secondly, it is necessary to give the user a clear natural feeling, can not let users feel too heavy for the medical industry site atmosphere, it will lead to the user and dull mentality of fear, the need to introduce incentives of hospital information and hospital acquired to tell users of our medical units and the powerful authority to attract patients consulting. And then need to all medical hospital projects are included, is convenient for users to view and timely consultation, and the need for a detailed description of the etiology and symptoms, so patients can clearly know what is what kind of disease, convenient patient consultation and treatment, greatly enhance the user conversion rate. In addition to the introduction of medical doctor professional information fields and successfully treated cases, patients can give users a reliable and trusted guide consulting psychology. In addition to the advanced equipment list used in hospitals and medical equipment, high-end equipment can make the patients feel at ease treatment, reduce medical pain, patients generally love high-tech medical equipment because of rapid recovery, less pain and more love with the rule of the effect, so the advanced medical equipment to reassure users, so as to improve the consultation probability. read more

Shanghai dragon why analysis on the effect of K on Shanghai dragon industry and interpretation

again, may suggest that the strategic adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm. Shanghai dragon why was once considered a model of Shanghai white dragon and Phoenix, and so the site was suddenly K illustrates some problems. Maybe after the ranking will be restored, perhaps for a long time will not return. But this is not a problem, the most important is, why have never seen there? This at least love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. Or because of the increase of the website has been identified as " read more

Taobao guest single page site optimization of dragon and Phoenix four ways of Shanghai

many people now building Taobao guest website on the page, there will be a lot of a beautiful picture, but these pictures are useless, because the higher picture quality, it will cause the speed of the open web site is slow, but also not conducive to the user to browse the content of your website, also need to use the scroll bar to scroll down a drop to be able to see the specific content, even if you think the picture is wonderful, but the hearts of one hundred people have one hundred different Hamlett, the picture of the effect is still very poor! More critical is the home of the super large picture will seriously affect the search engine recognition so! Such sites are often flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum model! read more

Shanghai Shanghai dragon love upgrade search spiders do

first, love Shanghai spi>


general, love Shanghai spider system upgrade is good for the website of Shanghai Longfeng is, can let the competition website ranking is more fair, are reflected in the following points.

first, more quickly solve problems included. Prior to this, the webmaster do Shanghai dragon first see is love Shanghai included content on the site, but some sites, no matter how the content of webmaster hair or how much content included cycle is quite long, especially new sites, if included slow means optimization of slow, repeated view the site did not find the site of abnormal in fact, this is the spider crawl problem, site in weight under the condition of low content is not easy to be found, resulting in slow crawl results. In the spider after the upgrade has been dramatically improved this phenomenon, grasping and construction speed is greatly improved. read more

Shanghai dragon Er chain with the user do you know how many secrets

Note: the As for the

d: this time, people will say, no spiders past, I have your website ranking website? No rankings, with these chain useful? Do you think you will love Shanghai more than the chain for ranking is? Do you think love Shanghai or former love Shanghai? But you didn’t thought, you may say, I have the chain website if a lot of good

b: is a website to get good rankings, you cannot leave the chain and content on the Internet after all! The Shanghai dragon Er cried every day "content is king" and "the chain for emperor" slogan, so many people (including business owner) that Shanghai dragon is not difficult! No need to pay attention, which leads to many novice at the edge of the abyss go deeper and deeper, the last is: "business owners to recruit real Shanghai dragon, Shanghai New Dragon cried every day to find wage". read more

Resource sharing website has no future

in fact everyone in the film is a non-profit organization of hundred-percent. Isolated in June 1, 2006 from the YYYYeTs subtitle group, formally established the independent forum, and attract fans to join, after years of development, the formation of the yyets. The network virtual non-profit organization the organization consists of a group of super fans, only interests and hobbies together in the network cooperation and sharing, free translation subtitles. It is also because of their efforts, so many people are able to have the opportunity to appreciate and understand the American TV drama. Unfortunately, even non-profit can not meet the conditions of protection for intellectual property rights. read more

Before the optimization keywords can not be ignored in the analysis strategy of website

, a target user group where

many owners in the choice of keywords is the main flow of the keywords as the main reference index, the site will build out is only a high traffic site. Especially for some focus on sales site, so choose keywords high traffic itself is a kind of method is not correct. We do keyword analysis data, we first need to understand their target audience where, as you do for the Guangdong place forum, then your target audience is the natural this piece in Guangdong, when we know our target user group, then you can analyze your target audience the characteristics, such as male or female users are the majority of users, the results of the survey recorded, and then began to pick keywords. For the keyword analysis, we need to be clear, that is the target user group is located, because most of the time, for each region of the Internet search words are different, like the potato food, in the Guangdong area of search potatoes, potato search in Xinjiang. So in that their target users only after the keyword is the most sensible choice. read more

A5 marketing why the original article will not be included

server error, DNS error, or grab timeout, such a mistake if a sudden surge happens at this time, the site is not included, so basically can be sure that this problem caused by. If the long-term presence of this problem, the website weight will fall 100%. To view the grasping problem, should correspond to solve the problem, the details may also include: the site was attacked, server failure, DNS service problems……

if it is found that the article is not indexed by the search engines, you should see the first point is: if there is a failure to grab the site. Specific view need to use the tools: Webmaster Tools – grab the abnormal love Shanghai. read more

This week what happened a small unknown function optimization

(author: pig CMS micro signal: pigcms

! One )

Chaoyang District masses, micro congregation page point of praise and concern love strike button. This is the code of agricultural brother violent temper to gas. Cua~Cua~ roll up its sleeves to them for good. Now the two goods can be obedient, dare not play small temper.

micro site in WeChat this week to optimize the sign function. Attendance records will show all the fans in information, now including the sign for how many days. Statistics more accurate, is conducive to business marketing activities planning and development. (for example, sign up to 10 days, can receive a special prize like ~ ~ read more

To the end of the Shanghai dragon practitioners

the above two points are mentioned in the two end of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, after all is the competition destroyed the spiritual pillar of the original building, then our twilight city in which


: the industry

: a

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are established according to the logic of thinking began combat operations, but we can reverse the operation, using our hands accumulated resources to develop our own field, for example, we want to do a pure or help with a web site or a platform to help for some users, providing information access and interpretation of knowledge, not consider the interests of the gains and losses. I want to do as long as you have the idea of Wikipedia and the ability, then you are the next Wikipedia, one had to let us with. read more

Website must master the five basic functions of Shanghai Dragon

published daily quality content, but Baidu spider does not ask about that is the very painful operation, thus to establish the high quality of the chain and the access channel, the old station on many outside the chain of strong there is no problem. If your site is new and small chain.

website layout is the basis of

This is the first

, a web site layout is conducive to the survival of visitors know your site architecture and organized, more conducive to crawl and index, here recommend home program content page how tree layout should be simple, not messy. In order to advance the power to make web spiders crawl, site map and robots files to tutor the spider is very demand conditions to select the partner using static pages, how to be more harmonious spider. read more

We are all search engines play.

5, marketing products

this kind of news media only occasionally ranked in the home page, is very unstable, as if our products stand, love Shanghai happy to let you on Lulu face, not happy, who knows where you rank.

classified information network before the ranking is also occupies the main position, but the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted, this kind of website has dropped in the rankings, keywords I am doing the lottery, only in the search for some lottery software development of such words, they will see the rankings, the ranking is also occasionally his words to the home page. read more

The search engine is not Shanghai Longfeng site inspection standard

Analysis of

, a user group classification

two, user groups

We do have

from small to large event inspection standards, inspection is the primary school homework when teachers or parents. We are now testing web search engine, for this problem, I do not think of. As the Shanghai dragon website test is what? Shanghai Longfeng food that user is the brother of Shanghai Longfeng site inspection standard. The search engine is not according to the website, but users, when you get the user group in favor, that your site will be search engine love. Now you know the search engine is to provide life core value for the user, is what we called the user experience, so that our website is to provide value for the user group. Then we must find out what are the user groups, for users to do effective work. read more

n the blog stations make huge long tail keywords to escape

search engine, recently found in the blog this "station group" strategy, the effect seems to decline, many popular keywords ranking has to sink, a few weeks ago found like a startling step by step, dumping the world Princess of these popular words are very front row, but it is still the highest exclusive long tail keywords as shown in figure

recently group in this research station, but it is not that we often say that the own station consists of the station group, but the use of free blog to form. Some time ago found in the search keywords, a lot of very popular keywords from the gold blog, it seems a simple blog, which actually hiding this many secrets not to be divulged, it is a combination of a lot of gold in the blog, each blog article for each chain, each page is basically very similar, but different content then, through the jump or guide the user to enter the Taobao customer, to obtain the benefits. read more

Jin Penghui Shanghai dragon optimization is not omnipotent webmaster you haven’t awake

optimization In fact,

Shanghai dragon is not omnipotent

network marketing is not difficult at all, to a simple sentence can be summed up. It is the release of a large amount of information, so that a large number of users to see. This and our usual offline marketing does not have what difference, and exactly the same as on television advertising concept. We need only in those higher exposure channels spend a certain amount of time and money can achieve a certain effect! Such a simple thing was the most overlooked. Shanghai Longfeng cost is relatively low, but the risk is not Shanghai dragon. Now the search engine abnormal everybody is obvious to people, ranking up and down, usually a station to maintain a relatively good rankings take several months, if one day error is search engine punishment to station K. This almost said a lot of time is wasted. I believe that a company boss does not want to see this situation. They would rather spend some money is not willing to do such a risky thing, by Shanghai dragon optimization to determine the development of the company, the risk coefficient of this approach is too high. Not to mention now the social pressure of competition is so big, even if you are not wrong peer competitors will not easily give you beyond his opportunity. Our marketing should be diversified. To build a brand than to build a website of higher value. Although the number of Internet users in China has been increasing, but really don’t really play the network of people. Even our company specializes in network staff are also directly love Shanghai, then to search on the site name Chinese. Want to do marketing habits that could not ignore users. It will need to release a large amount of information, analysis and other companies, the channels of publicity can be appropriate to do some good investment. We can. read more

On the purchase link and buy those things flow


you should know, Alexa Rankings can estimate a website’s traffic is not very accurate, but not an order of magnitude difference (ps:, many people use the brush ranking software, I feel the brush should be PV, I don’t know), I feel to buy traffic flow better than brush, buy traffic is pop ads, is true, can show to the user, but before I in order to test, test a website construction of our website, then buy 500 IP $6, 5 days, every day of the package, the website of Alexa > these days read more

Network marketing manager of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and some suggestions


if you are just entering the industry or novice, do not expect high salary, salary is directly linked with your ability. The specific performance of the ability in the normal enterprise normal ratio is 1:5, 1:3 is the least proportion, if the company give you 2K salary, you create a comprehensive interest 6K the least. This refers to the comprehensive benefit, may your age experience, and personal effects are likely to Laifu with revenue generation. The company is a comprehensive index. If this knowledge is not clear. This is a big problem, need to seriously reflect on. The company could not do business at a loss. The development of enterprises to make money. read more