Rumor Asus to make Eee Pad Transformer 2 with Windows 8

first_img( — The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is one of the most popular models of tablet PCs on the market. The Android Honeycomb-based tablet is expected to become the second most popular tablet on the market, second only to the iPad family in popularity. © 2010 Explore further Microsoft to release a tablet OS in 2012 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Rumor: Asus to make Eee Pad Transformer 2 with Windows 8 (2011, June 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Rumors are floating around the tech blogs that Asus will create a Transformer 2 that is expected to go into production until 2012. This, in and of itself, is not surprising, most companies will continue the line of a successful product. What is interesting is that the rumors are saying that the tablet will feature not an updated version of Google’s Android OS, but Windows 8. While Windows 8 is expected to be a much more tablet-friendly user interface than Windows 7, one is forced to wonder why the company would switch off of a proved OS in favor of one that is untested in the market. Rumors also state that the tablet will have keyboard dock, unlike its predecessor, which would make long-term usage easier on the hands. We will not know more about the system’s hardware until the system is much closer to its release. Some bloggers are speculating that the company has been testing a version of the Windows 8 tablet OS on the current generation of hardware. Since the dual-core Tegra processor and built-in 1GB RAM would be sufficient to run the OS, this is not entirely out of the question. Specifics on the release date are not available at this time. Neither company has currently released a statement to confirm or deny these rumors.last_img read more

Researchers spot ridge of radio emissions joining two galaxy clusters

first_imgComposite image of the galaxy clusters pair Abell 0399 and Abell 0401. The system is at approximately 1 billion light-years from the Earth while the two galaxy clusters are about 10 million light-years apart in projection. The cores of the two galaxy clusters are permeated by a high-temperature plasma that emits in the X-rays (red tones). Furthermore, observations in the microwaves show a tenuous filament of matter connecting the two clusters (yellow tones). The low-frequency image in the radio waves (blue tones) reveals several bright discrete sources associated to individual galaxies and two diffuse radio halos towards the centers of the two clusters of galaxies. A striking ridge of radio emission is visible along the filament connecting Abell 0399 and Abell 0401 revealing the presence of a vast magnetic field illuminated by a population of high-energy electrons. Credit: DSS and Pan-STARRS1 (optical), XMM-Newton (X-rays), PLANCK satellite (yparameter), F. Govoni, M. Murgia, INAF More information: F. Govoni et al. A radio ridge connecting two galaxy clusters in a filament of the cosmic web, Science (2019). DOI: 10.1126/science.aat7500 The work began with results from prior studies reporting that some galaxy clusters have magnetic fields. They chose to focus on two of them, Abell 0399 and Abell 0401, which prior research had shown were in the process of merging. At present, they are still approximately 10 million light years apart. To learn more about the two galaxy clusters, the researchers made use of LoFar, a low-frequency radio telescope that is actually made up of 25,000 antennas spread across 51 locations. Their plan was to learn more about the filaments between the clusters. Filaments are extremely long strands of gases that exist in the empty parts of space—taken together, they make up what is known as the cosmic web.The researchers report evidence in the filaments of a band of radiation known as a synchrotron emission—a type of illumination that is created by electrons moving through a magnetic field. The researchers report that the magnetic field stretched all the way from one of the galaxy clusters to the other, following a filament between them.The finding is the first example of a magnetic field extending between galaxy clusters and raises the question of whether it is a common occurrence or if they just happened to stumble onto something rare. It also raises the question of where the electrons came from—computer simulations showed that shock waves generated by the merging action of the two galaxies could not have generated enough emissions to account for observations. The researchers plan to look for more radio bridges, but do not expect such research will get underway until the next generation LoFar goes online—called the Square Kilometer Array, it will represent not only the largest telescope in the world, but a means for taking a much closer look at filaments and possibly other magnetic fields stretching across vast areas of space. Play Federica Govoni, researcher at the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) talks about the discovery of a radio ridge connecting two galaxy clusters. Credit: Media INAF Play This video presents the stunning environment of Abell 0399 and Abell 0401, a pair of galaxy clusters at approximately 1 billion light-years away. The two galaxy clusters are about 10 million light-years apart in projection, a hundred times the size of our own galaxy the Milky Way. The video starts out exploring the vast space between the two clusters, but this is just the beginning of the story. Observations in the X-rays, in the microwaves, and at low radio frequencies reveal a completely new view of this portion of sky. Credit: DSS and Pan-STARRS1 (optical), XMM-Newton (X-rays), PLANCK satellite (yparameter), F. Govoni, M. Murgia, INAF, Cjbeards, ASTRON An international team of researchers has found evidence of a ridge of radio emissions joining two galaxy clusters. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their find and how it fits into cosmological theory. Explore further Citation: Researchers spot ridge of radio emissions joining two galaxy clusters (2019, June 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Abell 1033: To boldly go into colliding galaxy clusters PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Journal information: Science © 2019 Science X Network The LOw-FRequency ARray, or LOFAR, is the largest radio telescope with connected elements in the world. This aerial view shows one of the many antenna stations composing the array. Credit: ASTRON PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreenlast_img read more

Nonsense Ki Night tribute to Michael Jackson Farah

first_imgChoreographer-director Farah Khan has paid an ode to the King of Pop Michael Jackson in song Nonsense Ki Night from Happy New Year. Farah, 49, said she also turned lyricist with the funny song.In the song, the male actors Shah Rukh Khan, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah are doing signature moves of the late pop star’s Thriller and donning his iconic body-hugging shimmery leather red pants and jacket with black design.last_img

Zambian president Sata dies in London

first_imgZambian President Michael Sata has died in London, where he had been receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness, a government source in Africa’s second-largest copper producer said on Wednesday. The private Muzi television station and the Zambia Reports and Zambian Watchdog websites said the southern African nation’s 77-year-old leader died on Tuesday evening at London’s King Edward VII hospital. ‘It is true. We lost the President. The acting president will make a statement soon,’ the source told Reuters. Sata is likely to be succeeded on an interim basis by defence minister Edgar Lungu, who stood in recently as acting president, or vice-president Guy Scott, who would become Africa’s first white head of state since South Africa’s FW de Klerk in 1994. The constitution says a new presidential election must be held within 90 days, with most analysts saying Scott is unlikely to run because of citizenship restrictions. The Zambian kwacha was largely unchanged. ‘Obviously there will be a sentimental temptation to go long dollars, but I’m also quite confident the central bank will do everything it can to protect the currency,’ one trader said.last_img read more

Rudimental in Vh1 Supersonic Club Nights

first_imgKick start this monsoon with Rudimental, a UK based drum ‘n’ beat group on the 19th and 20th of June at Kitty Su in Mumbai and Delhi respectively for Vh1 Supersonic Club Nights. UK’s chart toppers, Rudimental make it difficult to actually pinpoint the right genre of music they belong to, especially when they have trumpet and guitar solos infused into electronic beats.Their album Home made its debut at number 1 in the UK which was also nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2013. They won several awards including the Brit Award, and the Mobo Award for Best Album.  Rudimental also received nominations at the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best New Act, Best UK and Ireland act. Rudimental have achieved multiple Platinum awards for record sales in several countries including in the United Kingdom and Australia.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Rudimental with power house of music were a big hit at Live Viacom 18’s Emerge Music Festival early this year and are now all set to tour India’s music loving cities again this June. Commenting on their tour, Band Rudimental Said, ‘It’s been a busy couple of months but we’re so pleased to be back- the crowd has always been amazing here and we can’t wait to play you some of our new material.” Conceptualized by LIVE Viacom18 as an extension to one of India’s superior EDM festival, Vh1 Supersonic, the Club Nights series will allow more people to experience the  excitement in their home town with performances by the top domestic and International DJs.When: June 19 – Kitty Su, Mumbai, June 20- Kitty Su, Delhi, Time: 8PM onwardsEntry Fee: Club rule applieslast_img read more

I am performing in Delhi after 10 years

first_imgShe was a former student of Kalakshetra and had the privilege of being trained under Rukmini Devi. She taught for some years at Kalakshetra and toured all over the world as a member of its dance troupe. Millennium Post caught up with Leela Samson, a respected teacher, choreographer and writer, soon after her performance at Purana Qila in the national Capital.What makes today’s show a special one?The idea was to combine India’s most notable classical dance forms with the structural heritage. The Purana Qila presents a poignant background for the performance of India’s most notable classical dance forms. As an artist, dance is the biggest part of my life. I love to perform and I like to create new forms without any bias. And I think same is the case with every artist, they tend to do their job with a lot of fervour and joy without thinking about credits. Events like these, however, give an opportunity to artists like us to show our skills. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’After how long are you performing in Delhi?I am performing in Delhi after 10 years. I last performed in the year 2005. It’s actually good to come back after such a long time.This show is Delhi government’s first initiative in this field, what do you have to say on that?It’s basically about worshipping your art and I think that is the strength of India. People here follow their art irrespective of whether the great government of India calls them or not. It doesn’t stop artists from doing the things they have always done. Bismillah Khan sahib was playing the shehnai whether people called him or not. We sweat it out every day. It’s a creative process that cannot stop. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixWhat do you think is the future of classical dance in the country?Hundreds of people are taking to classical dancing. Many people are putting their children in this art, which is good, but when you have many people, mediocrity sets in. The number has increased with time, but the quality has suffered simultaneously. The teaching quality has gone down and now it’s kind of tenuous. We rejoice the numbers but we mourn the difference between those wonderful one time great performers, who were so soaked up in their art. It’s becoming more shallow and entertainment is now the only priority. But, let’s see, we have faith in the young generation.last_img read more

Learning with the masters

first_imgIt was an opportunity for theatre enthusiasts to learn and gain hands-on experience from the masters of theatre when the 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav’s “Master Class” witnessed the presence of legendary theatre personality Joy Michael on Friday in the national Capital. The session was moderated by Sumit Tandon.The famous director has been associated with theatre for decades and holds a big contribution in establishment of one of the oldest theatre group “Yatrik” in 1964.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The session also held the association of Yatrik’s very first members: Sushma Seth, Salima Raza and Kusum Haider. Struggling with the ailing health, Joy Michael spoke few, but very valuable words of wisdom to audience. “It is a great pleasure to be here. I love working with young people. It is always a pleasure to watch them succeed and come back to share with us.” Sharing their memories regarding the conception of their reparatory group, veteran actor Sushma Seth mentioned: “We were a group of passionate young people who just wanted to perform theatre. We did not have any resources but Joy always kept her home open for rehearsals.”   Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix“To make children learn something, theatre is the best medium. It is the most apt medium of understanding something,” she added. Providing a vote of thanks to the eminent guests and Joy Michael on behalf of National School of Drama, Director Prof Waman Kendre said: “It is impossible to thank Joy Michael for her work in theatre. I think that National School of Drama would prefer to be at her loan forever.”last_img read more

Told off for watching cartoon 13yrold hangs self

first_imgKolkata: A 13-year-old girl from South 24-Parganas’ Narendrapur committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan after she was allegedly rebuked by her family members for watching cartoon shows on TV all the time.The victim has been identified as Saheli Mondal (13). The incident took place in the Radhanagar area of Narendrapur police station on early Wednesday morning. The victim’s father Somnath Mondal works as a mason while her mother works as a labourer at a local factory. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt was learnt that the victim was addicted to watching cartoons on television. The matter had gone to such an extent that the girl refused to go to school. The victim’s mother had rebuked her for her excessive indulgence in watching television on Tuesday evening. When her mother Sandhya Mondal returned hom from her work in the evening, she saw the girl watching a cartoon show. As the mother questioned her as to why she was watching television at the time of studying, the girl became agitated. A quarrel broke out between the two. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe girl later went to sleep after having her dinner. The family members never thought that she could take such a drastic step for being rebuked. On Wednesday morning, the victim did not open the door of her room. Her parents knocked on the door repeatedly but she did not respond. After being informed some locals went to their house and broke open the door. They found the victim hanging from the ceiling. The matter was immediately reported to the local police station. Police reached the spot and sent the victim to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced brought dead. The family members told police that the victim might have committed suicide after getting influenced by television serials where she might have seen people do it. Police have started a detailed probe in this regard.last_img read more

For a radiant motherhood

first_imgIt is that time of the year again, when all the children make their moms feel extra special and loved. The gratitude can be expressed in small ways, from cooking a small meal for your mom to pampering her with special salon treatments. Besides that, it is crucial for moms to look after the two things most important to maintain themselves – skin and hair. Motherhood is a state where, whether your kids are small or grownups you are always busy looking after them and barely have time for yourself. But as you enter middle age, your skin starts showing age related changes so this is the time you need to follow a skin care regime to delay these changes and have a beautiful skin, says Dr Bharti Taneja, veteran beauty expert and founder-director of ALPS Beauty group. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfKeep the skin well hydrated with some good moisturiser. Aloe vera pulp can be applied as it is very hydrating herb. Take ripe banana, mash it, add 1/2 tsp honey to it and apply this paste all over your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. You will get very soft, supply and radiant skin.Always apply sunscreen and protect your skin from harsh sunrays. Exfoliate regularly-scrub twice week to get rid of dead cells and tanning.Exfoliation should be followed by a nourishing pack- take 1 tsp chandan powder +1 tsp milk powder, 1/2 tsp honey and 1 egg white, mix well and apply all over face and neck. Rinse off with water after 20 minutes.Use collagen based nourishing night cream.Follow these tips regularly and enjoy motherhood and possess healthy & radiant skin as well.And for those bouncy tresses to remain intact, Aashmeen Munjal, a celebrity makeup artist suggests some easy to follow tips: Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveFirstly you should know your hair type, is it normal, oily, dry or your hair is dehydrated and what is the texture of your hair:First and foremost thing is to wash and clean your hair on regular intervals, and don’t forget proper brushing and combing. Also, do condition your hair after washing to keep them moisturised and bouncy.Regular massage is also very important because sometimes in summer, pores of your scalp get clogged with dirt. So, regular massage with vibrator or brush is a healthy habit, which will get your blood circulation going and boost up your scalp’s health. If it’s a bad hair day for you and you need to get ready within 10 minutes, make sure you have a dry shampoo at your dressing table all the time. It is something that you just need to spray it on your hair and voila! Your hair looks freshly shampooed. The best part about summers is that you have a lot of options to style your hair, one can wear hair bands, bandana, hats, and caps for a quick hair do. Summer is the time for experiments, so go on and innovate chic hairstyles with different kind of head gears and look refreshing in summers.last_img read more

Revitalizing Bengali culture with cinema

first_imgEstablished in 1958 with an aim to preserve and expand the rich heritage of Bengal through various cultural and social organizations in New Delhi, Bengal Association is organising its 8th Bengali Cine Utsav. The event is going to be held from August 25-27 at Banga Sanskriti Bhawan, situated at Bhai Veer Singh Marg. Bengal Association is a federative body of Bengali cultural associations, Bengali-medium schools and drama organizations spread across the national capital. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfDuring the course of the event, one can witness eight full length feature films and ten short films which are made by few extremely renowned as well as new Bengali directors. Films like Kalpurush by Dasgupta, Durga Sahay by Arindam Shil and new Bengali movies like Bilu Rakkhos, Aranyadeb, 61 Garpar Lane, Nayikar Bhumikay, Chitrakar and Arani Takhan are a few names among the movies that are to be screened. An exclusive section for short films by upcoming Directors has been kept, where 10 short films will be showcased. Following the screening session, Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsivea grand quiz show on cinema will be conducted. National Award winning filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta will mark his presence as the chief guest of the event whereas well-known actor, Pamoli Dam, will accompany him for the opening ceremony, which is to be conducted on August 25 at 6 pm.The conclusion ceremony, which is to be held on August 27 from 7 pm onward, will be starred by Arindam Shil, a well-known director apart from actors like, Indrani Dutta and Arpita Chatterjee. The General Secretary of the Association, Tapan Sengupta, said that, all the members of the association, young and old alike and are working very hard to make Cine Utsav a huge success. Bengal association President, Dr Amitava Mukherjee has expressed his confidence about the arrangement of the event and the success of the Cine Utsav.last_img read more

Resistance training boosts exercise motivation

first_imgLack of motivation is a big factor for many people not following an exercise regime that they initially planned. But a few months of resistance training can change that by instilling in people an intrinsic interest in pursuing physical activity, suggests new research.Resistance training can maintain and increase muscle strength and functional capacity when ageing and it is recommended for older adults at least twice a week.It also improves exercise motivation and contributes to making exercise planning among older adults, according to the study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe study investigated the effects of a nine-month supervised resistance training intervention on exercise motivation, exercise planning and exercise self-efficacy. In addition, it was examined whether these factors predict the continuation of resistance training for the next year following the intervention. The study involved 104 healthy 65-75-year-olds who did not meet physical activity guidelines for endurance exercise at baseline and did not have previous resistance training experience. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive’Nine months of regular resistance training increased the intrinsic motivation for both training and physical activity in general: the subjects started to enjoy exercising,’ said one of the researchers Tiia Kekalainen from the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.Additionally, exercise planning increased, indicating that the participants started to think about how to start and maintain a physically active lifestyle, Kekalainen said.After completing the supervised resistance training intervention, nearly half of the participants (46 per cent) continued resistance training independently. Approximately half of them participated in resistance training on average once-a-week during the following year and the other half twice-a-week. The results suggest that finding intrinsic motivation for exercise and increasing confidence to maintain a physically active lifestyle contribute to continuing resistance training independently.last_img read more

BJP looking at Bengal for votes after poor show in other states

first_imgHaroa (WB): West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Saturday said that BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are looking at the state for votes as the party has fared badly in the last five phases of Lok Sabha polls. Modi is losing confidence as he is sure to lose the election, she said and urged the electorate not to vote for BJP. “Where will BJP get the numbers from ? In Uttar Pradesh, its count will reduce from 73 to 13 or 17. In other states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Rajashthan, Punjab and Odisha the party will draw a blank. Its seats will reduce in Madhya Pradesh also”, Banerjee said at a public meeting here in support of Trinamool Congress candidate Nusrat Jahan. Urging voters not to vote for the saffron party, she said “We do not want BJP. Show the door to the party through votes. In Bengal, Trinamool Congress should win all the 42 seats which will help it to have some control in the formation of the new government at the Centre”. She alleged that BJP, Congress and CPI(M) are of the same kind. “Some people are supporting BJP in the morning, Congress in the afternoon and CPI(M) in the night. So voting any of the three will be a waste. Vote for Trinamool Congress”. Continuing her tirade against Modi, Banerjee said in the last parliamentary polls he had said a lot of things and became the prime minister. “But what work has he done in the last five years ?” The chief minister claimed that Trinamool Congress is the only party which has the “guts” to fight BJP. “BJP has kept the entire country petrified. Captured institutions like RBI, CBI, Income Tax and the ED. “Instead of giving food, shelter and clothing, BJP has dismatled the Planning Commission with Niti Aayog and shown how to create riots … It started cow vigilantism and lynching syndicates”, she said. Modi and BJP president Amit Shah have often attacked the TMC by accusing it of running ‘syndicates raj’. Banerjee, a known critic of the BJP, alleged that prices had risen during its rule and is going to increase more after the elections. “Nathuram Godse (who killed Mahatama Gandhi) is now BJP’s leader. They (BJP) have forgotten Netaji who gave the Jai Hind slogan.”last_img read more

BJP must fulfill demand of Gorkhaland says Binay

first_imgDarjeeling: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (Binay faction) has demanded that the BJP party, which got the mandate in both the Lok Sabha election and the Darjeeling Assembly by-polls, should fulfill the aspiration ofthe people with the formation of Gorkhaland in the next 5 years. Amar Singh Rai has accepted to take charge as the Chairman, North Bengal Development Board. “The BJP had been elected twice in 2009 and 2014 but failed to fulfill the aspiration of the Gorkhas. This time again they have got the mandate. This Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamatatime they will have to fulfill the demand of Gorkhaland. MP Raju Bishta has to work on this,” said Binay Tamang, President, GJM. After losing both the elections in the Hills, the GJM central committee, working committee and core committee met in Darjeeling on Sunday to review and chart future course of action. “In the election manifesto the BJP has talked of a political solution for the Gorkha impasse. It is high time they spell out what the political solution is. We hope it is Gorkhaland,” Tamang said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe GJM stated that the BJP would press for National Register of Citizens of India (NRC) in Bengal. “Before that you have to declare all hill residents as ‘original inhabitants’ as the 87.2% of the hill residents do not possess land documents,” Tamang said. He assured the people that he would fulfill the 31 issues in 23 months as he had assured while campaigning during the elections. The list includes land documents, minimum wages and appointments in vacant posts. “We had also talked about a permanent solution to the Gorkha impasse. In the next few days, we will have a meeting with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata where we will raise this issue. Though I lost in the election I will live up to my commitment for the betterment of the Hills,” added Tamang. He stated that the GJM (Binay faction) will continue being an ally of the TMC and will continue working in close coordination with the state Government. Regarding the Opposition parties, mainly the GNLF’s demand that GJM leaders, including present Chairman Anit Thapa should also resign from the GTA as they do not have the mandate, Tamang stated: “It is a state subject and the state will decide. However in the DGHC, GNLF President Late Subash Ghising was an administrator appointed by the state government from 2004 to March 2008.” Meanwhile, the GNLF has demanded that the state government dissolve the Board of Administrators in the GTA. “Till a political solution is not worked out the government can run the GTA through bureaucrats, we have no problems with this. The Board of Administrators has to be immediately dissolved as the recent elections show that they have no mandate,” stated Ajoy Edward, GNLF leader. When asked on what the permanent political solution should be Edward stated: “We will accept nothing less than 6th Schedule Status. It could be Union Territory or a separate state. Binay Tamang who is talking of Gorkhaland should apprise the Chief Minister about the Hill people’s aspiration in Gorkhaland. He should also work for it.” Incidentally the BJP, GNLF and GJM (Bimal faction) coalition has won both the Lok Sabha and Assembly by-polls in Darjeeling.last_img read more

AAI organises art camp Prerna3

first_imgAirports Authority of India’s Women Welfare Association, Kalyanmayee, added another feather to its cap by hosting yet another astounding artist’s camp ‘Prerna-3’. The three-day camp was organised at Airports Authority of India Officers Institute premises in association with AAIAF (AAI Artist Forum) and FIPA (Forum of Indian Photographers and Artists). A total of 20 artists participated in this art camp. The theme for this year’s camp was ‘Freedom’ and it was an enchanting experience for the artists to paint in breath-taking lush green ambience of the AAI Officers Institute. This is the third art camp organised by Kalyanmayee and two Art Camps organized last year was very well appreciated by all. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe camp was inaugurated in the august presence of Anuj Aggarwal, Member (HR) AAI, I N Murthy, Member (Operations) AAI, Sanjay Jain, Executive Director (Human Resource), Vice Presidents and other Senior Members of Kalyanmayee. The Art Camp aims at providing a robust platform for both the eminent and the new upcoming artists for exhibiting their creativity and talent. The artistic works of these artists will be put up on display for art enthusiasts and general visitors in the near future.last_img read more

VIDEO Murdered Russian journalist shocks everyone by showing up alive at press

first_imgYesterday it was reported that staunchly anti-Putin Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was shot and killed in his apartment in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Immediately following the news, Moscow was blamed for the hit based on it’s history of eliminating critics of the Putin regime. With the journalism world in mourning over Babchenko’s death, Ukrainian officials held a press conference to address his murder, but the gathered press was left in a state of shock when in walked none other than Arkady Babchenko himself. He was very much alive. The 41-year-old Bachenko took to the podium and started his remarks by apologizing to his wife for putting her through thinking he was dead for 24 hours. He went on to explain that he faked his own death because he alerted of a Russian backed plot to actually kill him by the Ukrainian secret service a month ago. Working with the Ukrainians, Babchenko faked his own death in an operation to arrest the hitman and give the impression that the murder had been carried out. He said it was the only option.This is the Russian version of the Bryan Colangelo Twitter story. Insane.center_img Advertisementlast_img read more

VIDEO Mexican League umps pull off worst call in baseball history

first_img Advertisement Umpires and officials take tons of crap and much of it is unwarranted, but there are umps out there that they should probably hang it up.Like the home plate and first base working the Diablos Rojos del México and the Algodoneros de Union Laguna Mexican League game a couple days ago that pulled off what can safely be called the worst single call in the history of baseball.After a full swing and miss by the batter the ump behind the dish incredibly checks down at first, to which the first base ump gives the safe signal indicating the batter held up. It’s basically the real life version of the Frank Drebin in Naked Gun.Both of these yuks have been suspended and should probably hope they don’t get indicted on fixing charges. Hey it’s Enrico Palazzo!last_img read more

Dale Carnegie the App

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now June 21, 2010 Enroll Now for Free The granddaddy of management gurus–If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive–is now an app.Seventy-four years after the publication of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and 55 years after his death, his advice is being downloaded by the thousands, $2.99 for BlackBerry and 99 cents for iPhone (a bargain compared with the average Carnegie workshop fee of $1,600).The app, Secrets of Success , is no Tap Tap Revenge, but it does break down the core Carnegie leadership principles, functioning like a pocket-sized management prof and personal cheerleader. “You can review some sales pointers before a call or get a quick confidence boost to help you close the deal,” says Piera Palazzolo, senior vice president of marketing at Dale Carnegie Training. “And there’s a library of short videos that show the right ways to talk to someone.”So if you’ve struggled to pay sincere compliments or sweet-talk willful employees, these are the scripts you’ve been waiting for. Not to mention the arsenal of inspirational quotes you’ll have, literally, at your fingertips. Take it away, Dale–Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. This story appears in the July 2010 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » 1 min read This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience.last_img read more

How This Robotics Startup Is Reducing Risk of WorkRelated Injuries

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now November 17, 2016 Enroll Now for Free Robotics startup suitX is turning human laborers into bionic workers with a new modular, full-body exoskeleton that will help reduce the number of on-the-job injuries.The flexible MAX (Modular Agile eXoskeleton) system is designed to support those body parts — shoulders, lower back, knees — most prone to injury during heavy physical exertion.  A spinoff of the University of California Berkeley’s Robotics and Human Engineering Lab, suitX built MAX out of three units: backX, shoulderX and legX. Each can be worn independently or in any combination necessary.”All modules intelligently engage when you need them, and don’t impede you” when moving up or down stairs and ladders, driving or biking, the product page said.Field evaluations conducted in the U.S. and Japan, as well as in laboratory settings, indicate the MAX system “reduces muscle force required to complete tasks by as much as 60 percent.”The full-body suit and its modules are aimed primarily at those working in industrial settings like construction, airport baggage handling, assembly lines, shipbuilding, warehouses, courier delivery services and factories.The full MAX Suit (BackX, ShoulderX, LegX together) will run you $10,000; the BackX and ShoulderX are $3,000 each; and a LegX is $5,000. SuitX suggests consumers contact for more details.The company is perhaps best known for its Phoenix exoskeleton, which enables people with mobility disorders to stand up, walk and interact with others. The lightweight device — still in the testing phase — carries a charge for up to four hours of constant use, or eight hours of intermittent walking. This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. This story originally appeared on PCMag 2 min readlast_img read more

Flow Cytometry Market Size by Key Manufacturers and Application with Share

first_imgFlow Cytometry Market valued $3 billion in 2012 is further expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 30.9%. Increasing needs to enhance precisions and produce faster results as well as need for compact devices are compelling the clinical and diagnostic organization to adopt innovative technologies.Download the Sample Report @ Though popularity has been gained in the application field of life science industry, the cost of the instrument is impeding the growth. Due to this, many researchers are still reluctant in adopting this technology in their research work. Moreover, advancing technologies that has brought complex instrumentation requires highly skilled personals to operate these instruments.“Flow cytometry market is in developing phase. Enhancing precision in results and presence of numerous flow cytometry techniques such as multicolor and multi-parameter flow cytometry has acted as a strong foothold, assisting the market growth in majority of the developed economies and foresees high potential in the emerging economies such as Asia Pacific and Africa. These economies have high demand for better health care techniques at an affordable cost. Increasing aged population who need better healthcare, increase in chronic disease and need for better diagnosis and treatment are few driving factors that are impacting the flow cytometry market” state AMR analysts Debbie Shieldsand Rohini Patil.Immunotyping and signal transduction, for example, have been playing a significant role in medical diagnostics. However, conventional technologies used, have limited the accuracy and impacted the result deliverance time of the diagnosis performed. Improving therapeutic scenario is equally attracting focus on early diagnostic tools. Currently, many cancer types have various treatment options; however, this depends on the time of diagnosis and the stage of the cancer. Flow cytometry has been one of the most prevalent technologies which offer solutions for most of the problems discussed above. Key factors restraining the market include high instrument costs and size, lack of awareness among probable users and need for trained personnel. Most of the users are not aware of the advanced development in the flow cytometry technology and believe that the instruments are space consuming, complex in use and are of high cost, thus affecting the market growth.For More Inquiry @ global market for flow cytometry is divided into segments such as products, technology, end users, and applications. Instruments market accounts for the largest share of revenue in the flow cytometry market at present and is expected to remain as the highest revenue generator in 2020. Increase in modularity, accessibility, incorporation of imaging capabilities, availability of wavelengths and targets and size reduction are few of the significant trends in the market assisting in adoption of the instruments by the end users. On the other hand, reagents market is expected to experience the highest growth rate of CAGR 12% during the analysis period. Primary reason escalating this segment is availability of several types of reagents that find diverse usability depending on specific applications like diagnostics, drug discovery, etc.last_img read more

Asus ZenBook S UX391UA Review

first_img Highest Available Resolution Specifications Not Tested Wi-Fi Intel Wireless AC-8265 Native Resolution 3573.78 0 800 1600 2400 3200 4000 4800 RAM 13.3 Advertisement 3DMark Fire Strike1 of 12Tests notebook graphics performance.Asus ZenBook S UX391UAApple Macbook Pro 13-inch (2018)Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018)Huawei MateBook X ProCategory Average (as of 09/30/18) Thunderbolt 3 Intel Core i7-8550U Operating System Weight Review USB 3.1 with Type-C RAM Upgradable to Display Size 4.1 x 2.4 Ports (excluding USB) Wi-Fi Model 1044 USB Ports Company Website 2.42 pounds Intel UHD Graphics 620 12.24 x 8.39 x 0.51 inches Combo Headphone/Mic Jack Size Touchpad Size 3840 x 2160center_img Warranty/Support 3 Graphics Card Bluetooth Video Memory Mobile Broadband 16GB Windows 10 Home 802.11ac Editor’s Note: We updated certain sections like Display and Battery Life with results from the 1080p configuration of the ZenBook S.article continued below The clamshell laptop design hasn’t changed much over the years, which is why I was cautiously optimistic when the Asus ZenBook S landed on my desk. The Ultrabook’s elevated hinge is truly unique, and makes the laptop’s keyboard a pleasure to type on. But what really stands out about the ZenBook S (starting at $1,199, $1,499 as tested) is its gorgeous display and remarkably thin and lightweight design. Despite having below-average battery life, the ZenBook S is one of the best premium laptops for your money. Design The Asus ZenBook S is the definition of chic. Its dark-blue aluminum finish trimmed with rose gold is elegant rather than gaudy. The ZenBook S is so stylish, it wouldn’t be out of place in an exorbitantly priced Louis Vuitton bag. On the lid is a gold Asus logo in the center of the company’s signature texture of concentric circles. Under the lid is a sparkling blue deck and a keyboard with gold text. It’s worth noting that the lid and deck looked black in our dim office, and I could make out shades of blue only in direct sunlight. With the display, Asus struck the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality. Although the bezels are narrow, there’s still enough space above the screen for a webcam.  The ZenBook S belongs in an office environment as much as it does in an exorbitantly priced Louis Vuitton bag. The ZenBook S’ elevated hinge is even more striking than the laptop’s gorgeous looks. The lid wraps around to the bottom of the chassis, so when the laptop is opened, the back edge rotates below the deck, elevating it off the ground. With the back of the deck raised, the keyboard tilts upward at a 5.5-degree angle. According to Asus, the design offers three benefits: a more comfortable typing experience, better heat management and improved sound quality. Unfortunately, the ZenBook S didn’t meet all of these claims in our testing. One drawback with the hinge is that a large gap forms between the deck and the display, forming a sanctuary for dust and dirt.  MORE: Ports Guide The hinge felt sturdy in our testing and the display wobbled only slightly when I tapped hard on the touch screen. While its unique design may suggest the ZenBook S is a convertible 2-in-1, the lid folds back 145 degrees. The ZenBook S is remarkably compact and lightweight. It’s so small that my colleague glanced at it and assumed it was a 12-inch laptop. At 12.2 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches, the ZenBook S is thinner but wider than the 13-inch MacBook Pro (12 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches) and the Huawei MateBook X Pro (12 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches). The Dell XPS 13 is even more compact at 12 x 7.9 x 0.5 inches. Incredibly, the ZenBook S weighs less than its competitors at 2.4 pounds. Ports As expected for a system so slim, the ZenBook S is short on ports. On the right side are two Thunderbolt 3 connections for charging, fast data transfer, and connecting to displays or graphics docks. On the left side is a single USB 3.1 Type-C port and LED indicators for battery life and power. The laptop comes with a matching carrying sleeve, a USB-C-to-USB-A dongle, and a USB-C-to-HDMI cable. Display The 3,840 x 2,160-pixel display on the ZenBook S is brilliant, although it’s not quite as gorgeous as other top panels we’ve tested. When I watched a 1080p trailer of the upcoming Predator film, I could see individual strands of hair in Boyd Holbrook’s beard, and the clarity of the extraterrestrial intruder made it especially terrifying. I was blown away by the display’s vibrancy. When I watched a trailer for the upcoming spy comedy, Johnny English Strikes Again, the glossy red paint on Rowan Atkinson’s classy Aston Martin was richly saturated. At a bar scene, Atkinson’s light blue suit popped against the contrasting yellow lights of the posh venue. White balance is also excellent, and the display’s vivid colors jumped off the clean background of my favorite news sites. The ZenBook S display did well in our lab tests, but it was outperformed by competing laptops. Asus’ notebook can reproduce 116.4 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which is above the premium laptop category average (111 percent). However, the 4K Dell XPS 13 (130 percent), the Huawei MateBook X Pro (124 percent) and the 2018 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro (119 percent) were more colorful. The ZenBook S’ 1080p panel covered 115.7 percent. When I watched a 1080p trailer of the upcoming Predator film, I could see individual strands of hair in Boyd Holbrook’s beard, and the clarity of the extraterrestrial intruder made it especially terrifying. The ZenBook S reached a maximum brightness of 323 nits (274 nits on 1080p). Again, that beats the premium laptop category average (306 nits) but falls short of the 4K Dell XPS 13 (415 nits), the Huawei MateBook X Pro (458 nits) and the Apple MacBook Pro (439 nits). MORE: Laptop Screen Guide: Resolution, Refresh Rate, Color and Brightness The ZenBook S’ touch-sensitive panel is responsive and fluid. I had no issues browsing the web by tapping and swiping my fingers on the glass. Unfortunately, the ZenBook S’ reflective screen made its gorgeous picture difficult to see in our dimly lit office. Audio The Asus ZenBook S’ speakers sound good, but they don’t get very loud. The laptop struggled to fill a large conference room when I played St. Vincent’s “New York,” but Anne Erin Clark’s distinct vocals sounded crisp and clear. Death Cab For Cutie’s atmospheric new single, “I Dreamt We Spoke Again,” sounded lively, with ample slam to the drums. There was even a light bass thump when I listened to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” As expected from a laptop this small, the sound wasn’t full, but I wouldn’t consider it hollow, either. Keyboard and Touchpad The angled keyboard on the ZenBook S felt more comfortable than the traditional flat keyboards I’ve used. My wrists were in a relaxed position, thanks to its gentle upward tilt. The keys remind me of those on the MacBook Pro, but better. An ideal actuation force of 70 grams made up for the ZenBook S’ low 0.9 millimeter key travel (our recommended range is 1.5 mm to 2 mm). Better yet, the keys are clicky, and the backlighting has adjustable brightness levels, which is not something we typically see on non-gaming laptops. Also, the keys are well-spaced (though a few are undersized).   MORE: Hey, Apple: Fix Your Crappy Keyboards or I’m Switching to Windows   Because the deck is compact and Asus’ palm rejection isn’t perfect, my hand annoyingly moved the cursor as I typed. I found myself occasionally lifting my palms off the touchpad to prevent this problem. The angled keyboard on the ZenBook S feels more comfortable than traditional flat keyboards like the MacBook Pro’s. I achieved 115 words per minute at an accuracy of 96 percent in the typing test. That’s quicker than my typical 109 wpm average and a bit better than my average accuracy of 95 percent. The ZenBook S’ smooth touchpad is responsive. I didn’t have any problems executing numerous gestures, like scroll, pinch-to-zoom, or three-finger swipes to see all open windows. The touchpad has a built-in fingerprint sensor on the top-right corner. Performance Equipped with an Intel Core i7-8550U, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, the ZenBook S has plenty of power to run demanding programs or high-resolution videos. I noticed only slight lag when loading 21 Google Chrome tabs, two of which played 1080p YouTube videos and one that ran a 1080p Twitch stream. I then added a 4K-resolution YouTube video to the workload to see if I could stump the Ultrabook, but it booted up the clip without hesitation.   The ZenBook S scored 11,611 on the Geekbench 4 test, which determines the general performance of a laptop. That beats the premium laptop average (11,052) but loses to top competitors, like the Dell XPS 13 (14,180), the Huawei MateBook X Pro (12,913) and the Apple MacBook Pro (17,572). The 512GB PCle SSD in the ZenBook S duplicated 4.97GB of mixed-media files in 16 seconds for a rate of 318 megabytes per second. The ZenBook S outpaced the Huawei MateBook X Pro (283 MBps) but couldn’t catch up to the XPS 15 (508 MBps). The 2018 MacBook Pro has the Usain Bolt of hard drives, which reached an astounding write speed of 2,682 MBps. We also tested the 256GB SSD version, and that produced a rate of 121 MBps. The ZenBook S was a bit sluggish in our Excel Macro stress test, which involves matching 65,000 names with their corresponding addresses. It completed the task in 1 minute and 51 seconds, which is slower than the Dell XPS 13 (1:08), the Huawei MateBook X Pro (1:49) and the Apple MacBook Pro (1:17). The premium laptop average of 1:34 is also quicker. The ZenBook S’ worst results came in our video-transcoding test, where we use Handbrake to convert a clip from 4K to 1080p resolution. The ZenBook S completed the test in a leisurely 37 minutes and 51 seconds, which is significantly slower than the premium laptop average (22:15). The Dell XPS 13 (16:00), the Huawei MateBook X Pro (27:18) and the Apple MacBook Pro (16:57) trounced the ZenBook S. Graphics The ZenBook S isn’t meant for gaming, but it can play less-demanding titles at low settings. The system’s integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU scored a 80,332 on the Ice Storm Unlimited graphics test. That figure falls just short of the premium laptop average (83,517) and the scores earned by the Dell XPS 13 (85,616) and the Huawei MateBook X Pro (116,359). The ZenBook S didn’t fare any better in real-world tests. It played Dirt 3 at 1080p resolution at 45 frames per second. Although that surpasses our playability threshold of 30 fps, it falls below the Huawei MateBook X Pro (117 fps), the Dell XPS 13 (67 fps) and the MacBook Pro (47 fps). The category average is a smooth 69 fps. Battery Life The Asus ZenBook S’ battery life is below average. It lasted 7 hours and 5 minutes on the Laptop Battery Test, which involves continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness. Other premium laptops had longer runtimes, including the 14-inch Huawei Mate X Pro (9:55), the 4K version of the Dell XPS 13 (8:23) and the MacBook Pro (8:23). The premium laptop battery life average is 8:20, but the 1080p ZenBook S managed to surpass that, at 09:26. MORE: Laptops with the Longest Battery Life Heat The ZenBook S’ elevated hinge failed to adequately improve airflow in our testing. The notebook’s underside reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit, and the location between the G and H keys warmed to 101 degrees when we played a 15-minute video at 1080p resolution. The bottom lower-left side was the hottest location on the laptop, reaching 111 degrees, which exceeds our 95 degree comfort threshold. Only the touchpad stayed cool at 87 degrees. Webcam The ZenBook S’ 720p webcam is solid. It captured a bright, well-exposed image in our dimly lit office, and its white balance and color reproduction were on point. The dark-red color in my shirt was true, and my light skin tone was accurately captured. For how bright the shot was, there was far too much visual noise, and details appeared blurry. Software and Warranty The ZenBook S’ Windows 10 Home OS comes pre-installed with an Asus folder filled with apps. Among the more useful programs are Asus Live Update, which installs the latest drivers on your machine, and Asus Splendid, which allows you to change the color temperature of your display. There is also a Quiet Fan app, but we’d keep the default “high-performance” setting turned on considering how hot the ZenBook got in our testing. McAfee WebAdviser also makes an unwelcome return. The rest of the bloatware installed on the ZenBook S comes courtesy of Microsoft, including Netflix and LinkedIn apps. The Asus ZenBook S comes with a one-year warranty. See how the company performed on our Tech Support Showdown and Best and Worst Brands ranking. Asus ZenBook S Cost and Configurations For $1,499, the 4K unit I reviewed came equipped with an Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. Another version with the same processor but 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD costs $1,199. The Asus ZenBook S is available in Deep Dive Blue (dark blue) and Burgundy Red.  MORE: What are the Best Asus Laptops? Bottom Line The Asus ZenBook S is an extremely lightweight laptop with a gorgeous, premium design and a vivid 4K display. It has strong performance, although it doesn’t stack up well against other premium laptops, like the Dell XPS 13 and 13-inch MacBook Pro. But those laptops don’t have the ZenBook S’ hinge, which makes its keyboard significantly more comfortable to type on. The Asus ZenBook S is priced to sell at $1,499 for a Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. That puts it up against the 14-inch Huawei MateBook X Pro. Although the ZenBook S is lighter and sleeker, we prefer the MateBook X Pro for its longer battery life, snappier keyboard and wider variety of ports. We also suggest you consider the XPS 13. It has better performance and longer battery life than the ZenBook S, but you’ll need to throw down $1,999 for comparable specs. That makes the ZenBook S an excellent value for anyone in the market for a premium laptop. 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