AsiaPacific must rethink tradeled development says UN

29 October 2009Asia-Pacific exports are on the upswing, but the region must use trade to create jobs and alleviate poverty, according to a new United Nations report. The study, by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), said that exports are forecast to surge by 6.3 per cent next year in the region, whose development is due in large part to trade, but that the economic crisis offers opportunities for new approaches for growth.“We cannot assume business as usual,” said Noeleen Heyzer, ESCAP Executive Secretary. “There is a need to make trade work for the poor by linking trade directly to job creation and poverty reduction rather than promote trade for its own sake.”The crisis has revealed that the region needs to stimulate domestic demand, which in turn must complement, not substitute, exports as a source of growth, she added.Although intraregional trade can play a key role in curbing poverty, barriers to trade among Asia-Pacific’s developing national are still high, according to Ravi Ratnayake, Director of ESCAP’s Trade and Investment Division.“By eliminating all tariffs among each other, the region can reduce the number of people living on less than $1 a day by 43 million,” he said. read more

Tamils protest outside Swiss court against case on LTTE supporters

Over 150 Tamils protested outside a Swiss court today against a trial involving thirteen LTTE financiers.The protesters held posters of the LTTE and its slain leader Vellupillai Prabakaran and made statements in support of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka. Thirteen financiers accused of funnelling more than CH15 million ($15.3 million) to the LTTE stood trial before the Swiss Federal Criminal Court today. The accused are from Switzerland, Germany and Sri Lanka. Some are former members of the World Tamil Coordinating Committee (WTCC), which represented the LTTE in Switzerland until 2009, and include its founder, his deputy and the person in charge of finances, Swiss Info reported. Between 1999 and 2009, they allegedly created a complex fundraising structure which involved coaxing members of the Tamil diaspora to obtain loans from banks. To raise higher amounts, the WTCC was accused of creating fictitious companies in the name of borrowers that issued fake salary certificates.The 13 on trial face charges of fraud, false documentation, money laundering and extortion. As the LTTE was never declared a terror organisation in Switzerland, they will not face charges of funding a terror group, unlike cases involving Islamic State or al-Qaeda. (Colombo Gazette) read more

UN agency warns locust emergency in northern and West Africa not yet

Despite an improvement in the locust situation in northern and West Africa after infestations sparked fears of a potentially worse crisis than the last plague nearly 20 years ago, the emergency is not yet over, with the situation remaining critical in Chad and western Sudan, according to the latest United Nations update released today. Intensive and wide-ranging monitoring and control operations against the crop-devouring insects must be continued in the next months in frontline countries in the Sahel region, such as Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Sudan, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said.“The locust emergency is not yet over because favourable rains in breeding areas in the Sahel could allow scattered populations to breed successfully, triggering new outbreaks in some countries,” FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf told donor representatives at a meeting in Rome. Several swarms that remained in Guinea in West Africa up to April 2005 have moved gradually across the Sahel, infesting Chad in early May, the conflict-ridden Darfur region in Sudan in late May, and northern Ethiopia in June, laying eggs on the way.FAO locust experts are now on site in four of the front-line countries and helicopters will be used in Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger for monitoring the situation. Spray aircraft will be on standby if the locust situation worsens. Pesticide stocks are more than adequate. Algeria has provided survey teams and helicopters to Mali and Niger. But traditional breeding areas in Mauritania, Algeria and Morocco are now generally free from infestations. Spring breeding there was much reduced by extensive control operations conducted for six months and by unusually cold weather. As a result, few locusts have so far moved back into the Sahel at the beginning of this summer. “FAO is prepared for the probable scenario with locusts infesting between 50,000 and 250,000 hectares of land in the next months,” Mr. Diouf said. “The worst case scenario, with infestations over 1 million hectares, can be ruled out,” he added. Since the start of the locust crisis in October 2003, donor countries have provided $74 million, to which FAO has added $6 million from its own resources. The UN agency provided overall leadership of the campaign, issued alerts and warnings, and delivered, with donor resources, nearly 60 per cent of the pesticides used, 50 vehicles, numerous sprayers, communication equipment, protective clothing and technical advice.“Thanks to donor support and the efforts of the locust-affected countries, current locust infestations are lower this year and countries are much better prepared today than 12 months ago,” Mr. Diouf said. “Barring any unexpected developments, the outlook for returning to a normal locust situation by the end of the year is good.” read more

11million shortfall threatens UN efforts to feed 35 million hungry Afghans

“Basically we don’t have enough food for vulnerable communities as they come out of winter and head into the lean season prior to the summer harvest,” WFP Country Director Charles Vincent said. “The international community must renew its efforts to help vulnerable Afghans. “With cash, we will be able to buy commodities in the region to distribute to the most vulnerable hungry poor Afghans. Without cash, the lean season will be also very bleak for many,” he added, saying that the funds were needed to finance WFP’s current operations until June. Operations are already being cut back to cope with the shortage. Food-for-work projects, which involve communities building local infrastructure such as roads and bridges in exchange for food rations, are being delayed. Food that has been pre-positioned in provinces in case of an emergency is now being dispatched to tuberculosis patients. Poor and hungry schoolchildren who receive take-home food as an incentive to attend school will receive at most half of their usual ration and in some cases none at all. A recently completed national food security and vulnerability assessment by the Government revealed a worrying picture of poor dietary diversity, poverty, debt and widespread food insecurity. Most farmers in Afghanistan do not harvest enough food to meet their consumption needs for an entire year, and many sell their assets to access capital or borrow against next year’s crop, putting them in the vicious debt cycle. Some sell their daughters to wipe off debts. In many instances, poor food consumption with little variety in diet is likely to increase malnutrition and degenerative diseases among the most vulnerable, especially young children. “Afghanistan needs more than a quick fix – it needs sustained and targeted support to help it out of its crushing poverty,” Mr. Vincent said. Meanwhile, more than 7 million children under the age of five will be vaccinated against the crippling polio virus next week in a joint initiative between the Ministry of Public Health, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN World Health Organization (WHO). In another development, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will resume its voluntary repatriation programme from Pakistan on Wednesday after stopping it during the harsh winter months. UNHCR estimates 400,000 people will return to Afghanistan from Pakistan in the coming year. Last year UNHCR helped more than 500,000 Afghans make a return home, with an estimated 440,000 coming from Pakistan. Meanwhile the repatriation programme from Iran is ongoing. Though the winter months are traditionally a period of low returns, 200,000 Afghans are expected to return from Iran in 2006. Overall 4.2 million Afghans in all have returned to their homeland, mainly from Pakistan and Iran, since the fall of the Taliban, the biggest organized repatriation since the UNHCR was created in 1951. In yet another development, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced that it has completed its annual agreement with the Government to provide up to $61 million worth of financial and technical support to several ministries in the areas of health, education and protection of women’s and children’s rights. Finally, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported that UN-backed effort to disband private militias in the war-torn country received a boost this month when commanders loyal to the legendary General Abdul Rashid Dostum surrendered hundreds of weapons, including rocket propelled grenade launchers, machine guns, carbines, an anti-aircraft gun, more than 100 AK-47 assault rifles and anti-tank mines. read more

Iraq Annan calls for inclusive government to end sectarian violence

“As demonstrated by the heinous bombing of the shrine of Imams Al-Hadi and Al-Askari in Samarra and its aftermath, sectarian violence has emerged as a main threat to the security and stability of Iraq,” Mr. Annan states of the most recent bloodbath in his latest report on the country to the Security Council.“The need for sustained intercommunal dialogue and confidence-building measures to promote national reconciliation is all the more urgent now. The United Nations will continue to do everything possible to support such efforts,” he says, adding that with the recent national elections Iraq has now met all the technical benchmarks of its transition after Saddam Hussein’s regime was ousted by the United States-led invasion of 2003. He also underlines the need for a dedicated protection force to enable the UN to carry out its manifold political and humanitarian activities in a country where terrorists bombed its Baghdad headquarters in 2003, killing Special Representative Sergio Vieira de Mello and 22 others, and he calls for a new integrated UN complex in Iraq. After the bomb attack many operations were moved to Amman, capital of neighbouring Jordan.Noting that the elections resulted in a new Council of Representatives broadly representative of Iraq’s communities and including a substantial percentage of women, Mr. Annan calls on the parties to “work with resolve towards the early formation of a fully inclusive Government, which remains a major challenge.” He stresses that while political facilitation will remain a priority in 2006 for the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), set up in 2003 to help in the transition from Saddam Hussein’s regime, activities in other key areas of its mandate, particularly reconstruction and development, will be strengthened.“One of the key priorities of the new Government of Iraq will be tangible improvement of the quality of life for all Iraqis,” he says. “Ultimately, the best way to address the security situation, beyond the training of Iraqi security forces, is to ensure a credible and inclusive political process and rapid improvement in the basic living conditions of the Iraqi people.”Mr. Annan underscores the imperative of improving the human rights situation, following a UN report on mass detention, torture and extrajudicial killings, stressing that the US-led Multinational Force and Iraqi security forces have a particular responsibility to act in full accordance with international humanitarian and human rights law. “There is a need for further measures to ensure that both past and present abuses are dealt with on the basis of the rule of law and in accordance with international obligations,” he writes. “Without an improvement in the human rights situation, the development of mutual trust and national reconciliation efforts will prove elusive.”On UN security in the country he says staff members remain at risk of becoming targets of violence and their safety remains the Mission’s overarching guiding principle. “I look forward to continuing engagement with Member States on the practical steps that need to be taken to provide UNAMI with the necessary level of support to fulfil the long-term commitment of the United Nations to supporting the people of Iraq. The development of a new integrated United Nations complex in Iraq will be essential in this regard,” he writes. read more

Stand united against antiMuslim hatred urges Guterres after mosque shootings in New

“I’m saddened and strongly condemn the shooting of innocent people as they prayed peacefully in mosques in New Zealand”, tweeted the UN chef, expressing his “deepest condolences to the victims’ families”. “Today and every day, we must stand united against anti-Muslim hatred, and all forms of bigotry and terror”, he stressed.In a statement issued later Friday morning, the UN’s Spokesperson said Mr. Guterres was shocked and appalled by the terrorist attack, recalling the “sanctity of mosques, and all places of worship. He calls upon all people on this holy day for Muslims, to show signs of solidarity with the bereaved Islamic community.”A gunman, who police have described as being in his late 20s, has been arrested and charged with murder. According to news reports, he live-streamed himself via a head-mounted camera online, firing at worshippers inside the Al Noor mosque in the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, Christchurch. A second attack also took place at the city’s Linwood Mosque.According to news reports, police have asked the public not to share the “extremely distressing” footage posted by the gunman online. Meanwhile Facebook has reportedly taken down the gunman’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, which reportedly contained racist and anti-immigrant views.The Secretary-General reiterates the urgency of working better together globally to counter Islamophobia and eliminate intolerance and violent extremism in all its forms UN SpokespersonTwo other men and one woman were also reportedly detained in connection with the terror attacks, although one was subsequently released.”The Secretary-General reiterates the urgency of working better together globally to counter Islamophobia and eliminate intolerance and violent extremism in all its forms,” his Spokeperson added.Other senior UN officials took to Twitter on Friday to express their condolences and horror at the attacks in New Zealand,António Vitorino, Director General of the International Organization for Migration, extended his “sincere condolences” to victims’ families and expressed deep sadness over “the terrible loss of life”, pointing out: “It is believed that among the dead and injured were many refugees and migrants”.“We grieve with children facing the profound shock that a parent is never coming home”, tweeted Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund. Saying “our hearts break with news”, she called the aggression “a senseless attack on a peaceful community and the universal right to freedom of worship”.The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, tweeted a picture of the New Zealand flag with a message saying that UNHCR stands “firmly with the people and government of New Zealand “in mourning, prayer and solidarity”.Noting later in a statement  that refugees and migrants were among the dead, he commented that the “deeply shocking” act of terror “was motivated by hatred and fear.”Praising New Zealand as “a country which has generously given refuge to people fleeing conflict and persecution, and whose citizens warmly welcomed them into their towns and cities”, he said: “At a time of growing hostility towards diversity, the humanity the authorities and people of New Zealand have shown in their response is truly laudable”.Speaking on behalf of the Security Council, the Deputy Permanent Representative of France, Anne Gueguen, condemned “in the strongeast possible terms” the “heinous” attacks and expressed “deepest condolences” to the loved ones of those killed. Subsequently, the Council stood in a moment of silence for the victims. read more

Record numbers reflective of employee efforts President Fearon

There were plenty of reasons to celebrate at Brock’s Opening of Term barbecue held Thursday in Jubilee Court.President Gervan Fearon welcomed the record-setting crowd of 500 people to the event, and announced the University is poised to soon meet some milestones of its own.Brock’s growth rate for the coming school year is on track to be above the predicted provincial average.A record crowd attended the 2018 Opening of Term celebration in Jubilee Court Thursday, Aug. 23.In just a couple of weeks, the University expects to welcome 5,000 new students. If that forecast plays out, it would likely push Brock’s total enrolment for 2018-19 to more than 19,000 full- and part-time students.“Both of these important metrics are record achievements for Brock,” said Fearon. “They reflect the community’s dedication to serving students, enhancing our reputation and growing its attractiveness to individuals from across Canada and the globe.”Fearon is confident that faculty and staff will do an amazing job of welcoming students and their families to campus.“So many individuals have been so kind to me this year,” he said. “I recognize that I’m not the only recipient of this kindness — the community extends it to each other and to our students. This is what makes the University so special.”Another milestone Fearon addressed was Brock’s 100,000th graduate, who crossed the Convocation stage in June. He credited everyone associated with the University since its inception for helping build the institution to what it is today.“We are all part of an incredible legacy that contributes to the education and prosperity of so many individuals and communities,” he said. “Although students attend Brock for only four to seven years, our engagement with them lasts a lifetime.”The annual Opening of Term barbecue featured live music, lawn games, hot lunches and new dessert options, including ice cream sundaes and watermelon.An online gallery of photos from the event is available on SharePoint @ Brock. read more

LeBron James Some Cavs Teammates Refuse to Stay In

LeBron James (Keith Allison/Flickr)In a year full of bold political moves by athletes, LeBron James and several of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates are refusing to stay at Trump Soho in New York City. The hotel, though not owned by President-elect Donald Trump, is branded with his name and caused a few of the Cavs to seek other accommodations as they prepare to take on the New York Knicks Wednesday, Dec. 7.According to, Cavs’ general manager David Griffin said arrangements are being made for what could include up to seven of the 14 traveling teammates to stay at another unnamed hotel. Trump SoHo had been booked ahead of the 2016 presidential election and Griffin noted it is the only NBA-quality hotel that could guarantee rooms for the team’s family and friends in case the Cavs make the postseason.James’ endorsement of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton explains his unwillingness to stay at the hotel. In October, Atlanta Black Star reported the power forward believed Clinton was the only candidate who understood the struggles of oppressed Americans.In the wake of the Nov. 8 election results, many Cavaliers players have expressed their disappointment. On Instagram, shooting guard J.R. Smith questioned how he would explain the outcome to his young daughter. Echoing ESPN analyst Jalen Rose’s proclamation that NBA teams will stop visiting the White House, reserve forward Richard Jefferson made the same statement on Snapchat after the Cavs met with Obama to celebrate their championship in November. While speaking to Complex last week, Iman Shumpert declared he would not visit the White House under the Trump administration.“I can’t get caught up in the racial, sexist bull—- he’s got going on,” Shumpert said.” That’s his personal thing.”The Cavs join at least three other NBA teams that won’t stay in the Chicago and Manhattan hotels bearing Trump’s name, ESPN reported. They include the Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies. The Illinois-based hotel, in contrast to the one in New York City, is owned and operated by Trump’s company. read more

Proposed changes to JORC

first_imgThe Competent Person (CP) must quantify the materiality of all Table 1 criteria to the deposit in question.  The Competent Person must not remain silent on any issue for which the presence or absence of comment could impact on the public perception or value of the mineral occurrence. The new premise added is that information relevant to Table 1 in the JORC code should be documented.  Any omissions must be justified and documented – “if not why not” reporting.  Transparency requires that the reader of a Public Report is provided with sufficient information, the presentation of which is clear and unambiguous, to understand the report and is not misled, either intentionally or by omission of Material information that is known to the Competent Person. The current requirement for obtaining release consent from the relevant Competent Person (CP) of any Mineral Resource or Ore Reserve statement made subsequent to the initial release is being relaxed.  As long as clear reference is made to the original release, and that the form and context of the statement does not vary from the original, a company does not have to gain the permission of the CP. Consent will still be required for reporting of annual statements of Mineral Resource and Ore Reserves for the company. Snowden Group’s Rod Carlson explains that The Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) recently held a number of presentations on changes announced to the JORC code.  The information provided included the nature and impact of changes to the JORC Code and the ASX Chapter 5 rules that are going to be implemented in the near future.  The JORC code was last revised in 2004, and is undergoing some fundamental changes whilst remaining true to its roots of being a non-prescriptive reporting code.  This discussion is based on the presentations made in the exposure draft released by JORC for comment in October 2012.  The key principles of the JORC Code, Transparency, Materiality and Competence remain but with an increased emphasis on the Materiality and Transparency aspects.  The driver for these changes is to improve the disclosure standards in public reporting to better inform investors.  Key changes listed in the exposure draft include: The proposed new regulations for Exploration Target statements will demand more consistent and transparent reporting. The company will be required to include information pertaining to the assumptions made in the development of the target size. Relevant information must be supplied to the reader as to why the Exploration Target is to be considered as a useful guide to future potential wealth.One of the fundamental tests of a Mineral Resource is the likelihood of “reasonable prospects for eventual economic extraction”. The revised code will now require the CP to explain the basis for these assumptions.Cut-off grades must now also take into account not only the style of mineralisation, but the anticipated mining and processing development pathways.The proposed JORC code changes also now include descriptions of what a Scoping Study, Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Study should entail. These descriptions bring the JORC Code in line with the Committee for Mineral Reserves International reporting standards (CRIRSCO) an international body formed in 1994 to standardise market-related reporting definitions for Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves.  There is also the provision that any quoted Ore Reserve can only be quoted with a minimum standard of a Pre-Feasibility Study having been completed.The use of metal equivalent equations gets a tightening, with stricter requirements for reporting of individual grades, commodity prices, and assumed metallurgical recoveries (for each element).Modifying factors (mining related issues that influence the amount and confidence in the conversion of Mineral Resources to Ore Reserves) such as mining style, geotechnical, metallurgical, dilution, ore loss, and recovery have also increased requirements, and infrastructure has been allotted a section within Table 1.  The Resource CP must now be cognisant of (and report) other mining factors that may affect the potential economic extraction of the resource.ASX Chapter 5The ASX has been working in conjunction with the JORC and has issued a consultation paper Reserves and Resources disclosure rules for Mining and Oil & Gas companies. The paper describes proposed changes in a number of disclosure areas including Chapter 5 (Additional reporting on mining and exploration activities) for example exploration results, initial and updated Resource and Reserve estimates, foreign and historical estimates and longer term production targets.The ASX proposed changes include a requirement to attach a report to the public announcement of exploration results or for Maiden or significant changes in Resources and Reserves. The report should always include reference to the points outlined in Table 1 of the JORC Code. Including Section 1-sampling, Section 2-exploration results, Section 3-Mineral Resources, and Section 4-Ore ReservesThe current requirements for Competent Person approval for every public release will be mitigated. Initial announcements will still need the official consent form from the CP, but thereafter as long as the announcement refers to the original announcement, and that no changes in form and context have occurred, the Company is not required to run the documentation past the CP.  Time will tell what impact this change may have on the consistency and quality of reporting previous results.  There is some risk that, unknown to the CP, the context in which the announcement is put forward may not meet with the spirit of the code.  The community of CP’s will be watching to see how the proposed code changes impact this area of reporting compliance.The use of historical and foreign estimates currently requires a written waiver to be quoted.  The revised rules have removed this requirement if the announcement follows strict guidelines of wording, and that the company is working towards a compliance with reporting the Resource in accordance with the JORC Code. No financial or production targets based on historical or foreign estimates can be disclosed in the public domain.The ASX is proposing to introduce further reporting requirements for the application of future production and associated forecast financials where those projections are not underpinned by an operating mine and ore reserve or a combination of ore reserves and measured mineral resourcesWith respect to any production forecast that includes low confidence geological information published in Inferred resources or exploration target, the company must disclose the factors that lead it to believe that it has a reasonable basis for disclosing the production target.The changes to the JORC Code will impact all companies lodging public documents relating to the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves. All CP’s will be required to understand and comply with the changes in a 12 month grace period to be given once the changes are finalised.last_img read more

Stainless steel pumps for corrosive highviscosity applications

first_imgMaag Industrial Pumps, part of PSG® and a global leader in positive displacement gear pumps, has announced the release of stainless steel models of its versatile G Series internal gear pumps. These new stainless steel versions are ideal for challenging corrosive applications requiring a durable pump that can move liquids ranging from thin to highly viscous.G Series internal gear pumps are available in cast iron and stainless steel construction with 38 to 76 mm port connections. Stainless steel models are rated from 10 to 110 gallons/min, and cast iron models range from 15 to 140 gallons/min. Both models are capable of pumping viscosities up to 431,000 cSt. In addition, G Series pumps are interchangeable with up to 95% of internal gear pumps currently available on the market. No changes needed to piping, driver, coupling, flow rates or baseplates.Operating equally well in both directions, G Series pumps provide a positive, non-pulsating flow with only two moving parts for easy maintenance. The enlarged bearing housing at the rear end of the pump allows convenient drive-end access to the shaft seal and single-point end-clearance adjustment. The pump casing revolves for easy multiple inlet and outlet positioning.last_img read more

BEST 7 VIDEO Dibirov Markussen Malus Dujshebaev Sostaric Karabatic and Corrales

Alex DujshebaevJaka Malusluka karabaticMario ŠoštaričNikolaj Markussenrodrigo corralesTimur Dibirov Timur Dibirov, Nikolaj Markussen, Jaka Malus, Alex Dujshebaev, Mario Sostaric, Luka Karabatic and Rodrigo Corrales.These are the names of BEST 7 of the VELUX EHF Champions League – Round 3.You can vote on EHF channels or you can only enjoy video full of nice play…  ← Previous Story POLL – VRANJES DEPARTURE: Good or bad decision for Veszprem? Next Story → SEHA Player of the Month – Dejan Milosavljev read more

Texting and driving dangers highlighted in ATT documentary

first_imgAs part of AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign, first launched in March 2010 which highlights the dangers of texting and driving, the carrier has created a 10-minute documentary called The Last Text featuring eight individuals whose lives have been changed forever as a result of a tragedy directly caused by a driver being distracted by a text message.AT&T plans to distribute the piece across the country to schools, safety organizations and government organizations. The company also plans to share the documentary with its wireless customers, employees and families through:AT&T’s Teen Advisory Council – 10 teens of AT&T employees from across the country – and their schools;AT&T U-verse® Mobile, AT&T U-verse Online and AT&T U-verse TV On Demand (airing continuously beginning this week on a dedicated channel at no cost to subscribers);The AT&T employee “Defensive Driving” courses required for all company employees who drive as part of their job;AT&T’s Smart ControlsSM page (, an all-in-one destination with information and tools for parents and children on how to stay safe with technology, and tips to manage content, spending, time and location;AT&T’s “It Can Wait” resource center ( and multimedia download center; andAT&T’s Friends & Family page ( timing of the release of the documentary coincides with the approach of New Year’s Eve, one of the most dangerous days on the road. The video is raw and is clearly designed to make an impact as demonstrated by the reactions of these teenagers in the video below.Read more at AT&TBrian’s OpinionI really have to hand it to AT&T. They have been the most outspoken of the three major wireless carriers when it comes to the dangers of texting and driving. This documentary takes AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign to a whole new level.I will be the first to admit that the documentary is heart-wrenching, raw and even disturbing to watch. Unfortunately, that’s what is needed to get the attention of teenagers who persist in the dangerous practice of texting and driving. Frankly, I’d rather have them be uncomfortable watching a video than be in the emergency room fighting for their life because they were distracted by a text message.While knowledge is indeed a powerful tool in preventing senseless deaths, I also think technology can play a role in helping teenagers make the right choices as well. Let’s be honest, teenagers don’t always make the best choices when the right answer is in their face. Sometimes they have to be forced to take appropriate action which includes not being able to use a phone to send or receive text messages while their car is in motion which is definitely possible with the use of GPS technology.last_img read more

Le bouquetin des Pyrénées était 15 fois plus grand il y a

first_imgLe bouquetin des Pyrénées était 1,5 fois plus grand il y a quelques millénairesPubliée dans la revue Comptes Rendus Palevol, l’étude détaillée des crânes fossilisés de 3 bouquetins des Pyrénées vieux de 4 à 7.000 ans, découverts en Espagne il y a quelques années, montre que cette sous-espèce, récemment éteinte, était beaucoup plus robuste à cette époque qu’à tout autre, comme c’est le cas pour de nombreux mammifères. C’est entre 1984 et 1994 à une altitude proche de 2.500 mètres en Espagne que ces restes ont été trouvés par des spéléologues. Vieux de 4 à 7.000 ans, les trois crânes fossilisés découverts appartiennent à Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica, l’une des sous-espèces – éteinte en l’an 2.000 – du bouquetin ibérique. Si ceux-ci ont été bien identifiés, ils ont néanmoins fait l’objet d’une analyse minutieuse par le Dr Ricardo García-González, de l’Institut pyrénéen d’écologie, qui les a comparés à ceux d’autres chèvres sauvages anciennes et actuelles.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Les résultats suggèrent ainsi que ces animaux étaient environ 50% plus grands, à l’époque, que leurs congénères récents, mais également bien plus gros que des formes plus anciennes. “Les crânes des mâles sont extraordinairement grands par rapport à ceux [observés sur] d’autres restes de ‘boucs’ de la fin du Pléistocène (entre -120.000 et -11.000 ans) dans le sud-ouest de l’Europe”, a déclaré le Dr García-González cité par Sci-News.Selon lui, cette augmentation de taille pourrait être due à la disponibilité accrue de ressources trophiques (c’est-à-dire alimentaires) pendant l’Holocène, la période qui a succédé au Pléistocène. Cela correspond bien à la théorie émise en 1987 par V. Geist sur l’évolution des ongulés, dont beaucoup sont devenus, à cette époque, ce qu’il a appelé “des géants à l’ère glaciaire”.Le 1 juillet 2012 à 16:25 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Zoo de Mulhouse Argoun le petit panthère mâle né en captivité

first_imgZoo de Mulhouse : Argoun, le petit panthère mâle né en captivitéArgoun, le petit panthère mâle né en avril a fait hier sa première sortie dans l’enclos du zoo de Mulhouse où il devrait rester un an, au moins, avant d’être transféré au Canada.Argoun est un mâle panthère de l’Amour (panthera pardus orientalis). Né en avril, il a pour la première fois visité son enclos du zoo de Mulhouse en début de semaine dernière, en compagnie de sa mère Elixa. Il restera là-bas pendant environ un an et demi (au moins un an, quoi qu’il en soit) avant d’être transféré dans un zoo canadien.À lire aussiQuand trois ours lippus se mettent à jouer avec un ballon roseÀ l’heure actuelle, seuls 50 individus de panthère de l’Amour restent présents à l’état sauvage. Gravement menacée par le braconnage et la diminution de son habitat, ces félins de Sibérie Orientale sont donc élevé en captivité. Argoun fait d’ailleurs partie d’une lignée génétiquement importante pour l’élevage de l’espèce en captivité et sa survie en milieu naturel, affirme le parc mulhousien. Sa soeur, Katanga, âgée d’un an, a rejoint lundi un mâle au zoo de Moscou, rapporte 15 juillet 2012 à 21:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Man gets 17 years for attack on psychiatrist

first_imgA Clark County judge called it “one of the strangest cases I’ve ever heard” before sentencing a Baltimore man Tuesday to 17 years and two months in prison for trying to kill a psychiatrist for life insurance money.Superior Court Judge Rich Melnick noted Ibn Aquil’s lengthy criminal past and the bizarre nature of last spring’s near-strangling before imposing a 206-month sentence, the high point of the sentencing range.“It’s an interesting case in terms of Mr. Aquil’s violent history,” he said. “And it’s an extremely unique case as far as attempted murders go.”In May, a jury convicted Aquil, 26, of second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault relating to an attack that occurred April 13, 2009, while the defendant was visiting his cousin in Hockinson. After the heavily intoxicated Aquil came home from a party that morning, he tried to strangle his cousin’s husband, who was asleep on the couch. The cousin’s husband, Barry Maletzky, owned an 8,000-square-foot house and had a $2.5 million life insurance policy. The prosecution argued Aquil wanted to kill Maletzky, 68, after overhearing Aquil’s cousin — Maletzky’s wife — talk about how much money she stood to gain. Aquil then joked about what he would do with $2.5 million.last_img read more

QA Programmatic Means Going All In

first_imgIf your brand’s looking to put media innovation to work, register now for FOLIO:’s MediaMashup event on April 3 in New York City. FOLIO: Which metrics are really speaking to you now that perhaps you weren’t looking at a year ago, or even a few months ago?Harris: The insights we continue to develop around our data and the audience behind impressions served is particularly interesting at this time. When we leverage the exclusive first-party data of IDG with our programmatic capabilities, we’re able to target high quality micro audiences at scale. Through this data we can ascertain a user’s stage in the purchase funnel for a particular product and match the impression with the most appropriate ad creative in our rotation. It’s an exciting area of development for us and it continues to yield new information we can apply not only towards our display inventory, but video as well. We conduct a high volume of pre-roll business on our network and using data as a means to improve factors like video completion rate, viewability and engagement is a significant factor we examine on a consistent basis. Since we continue to see a greater adoption of programmatic strategies from our advertisers, it’s important we continue to advance our data-driven solutions in order to increase our targeting proficiencies and generate greater value in our CPMs.FOLIO: What’s the most critical media trend development in 2014 that you’re keeping a close eye on?Harris: Brand safety is an integral part of our philosophy at the IDG TechNetwork and managing our inventory to control for factors like non-human traffic, viewability, questionable content and proper geographic targeting is a critical focus for our team. Our advertisers expect greater efficiencies for their budgets and the market is pushing for more transparent solutions from programmatic partners. We recognize the need to provide validated campaigns for our clients, especially in video, and are constantly working to address these pertinent topics while also evaluating new technology solutions to ensure we remain at the forefront of this movement. Programmatic is proliferating rapidly and it’s no longer viewed as a means to move cheap inventory through ad servers. Thanks to data, programmatic is now creating premium programs and, when coupled with other products like native, it’s increasing engagement and CPMs. Still, programmatic doesn’t sell itself, so arming your sales team with the right tools is key. Not only that, it’s important your team understands the technology and its benefits. Here, Scott Harris, vice president of sales and marketing at IDG TechNetwork and speaker at FOLIO:’s MediaMashup on April 3 in New York City discusses how his company tackles programmatic while organizing and educating its team.FOLIO: How are you training and organizing your sales team to get the most out of programmatic? Scott Harris: We initially entered the programmatic market over three years ago with a bifurcated approach, consisting of direct and programmatic sales teams. We’ve since integrated the two groups to create a single point of sales for our advertisers while also investing in new resources such as platform managers, yield analysts and business intelligence strategists in order to create a comprehensive programmatic resource. Today, our sales and operations teams work in sync to evaluate how deals are structured, analyze performance, ensure optimal delivery for our campaigns and effectively communicate this information back to our clients.One of the challenges we tackled during this integration process was in training our direct sales team on the details of programmatic in order to build upon their core competencies of the subject, educate the staff on our capabilities and, most important, define our value proposition in the market. To accomplish this our programmatic team developed a month-long series of educational town halls for the entire company, covering everything from the general programmatic landscape to how dynamic allocation is executed within our tiered structure. We then incorporated all of the material into training manuals, FAQ documents and sales collateral to create a centralized knowledge source for our staff. The process worked well in bringing the teams together to make the concept of programmatic more approachable and instilled a greater level of confidence across our sales organization. last_img read more

CM YS Jagans Powerpoint presentation on drought in AP Assembly

first_imgAmaravati: A debate on drought situation in the state has taken place in AP Assembly on Thursday. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said there is no significant rainfall and the state is facing 48 percent deficit rainfall. Though its the second week of July, there is no situation to sow the seeds. CM YS Jagan said it had been only two months since they came into power. Also Read – Rs 65.30lakhs Exgratia paid to deceased family Advertise With Us He said that they are taking measures to face the drought situation in the state. He also criticized that the earlier government has not even given the input subsidy to the farmers. The Chief Minister said that the state had faced a severe drought in the last five years. He said the previous TDP government did not even collect the seeds which should begin in last November, must end by April and distribution should start by May. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us Our government has come into power in June. By the time we take up the charge, the seed collection should have completed, and distribution must have started. Now the farmers had to get on the roads. He said its worst that the previous government had not done its work. As the government didn’t respond, today we have to face the shortage of seeds. Advertise With Us CM YS Jagan has shown the letters of the officials on the screen during the Powerpoint presentation in the house that only 50 thousand quintals of peanut seeds were available by the time our government has come. The Center has given Rs 900 crore to fight the drought situation, but no single penny given to the farmers and Rs 960 crore of grain money is still owed to farmers. Farmers loans have not rescheduled in the last five years. No interest was paid on behalf of the farmers. The interest waiver scheme for farmers loans has also been canceled. As Chandrababu government did not do the loan waiver, With that, the farmer’s loans have reached to 1.45 lakh crore in the state. Chandrababu government has failed to deal with drought conditions in the state. CM YS Jagan said that we are providing 9 hours day time current to the farmers and for aqua farmers, the electricity is being given at Rs 1.50 paisa per unit.last_img read more

Manmohan singh to file nomination for RS on August 13

first_imgNew Delhi, Aug 10 (IANS) Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, whose tenure as Rajya Sabha member ended in June this year is set to return to the Upper House from Rajasthan, party sources said. A Congress source said Manmohan Singh will be the party’s candidate for the Rajya Sabha. He said the former Prime Minister will file his nomination on August 13. Also Read – Congress MLA Shivakumar moves High Court seeking protection from arrest Advertise With Us Manmohan Singh has represented Assam in Rajya Sabha for 28 years. The Rajya Sabha elections in Rajasthan was necessitated after the death of BJP MP Madan Lal Saini, who passed away in a Delhi hospital. Saini was elected to the Upper House last year when the BJP was in power in the state. The Congress has majority in the 200-member Assembly.last_img read more

Pope praises Korea leaders brave commitment to peace

first_imgPope Francis delivers his speech to the crowd from the window of the apostolic palace overlooking St Peter`s square during the Sunday Angelus prayer, on April 29, 2018 at Vatican Photo : AFPPope Francis on Sunday praised North and South Korean leaders for their “brave commitment” to peace after they agreed to work towards the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.The pontiff hailed the “positive outcome” of their historic summit in Seoul on Friday, when Kim Jong Un promised to close North Korea’s atomic test site next month and invite US weapons experts to the country, according to Seoul.Francis said Kim and his southern counterpart Moon Jae-in had shown a “brave commitment… to follow a sincere path to peace towards a Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons.”The pontiff, speaking during the Regina Coeli prayers at St Peter’s Square, said he prayed for the “cooperation to continue, bearing fruit that will benefit the beloved Korean people and the entire world.”last_img

City Officials Celebrate Houstons 180th Birthday

first_img Share Gail DelaughterMayor Sylvester Turner and other Houston officials celebrated the 180th anniversary of Houston’s founding on Tuesday with speeches and cake at City Hall.Turner recalled the decision by August and John Allen, two brothers from New York, to purchase land at the confluence of Buffalo and White Oak bayous. “I certainly want to thank the Allen brothers for their vision, but I want to thank all Houstonians for just continuing to make this city what it is,” he said.   “Whether we have our hat on, our cowboy boots, or whether or not we are flying in space from the Johnson Space Center, we are all Houstonians, a very welcoming, loving city,” he added.Gail DelaughterThe Allen brothers paid $5,000 for a league and a half of land – and then persevered in luring people to settle here, despite the floods and mosquitoes. “We had humble beginnings along swampy Buffalo Bayou,” said Houston Council Member Robert Gallegos. “But thanks to Houstonians’ hard work and ingenuity, we quickly grew into an exporting rail and port hub.”Gallegos’s council district includes downtown and the historic spot where it all began, now called Allen’s Landing.The party included a large sheet cake bearing the city seal. The seal features a steam locomotive and a plough –symbols of the agricultural and shipping sectors that dominated Houston’s economy long before oil was discovered in Texas.Gail DelaughterGallegos noted that Houston’s economy has continued to diversity and expand.“Today we are reaching higher, we are home to NASA, the Texas Medical Center, universities known for world-class research, a renowned theater district, museums, professional sports teams, parades, festivals and perhaps more importantly, the best Tex-Mex food you can find,” Gallegos said.The Heritage Society held another celebration on Sunday, featuring historic costumes and music. But Aug. 30 is the actual anniversary of the city’s founding.last_img read more