The pop-up, over-the-top library

first_imgEver get the urge to print a few words on a graham cracker, with chocolate? No? Well, you only have until Dec. 21 to sample that creation, along with some other experiences you may not have imagined. Like petting a sage plant, or hanging out in an inflatable Mylar hut.That’s the last day the Labrary will be open at 92 Mt. Auburn St. The student-designed pop-up space, which is open Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., explores what libraries of the future might look like. Pop-up spaces are short-term homes for sales, exhibits, and other public uses. From start to finish, the Labrary will have lasted five weeks.“This whole thing has been a sprint,” said Jeff Goldenson, a Graduate School of Design (GSD) co-instructor in the advanced seminar ADV-09125, or the Library Test Kitchen, where the Labrary projects originated. The other instructors are Jeffrey Schnapp and Ann Whiteside, with help from teaching fellows Ben Brady, M.Arch.1 ’12, and Jessica Yurkofsky, MUP ’12.Teaching fellow Ben Brady, M.Arch.1 ’12 (center), discusses the Labrary with the GDS’s course co-instructor Jeff Goldenson (right) and teaching fellow Jessica Jessica Yurkofsky, MUP ’12.“The Harvard Library is changing,” said Goldenson of the course’s co-sponsor. “This is a way to bring students to the table.” The Labrary emphasis is on making things, he added. In a film about the course, Schnapp, who is director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, called the Library Kitchen “a fast prototyping laboratory for the future of learning spaces.”Some student-made fast prototypes seem whimsical. Rola Idris and Pablo Roquero came up with the printing-on-food idea. Their “graham grams,” made on a palm-size platen press, are part of “Millebooks,” a project that illustrates the impermanence of knowledge. (Goldenson said that burned CDs have a life span of seven years.) Next to the little press is a corn tortilla, covered with lines of inked type.Tony Cho ’14, the only undergraduate represented in the exhibit, came up with “Green Noise,” consisting of three plants hooked to a pale blue, Honeytone baby amplifier. Riffle the sage or tap the bamboo, and you are greeted with an odd little ad hoc concert. Cho was suggesting that people catalogue plants like books, which, he wrote, is “reductive, empirical.” But the objects feel and smell nice too. Future libraries, Goldenson suggested, might include “experience with living things.”Dana Thomson, M.Sc. ’11, a research associate at Harvard Medical School, used her background in global public health to offer the idea of “massive open online scientific literature,” or MOOSL, as an accompaniment to MOOCs, the massive open online courses that are shaking up online education. “It’s the science platform of the future,” she said, a step beyond science literature that has been digital for years, but that can now add depth through multimedia and interactive platforms.While Thomson was looking far ahead, GSD student Gabrielle Patawaran used RECON-TEXTS to reinvent the book as a bound, one-off product that brings the digital (her research notes) back into the realm of the physical. Her volumes, differently formatted for annotation, constituted the only bookshelf at the Labrary. (In a few other cases, old books were used to prop up digital devices.)Brady lay down on a curving plywood stage, hid his face under a laptop, and pressed a button. Voilà! The image of his figure, splayed over a crime scene outline, was downloaded to Tumblr and flashed onto a big screen. Meet “Bookface,” a “participatory photo opera” created by Nicolas Rivard. It’s a way to consider “what we sacrifice by living digital,” he wrote.A few feet away was Rivard’s BoomBench, a platform seat designed to amplify sound. (Yes, future libraries may not fetishize silence.) “Whatever the future of the library is,” he said, “we’re going to be sitting down.”Though perhaps not always comfortably. GSD student Hattie Stroud designed “Furniture for Slight Distraction.” Included are one-legged “unsteady stools” to keep you alert, and “topical tables” rigged with speakers that murmur lectures as you think or read. “I study best,” said Stroud, “when I’m in a lecture for another class.”Study habits of the future — and the libraries that enable them — may well include more noise than is tolerated now. Brady designed a silvery Mylar tent that is kept inflated with a fan. Goldenson looked around at the furnishings: a rug, a lamp, and two beanbag chairs. “It’s been a great meeting space,” he said.Sitting at a table was Karina Qian, M.P.P. ’14, whose scholarship requires a little noise and company. “I don’t study in traditional libraries,” said the Stanford University graduate. “It’s too quiet.”The Labrary was a find, she said, because collaborative space can be hard to locate. Qian works at the space every day it is open, and once had a project meeting in the Mylar inflatable. At the Labrary, she added, “you open yourself up to serendipity.”Local artist and designer Jim Kalambokis sampled a little of that serendipity. He is creative director at the Fullbridge Program in Harvard Square, and “stumbled on the Labrary while grabbing lunch one day.” He was charmed, and set up a display of his book art.Goldenson likes the idea of a library space that is less isolated than tradition requires, that encourages collaboration, and that puts student work on public display. “We’re trying to make an argument for a public space for the library,” he said.That includes letting students use it for their own needs, including the study break part that Qian organized.Said Goldenson, “I want to make lending this space out as easy as taking out a book.”An upcoming lecture, “Library as Platform,” will be held at the Labrary from noon to 1 p.m. on Dec. 14.last_img read more

Bug-Killing Winter

first_imgThe unusually cold late-fall and early-winter weather figures to kill off a lot ofoverwintering insects.But bug-busting freezes may be more of a mixed blessing for farmers and homeownersalike nowadays, said David Jones, an entomologist with the University of Georgia ExtensionService.”Any insects that overwinter as adults are definitely hurt by freezingweather,” Jones said.”We had a mild winter last year and some very high insect populations during thegrowing season,” Jones said. “So overall, the below-normal temperatures shouldhelp us.”The biggest losers among insect pests may be stinkbugs, a serious pest of cotton, cornand soybeans, which all figure to be important crops in Georgia this year.”I’m convinced that stinkbugs are going to be a serious pest in cotton,”Jones said. “But they overwinter as adults, and they should definitely be hurt by thecold this winter.”The bad news for cotton growers is that bollworms, which overwinter as pupae in thesoil, aren’t normally hurt by freezing weather.”They’re not hurt unless the farmer tills the field during the winter, bringing upthe pupae and exposing them to the cold,” Jones said. “Farmers use to do that,but they don’t do it much anymore.”Making the news about bollworms even worse is that many beneficial insects, which helpcontrol the bollworm populations, overwinter as adults and will likely enter the nextgrowing season with reduced numbers.Bollworms are actually two species of caterpillars, corn earworms and tobacco budworms.And with corn acreage predicted to be much higher this year (because of good corn prices),Jones figures many more corn earworms could be coming out of corn into cotton during theseason.”Cotton growers are going to have to watch carefully for bollworms,” Jonessaid.Many cotton growers will be planting Bt cotton, a genetically engineered variety thatacts as its own insecticide against bollworms. But Jones said these farmers need tocontinue to scout their cotton carefully for secondary insect pests.Beet armyworms, which devastated areas of Texas cotton and seriously damaged someGeorgia fields last year, generally overwinter in tropical climates and could be laterarriving in Georgia because of the cold winter, Jones said.But homeowners who are counting on the hard winter to knock back numbers of fire antsmay be disappointed.”Fire ants have become acclimatized to Georgia,” he said. “When thesefreezes come, they just go deeper into the soil to survive. Mole crickets will do that,too.”Jones said the severity of farmers’ insect problems this year will depend on more thanthe cold we’ve already had.”A lot of things influence insect populations,” he said. “Dry weatherhurts farmers more than anything with insects. But overall, I think a hard winter helps usout.”last_img read more

How to apply critical thinking for a better credit union movement

first_imgIt’s time to really look at the principles and values of not only the credit union industry but the cooperative movement as a whole, and ask if we are resting on our haunches on top of these platitudes, or are we pushing hard, challenging ourselves, taking risks and doing what we believe is best for our people and communities.What I have been seeing more of happening in the credit union industry lately is applying a critical lens to our work and taking a true and honest assessment of how well we are or are not doing to truly act on and live our missions and values as cooperative businesses. If this doesn’t matter to you, it’s time to question why you are a cooperative. If it does matter to you to be a values-driven organization, then it’s time for some deeper soul searching.The National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking defines critical thinking as the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning or communication, as a guide to belief and action.Step 1: Stop protecting ourselves from criticism: Recently, a blogger in the cooperative movement expanded on an article where I critiqued the current status of credit unions working with co-ops, saying:“Protecting ourselves, our projects, our movements, or even sectors of our movements from criticism is, eventually, disempowering. It means we tend not to get into the room together to talk with each other where we can identify what is and isn’t working and what we, together, can do about it.”So the critical thinking application here is simple. Are you asking yourself what is and isn’t working about your business, your partnerships, your branding or your goals?Step 2: Identify what change is good:Are we holding on to the wrong things? Some credit unions have begun dropping “credit union” from their name. And it’s not looking like these credit unions are doing so in an attempt to break from the credit union identity and become more bank-like to seek deeper profits. These kind of rebranding efforts are borne from critical thinking and a desire to be something better than we are today, to truly use our differentiator to our advantage without accepting the burdensome disadvantages that often are infused into that differentiation.These credit unions are making hard choices and taking risks. They are asking themselves ‘are we being who we say we are, or are we just saying that’s who we are and acting surprised when the data shows consumers don’t know the difference between banks and credit unions? Is there something else we can do if other methods of differentiating aren’t working?’It’s an uncomfortable thought at first—that maybe credit unions won’t exist at all like they do today. But maybe we will discover something that will make us much more than what we are today.Step 3: Push into new territory:Here’s a great example. Cuba has been an increasingly big topic over the past few months as the U.S. works to repair diplomatic relations with our neighbor nation. And cooperatives, especially credit unions, are interested in getting in on the ground floor to position themselves as a fix for their country’s struggling economy. With the U.S. supposedly removing Cuba from the terrorism watch list, the opportunities absolutely are there, and similar efforts have been successful between credit unions and post-communist Poland.However, the industry would be fooling itself to believe there will not be significant challenges. The work, the political sensitivities, the regulatory uncertainty and the cultural barriers will certainly make efforts to develop financial cooperatives in Cuba very difficult. Yet if the industry deems this worthy work, I don’t doubt the likelihood for success.Questions must be asked however. Credit unions will not get by on their good community values and charm alone in Cuba. With the world watching and the potential to turn this into a huge success story for the entire cooperative model, there is pressure to step up and be the best credit unions can be.I will personally be following the story of credit union development in Cuba and documenting it for the rest of the cooperative industry to see because I think it is important and I want this industry to stay abreast of what’s going on. Watch along with NCBA CLUSA’s next trip to Cuba in August.All of the critical thinking credit unions need to do to navigate these serious and exciting new frontiers will certainly push us in the industry to try harder and have better reasoning and proof for showing not just THAT we are the best, but WHY we are the best.I’ll leave you with this. Everyone in the industry knows Ed Filene’s famous words, “Progress is the constant replacing of the best there is with something still better.” But to that sentiment I would like to add the words of the great Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Holly Fearing Holly lives and breathes social media; if you can’t find her IRL, try reaching out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll likely get her right away. … Web: Detailslast_img read more

SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch Delayed by 24 Hours Due to Bad Weather

first_imgThe advent of the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon represents a new era of commercially developed space vehicles – owned and operated by a private entity rather than NASA – being used to carry Americans into orbit.“The history being made this time is we’re launching what we call an operational flight to the International Space Station,” NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said at a press conference at Kennedy Space Center on Friday.Musk, the billionaire Silicon Valley titan who also is chief executive of electric carmarker and battery manufacturer Tesla, usually attends high-profile SpaceX missions in person. But his presence for the launch was thrown into question on Thursday after he said he had taken a series of four coronavirus diagnostic tests, with two coming back positive and two negative.Asked if Musk would be in the launch control room for liftoff, Bridenstine said agency policy required employees to quarantine and self-isolate after testing positive for the disease, “so we anticipate that that will be taking place.”Whether Musk came into contact with the astronauts was unclear but unlikely since the crew has been in routine quarantine for weeks prior to the flight.NASA contracted SpaceX and Boeing in 2014 to develop competing space capsules aimed at replacing the shuttle program that ended in 2011 and weaning the United States off dependence on Russian rockets to send US astronauts to space.Boeing’s first crewed test mission with its Starliner capsule is planned for late next year.© Thomson Reuters 2020Which is the best TV under Rs. 25,000? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. SpaceX’s newly designed Crew Dragon capsule, dubbed “Resilience” by its crew, was rescheduled for launch atop the Falcon 9 at 7:27pm Eastern time on Sunday (0027 GMT on Monday) from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.The crew for the flight to the International Space Station includes three American astronauts – Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and the mission commander, Mike Hopkins, a US Air Force colonel who is to be sworn into the fledgling US Space Force once aboard the orbiting laboratory.The fourth crew member is Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, making his third trip to orbit after flying on the US space shuttle in 2005 and a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in 2009.- Advertisement – The journey to the space station – lengthened from about eight hours to a little over a day by the new launch time – is considered SpaceX’s first “operational” mission for the Crew Dragon.A so-called test flight of the vehicle to and from the space station with two crewmen aboard the Dragon in August marked the first space flight of NASA astronauts launched from US soil in nine years, following the end of the shuttle program.NASA officials only just signed off on Crew Dragon’s final design earlier this week, capping a nearly 10-year development phase for SpaceX under the space agency’s public-private crew program.- Advertisement – NASA and high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX announced on Friday a 24-hour weather delay of their planned launch of four astronauts into orbit for NASA’s first full-fledged human mission using a privately owned spacecraft.The liftoff time slipped from Saturday to Sunday evening due to forecasts of gusty, onshore winds over Florida – remnants of Tropical Storm Eta – that would have made a return landing for the Falcon 9 rocket’s reusable booster stage difficult, NASA officials said.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

A combination of blue and green Croatia. Istrian hoteliers visiting Slavonia

first_imgSlavonian delicacies are offered by the best Istrian hotels and restaurants, and tourists are looking for them more and more. Istrian hoteliers and caterers paid a two-day visit to Vukovar-Srijem County. The meeting is the result of cooperation between municipalities in the field of sports and culture, and hoteliers visited Lovas, Otok and Stare Jankovce. he writes HRT.After a working meeting with County Prefect Božo Galić, delegations from Valamar Riviera – Poreč, Aminess Laguna Hotels – Novigrad and Hotel Malin – Malinska met with representatives of branch clusters and family farms from Vukovar-Srijem County to establish even better cooperation. The meeting at the Srijem Palace in Vukovar was joined by a delegation from the Istrian municipality of Tar-Vabriga, as well as employees of the county company Agro-klaster, led by director Zdenko Podolar.The desire for cooperation is mutual and has already been realized in some segments, said Vukovar-Srijem County Prefect Božo Galić.The director of the company Agro-klaster doo, which was founded by the Assembly of Vukovar-Srijem County in order to implement development projects in the field of agriculture and rural development, Zdenko Podolar, explained what exactly the Istrian hoteliers and domestic producers have agreed. ” We have quality products and producers who can already produce significant quantities and are present on the market, but we do not have enough intensive production and quantities. The Istrians have expressed their readiness for dried meat products, cheeses and wines, and together we are thinking about a project for the production of free-range eggs. We have already taken some steps in that direction, it would be a very significant project and ensure long-term cooperation – Podolar pointed out.He highlighted two issues, quantity and distribution. “If we raise production, we must provide distribution channels, have logistics centers at sea, provide cold storage, etc. We are ready as a county to enter it either through EU funds or independently, and for now the most important thing is that our producers appear in these hotels. said Podolar.last_img read more

Gary Neville outlines the main reason behind Shkodran Mustafi’s struggles at Arsenal

first_img Comment Advertisement Advertisement Gary Neville believes that Shkodran Mustafi has lacked a leader alongside him at Arsenal (Getty Images)Gary Neville believes that Shkodran Mustafi has struggled for his best form at Arsenal due to not having a strong defensive partner alongside him.The 27-year-old has been strongly criticised for his performances this season and was partly at fault for all three of Crystal Palace’s goals during their shock 3-2 win over Arsenal last weekend.Mustafi was subsequently dropped for Arsenal’s 3-1 loss to Wolves on Wednesday before being recalled for their trip to Leicester City with Laurent Koscielny dropping down to the bench.Neville, who worked alongside Mustafi during his ill-fated time in charge of Valencia, suggested that Mustafi can be impulsive and his forays forward can leave his teammate’s vulnerable.ADVERTISEMENT Gary Neville outlines the main reason behind Shkodran Mustafi’s struggles at Arsenal Gary Neville worked alongside Mustafi at Valencia (Getty Images)‘I had Mustafi in Valencia for three or four months and he’s committed, he’s really good in the air but he needs someone alongside him who can pull him into position and hold him there,’ Neville said on Sky Sports.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘He does like to wander into midfield. If you think about a back four staying in shape, spaces together, making sure you don’t become disconnected, he does like to run into midfield.‘What that then does for someone like his partner or the full-backs, they suddenly have to adjust their positions quickly, you almost quicken up the attack and then give spaces for the attackers to run into and it’s a real problem.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘I think at the moment he doesn’t have a strong partner alongside him. He had [Nicolas] Otamendi at Valencia the year before I got there who did really well with him. The year after obviously Otamendi went to City he then had a different partner and it became really difficult for him.‘Arsenal signed him and if they are going to play Mustafi they need a really strong partner alongside him.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Metro Sport ReporterSunday 28 Apr 2019 12:11 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link147Shareslast_img read more

Revealed: The 10 record-breaking southeast QLD suburbs of 2019

first_imgOne of the city’s grandest homes — featuring a chandelier that cost as much as a small apartment — sold for more than $4 million in 2019 — setting a new record for a home sale in Chandler.Two decades after building the mansion, retired builder and developer Domenico Casagrande and his wife Lucia sold the iconic property at 303 Archer Street in September.Spanning 1200 sqm under roof, the palatial home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a porte-cochère entry, marble floors, a feature staircase capped by a domed ceiling and a $200,000 Swarovski crystal chandelier.Selling agent Joseph Lordi of McGrath Bayside Manly said Chandler was starting to attract more interest from buyers wanting statement homes on acreage close to the city — and at a relatively affordable price.“If you picked that up and put it in Ascot, you’d be paying around $9 million for it,” Mr Lordi said.Records show the previous highest sale in Chandler was a property at 652 London Road, which fetched $3.85 million in October last year.The median house price in the suburb is $1.45 million, according to CoreLogic. MORE: Australia’s biggest housing jump in 16 years Records were smashed in at least 10 suburbs across the state’s southeast corner in the past 12 months – an indicator of a shortage of stock and increase in demand in a number of competitive markets. Here are some of the benchmark busters of 2019:1. BULIMBA This property at 95-99 McConnell St, Bulimba, sold under the hammer for a Brisbane auction record price.Brisbane achieved a new residential auction price record in September, with the sale of a stunning riverfront property for $8.4 million representing the highest price ever paid for a home under the hammer in the city.Two local buyers — one from the northside and one from the southside — battled it out for the five-bedroom European-style mansion at 95-99 McConnell Street.Place Bulimba agent Sarah Hackett, who marketed the showstopping residence, said there were three registered bidders at the auction, but ultimately it was a “two horse race”. Francisco and Rebecca Smout with daughter Annabelle, 1, at their development site in Abbott St, Ascot. Photographer: Liam Kidston.SOME are home to the state’s most luxurious mansions and waterfront homes, while others offer bang for your buck and growth potential.These are the southeast Queensland suburbs that outperformed their peers in the residential property stakes in 2019 — breaking records for sale price, number of sales, rental rates or for smashing through the million-dollar median price ceiling for the first time.Benchmarks have been beaten in blue-chip areas like Noosa Heads, Bulimba and Paradise Point, as well as quiet achievers, including Kalinga, Chandler and North Lakes. RELATED: Brisbane now best of Aussie cities as rates stay at historic low The $8.4 million price eclipses the previous residential auction record of $7.75 million, which was achieved at 39 Griffith Street in New Farm earlier this year, and equalled that set when a St Lucia house went under the hammer a decade ago.The New Farm property was bought by Ben Seymour, the grandson of Queensland rich-lister and developer Kevin Seymour.Bulimba has a median house price of $1.3 million. Place Estate Agents managing director Sarah Hackett at the home at 95-99 McConnell St, Bulimba, that she marketed. Photographer: Liam Kidston.Top five reported home sales in Bulimba in 2019 Address Sale price1. 95-99 McConnell Street $8.4m2. 15 Addison Avenue $3.36m3. 51 Waterline Crescent $3.15m4. 42 Duke Street $2.91m5. 33 Addison Avenue $2.85m(Source: NOOSA HEADS An apartment in this apartment at 55 Hastings St, Noosa Heads, sold for close to $10m.The highest price ever paid for an apartment in Noosa — $8.25 million — was achieved in July by the sale of 2/23 Hastings Street, only to be eclipsed by the sale of another beachfront unit in November.The property at 6/55 Hastings Street, which was sold by Tom Offermann Real Estate, was listed with a price guide of $11 million and is understood to have sold for more than $9 million in a cash unconditional deal.Records tumbled in the seaside town this year following a resurgence in beachfront property sales, according to Tom Offermann of Tom Offermann Real Estate.“It’s been a successful November for us with over $50 million in property transacted and the market looks to be getting hotter, just like the weather, over the summer holiday break,” Mr Offermann said. “The prestige end of the market is particularly active. “We negotiated five unconditional sales from $5 million to $10 million in Noosa Heads, which we can’t disclose details about until they are settled. “Confidence in Noosa is high.”But Mr Offermann said there was still good value to be found in the seaside enclave, as proven by the recent sale of a one-bedroom unit in Peppers Resort for a modest $380,000. The view from the apartment at 6/55 Hastings St, Noosa Heads.Top five reported home sales in Noosa Heads in 2019 Address Sale price1. 6/55 Hastings Street $9m-plus2. 2/23 Hastings Street $8.25m3. 54 Noosa Parade $7.1m2. 5/36 Hastings Street $6.1m3. 27 Mossman Court $5.75m4. 49 Witta Circle $5.67m5. 56/71 Hastings Street $5.5m(Source: KALINGA This house at 119 Nelson St, Kalinga, achieved a new sale price record for the suburb.It’s one of the city’s smallest and most unassuming suburbs, which is why many people have never even heard of it.But Kalinga put its name on the map this year when it set a new sale price record for the suburb in 2019, with the sale of a massive, inner-city estate.The home of mining executive Brad Gordon sold under the hammer at auction this month for $5.15 million — blitzing the suburb record set by the same house two years ago by more than $1 million.With views over Kedron Brook, ‘Winbrook’ at 119 Nelson St, Kalinga,.was an abandoned estate when Mr Gordon bought it in 2017.His renovation turned it into a five-bedroom stunner on 3383sq m, with Ray White New Farm lead agent Christine Rudoph welcoming 50 groups through the home during its campaign.Tucked in between the stately suburbs of Clayfield and Wooloowin, Kalinga only reclaimed its identity as a suburb in 2015, after the state government altered Wooloowin’s boundary on Brisbane’s north side.Kalinga has a median house price of $1.225 million and is now the 10th most expensive suburb in Brisbane, according to CoreLogic. The sale of the house owned by mining industry veteran Brad Gordon at 119 Nelson St, Kalinga, set a new sale price record for the suburb.Top five reported home sales in Kalinga in 2019 Address Sale price1. 119 Nelson Street $5.15m2. 151 Nelson Street $2.47m3. 114 Kent Road $1.83m4. 20 Woombye Street $1.725m5. 25 Emma Street $1.565m(Source: CHANDLER The sale of this house at 303 Archer St, Chandler, set a new suburb record in 2019.It’s not just Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs that are driving property price growth.center_img This palatial home in Chandler sold for more than $4m.Top five reported home sales in Chandler in 2019 Address Sale price1. 303 Archer Street $4m plus2. 598 Boston Road $1.6m3. 783 London Road $1.6m4. 220 Charleton Street $1.55m5. 515 London Road $1.53m(Source: NORTH LAKES This house at 38 Hare St, North Lakes, was one of the biggest sales in the suburb in 2019.This burgeoning suburb on the city’s northern outskirts had the highest number of houses change hands in 2019, according to many as 338 houses have been sold in North Lakes so far this year.REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the fact North Lakes was a new suburb with many new houses being built would have boosted sales.“Nevertheless, it is a popular area for buyers,” Ms Conisbee said. “There are a lot of reasons for this. It has a golf course and a big Westfield shopping centre. “Lake Eden and the surrounding parklands provides outdoor green space for residents.”The suburb, which is 28km from Brisbane’s CBD, has an affordable median house price of $480,500, according to CoreLogic. This house at 38 Hare St, North Lakes, was one of the biggest sales in the suburb ni 2019.Top five reported home sales in North Lakes in 2019 Address Sale price1. 16 Kennedy Court $1.55m2. 38 Hare Street $1.1m3. 64 Cowen Terrace $1m4. 4 Mickelson Street $875,0005. 2 Gleeson Street $835,000(Source: HOPE ISLAND Hope Island made the million-dollar club for the first time in 2019.This suburb had been lingering on the outskirts of the Gold Coast’s elite million-dollar club for months before finally making the cut in September this year.It joins Mermaid Beach, Surfers Paradise, Tallebudgera Valley, Broadbeach Waters, Clear Island Waters and Bundall, making it the only northern suburb in the group.Hope Island, which includes the exclusive enclave of Sanctuary Cove, only earned entry after its median house price jumped 12.4 per cent in the 12 months prior to reach $1 million.But Ray White prestige agent Matt Gates, who specialises in Sanctuary Cove properties, said it was likely to continue climbing as house hunters were attracted to the area’s lifestyle.“We’re getting lots of interstate buyers seeing value in the lifestyle that the (Sanctuary Cove) resort offers,” he said.“There’s been steady price growth and plenty of record sales.”The sale of the Roman-inspired mansion owned by the former chair of Dreamworld operator Ardent Leisure, philanthropist Neil Balnaves, was the biggest deal of the year in Hope Island.The 2834 sqm estate at Killymoon Drive fetched $4 million in October when it sold to a Chinese buyer. This Hope Island residence at 1063-1064 Killymoon Drive sold for $4 million. Inside the Roman-inspired home at 1063-1064 Killymoon Drive, Hope Island.Top five reported home sales in Hope Island in 2019 Address Sale price1. 1063-1064 Killymoon Drive $4m2. 8441 Magnolia Drive East $2.845m3. 3123 Riverleigh Drive $2.49m4. 7625 Fairway Boulevard $2.37m5. 2306 Belmont Court East $2.2m (Source: NEW FARM This apartment at 10/170 Bowen Tce, New Farm,The most searched suburb for buying a home in 2019 was New Farm, according to biggest sale in the suburb this year was the property at 39 Griffith Street, which sold under the hammer for $7.75 million in March.Another home that fetched a high price in New Farm in 2019 was an incredible apartment at 10/170 Bowen Terrace, which sold for $6 million in September.Ms Conisbee said New Farm home prices had declined over the past 12 months, but that was likely to turn around. “Typically, suburbs that see high views per listing go on to see better than average price growth,” she said. “New Farm has a lot of appeal.“It’s on the Brisbane River, close to the James Street retail precinct and Fortitude Valley, and there is a lot of diverse housing and great cafes and restaurants.”New Farm is one of Brisbane’s most expensive suburbs with a median house price of $1.5 million, according to CoreLogic. The view from the bathroom in the apartment at 10/170 Bowen Tce, New Farm.Top five reported home sales in New Farm in 2019 Address Sale price 1. 39 Griffith Street $7.75mMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus10 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market10 hours ago2. 10/170 Bowen Terrace $6m3. 10/81 Moray Street $5.52m4. 5/9 Griffith Street $4.766m5. 4/9 Griffith Street $4.6m(Source: ASCOT This home at 10 Morgan St, Ascot, became Brisbane’s most expensive rental property in 2019.The affluent, inner-city suburb made headlines early in the year when The Courier-Mail revealed a young Brisbane entrepreneur was forking out 13 times the average weekly rent to live in one of the city’s most lusted-after mega mansions.For the princely sum of $5500 a week, the house described as “the trophy home of the decade” is the most expensive rental ever achieved in the river city, according to the Residential Tenancies Authority.The ultra-private, luxury residence at 10 Morgan Street, Ascot, is built into the side of Bartley’s Hill and spans four levels, with more than 1470 sqm of living space.The home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, space for 10 cars and killer views.For $5500 a week, you also get a commercial grade marble kitchen, an infinity lap pool, oversized bar and entertaining area, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a private gym, shower and steam room, and an internal lift.Eadan Hockings of LivingHere, who leased the property, said his research also showed it was the highest rental price achieved for a residential home in Brisbane.“We’ve seen an influx of tenants with $4000 plus per week to spend as a result of this landmark rental,” Mr Hockings said.“We’re dealing with a lot of people who, if they can’t find a place to buy, are often happy to put down up to $250,000 a year in rent.” The city views from the house at 10 Morgan St, Ascot.Brisbane couple Francisco and Rebecca Smout have lived in Ascot for the past five years and have seen the suburb change and grow in appeal.“When we moved in, we noticed it was quite an older suburb, but in the last five years, a lot more young couples have moved to the area,” Mr Smout said.“We just feel it is gentrifying. There are some really good spots opening up and … the new Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade is fantastic.”The couple is renovating a house and in the process of building a new one next to it on a block they subdivided in Abbott Street.“We can see ourselves here for a long time to come,” Mr Smout said. Francisco and Rebecca Smout with daughter Annabelle, 1, at their development site in Abbott St, Ascot. Photographer: Liam Kidston.Top five reported home sales in Ascot in 2019 Address Sale price1. 38 Charlton Street $4.2m2. 50 Massey Street $3.3m3. 4 Sutherland Avenue $3.2m4. 19 Upper Lancaster Road $3.075m5. 133 Yabba Street $3.05m (Source: and CoreLogic)9. PARADISE POINT The bathroom in the home at 37-39 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign Islands, is beyond decadent.A Sovereign Islands mansion sold for a whopping $11 million in September, making it the highest residential sale on the Gold Coast this year.The sprawling residence at 37-39 Brittanic Crescent, in the affluent gated community within Paradise Point, knocked a Main Beach penthouse, which sold for $8.25 million in February, out of the top spot.The deal was inked before the property even had a chance to hit the market.Amir Prestige Property Agents’ Ivy Wu, who handled the sale with Isaac Kim, knew the buyers and that they would be interested in the property so she approached them before it was listed.The residence is the epitome of opulence with soaring ceilings, feature lighting and luxury detailed finishes throughout.It has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms while a ‘Gold Lounge’ cinema room, wet bar and outdoor entertainment pavilion with pool are among its highlights.Ms Wu said she had never seen the Gold Coast’s high end luxury market so active in 2019, with many local, interstate and overseas house hunters looking to upgrade their current luxury residences. This house at 37-39 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign Islands, sold for $11m.Top five reported home sales in Paradise Point in 2019 Address Sale price 1. 37-39 Brittanic Crescent $11m2. Beach House 24 Ephraim Island $3.8m3. 40-42 Peninsula $3.33m4. 26702 Ephraim Island $2.25m5. 23 Dobell Avenue $2.25m6. 26701/2 Ephraim Island Parade $2.165m(Source: WINDSOR This house at 30 Constitution St, Windsor, was the biggest reported sale in the suburb this year.The inner-north Brisbane suburb of Windsor experienced the highest median price growth in the past 12 months.The suburb’s median house price has climbed 19.14 per cent so far in 2019 to sit at $905,500, according to biggest reported sale of the year was a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house on Constitution Road for $2.95 million, according to Conisbee said Windsor was “an incredibly popular suburb on” and one that would often have the highest views per listing on the site. “This is now flowing through to price growth,” she said. “The suburb has a high level of appeal. “It is close to the city and a large number of Queenslanders. This housing type is particularly popular.”The median house price in Windsor is $902,750, according to CoreLogic. This Windsor home sold for $2.95 million in 2019.Top five reported home sales in Windsor in 2019 Address Sale price1. 30 Constitution Road $2.95m 2. 12 Rupert Street $2.385m3. 61 Constitution Road 2.375m4. 38 Palmer Street 2.23m5. 39 Bush Street $1.9m(Source: Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 1:09Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -1:09 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD540p540p360p360p270p270pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. 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Iloilo City gov’t puts unruly drivers, pedestrians on notice

first_imgAfter the Diversion Road, next to bemade a “traffic discipline zone” is McArthur Drive from Barangay Tabuc Suba,Jaro district to Barangay Balantang. But in October 2017 Mabilog wasdismissed from the service by the Office of the Ombudsman for unexplainedwealth. Then vice mayor Espinosa who assumed Mabilog’s post put the project onhold. ILOILO City – There is no dearth ofnational laws and local ordinances regulating traffic. The pandemonium on thecity’s streets, the congestion and accidents here are mostly caused byundisciplined drivers and pedestrians not following traffic rules and regulations,according to the city government. Conlu said these included the speedlimit ordinance, the ordinance against modified mufflers, points where to loadand unload passengers, the law on the use of helmets and other body protectivegears by motorcycle riders and the maximum number of back riders allowed, thelaw on the use of seatbelts, the law on the non-use of cellphones while drivingand clearing of windshields from gadgets that directly distract the driver’sline of sight, among others. As proposed by Mabilog, the firstphase of the ITS would be on the Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. Avenue because thishighway is prone to vehicular accidents due to overspeeding drivers. City hall is thus implementing this montha new scheme aimed at disciplining drivers and pedestrians, although narrow inscope for the time being. Mabilog thought of having an ITS forthe city to address traffic congestion, stop illegal parking and curb recklessdriving that mostly result to vehicular accidents. What are the traffic rules andregulations to be fully imposed? He said an ITS would discouragedrivers from disregarding traffic rules and regulations, and it would also helplaw enforcers to easily identify and catch violators. Phase II would be on the coastal road,Phase III on the McArthur Highway Drive going to the municipality of Leganes,Iloilo and Phase IV on the Circumferential Road going to Oton, Iloilo./PN In January 2017 Mabilog formed atechnical working group and the city government allotted P25 million for thesystem. “Angwala gatabok sa pedestrianlane…tudloan man naton kondiin dapat insakto magsakay,” he said. Like the Diversion Road, McArthurDrive is also “problemado pirmi satraffic because of lack of discipline,” he explained. An ITS involves the use ofclosed-circuit television cameras capable of determining the speed of vehicles(if they are overspeeding) and of recording them. It would also entail theestablishment of a command/monitoring center.center_img The mayor previously said he would pushthrough with the intelligent traffic system (ITS) that former mayor Jed PatrickMabilog proposed in 2017. Treñas also said gianttelecommunications company Philippine Long Distance Telephone offered toestablish a traffic command center with closed circuit television cameras onthe Diversion Road for the monitoring of vehicles. Going ahead with the ITS without acomprehensive study on the city’s traffic situation would not be an intelligentmove, explained Espinosa. “I want this scheme initially tried onthe Diversion Road para mapakita ngapwede maobra ini,” said Treñas. “Gustoni Mayor (Jerry) Treñas ma-start na kita this January,” said Conlu. The Philippine National Police (PNP),Highway Patrol Group (HPG) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be helpingthe PSTMO enforce this new scheme. Conlu said law enforcers wound bearmed with, among others, breath analyzers to catch those driving while underthe influence of alcohol and speed guns to catch drivers who are exceeding thespeed limit. All traffic rules and regulations(national and local) will be strictly enforced on the avenue round the clock. DISCIPLINE ZONE. The 14-kilometer Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. Avenue (Diversion Road) in Mandurriao district is the pilot area for the Iloilo City government’s Traffic Discipline Zone, a scheme that aims to restore order on the city’s streets by enforcing national and local traffic rules and regulations without fear or favor. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN It was unclear, though, if Espinosaordered a comprehensive study right after suspending his predecessor’s project. In the first few days or weeks,however, the PSTMO and its partners would focus more on informationdissemination on the Traffic Discipline Zone scheme. There will be noapprehensions but traffic laws and regulations would be strictly enforced,stressed Conlu. The 14-kilometer Sen. Benigno AquinoJr. Avenue (Diversion Road) in Mandurriao district will be made a “TrafficDiscipline Zone”, according to the city government’s Public Safety andTransportation Management Office (PSTMO) head Jeck Conlu.last_img read more

Rev. Kenneth Earl “Kenny” Miller

first_imgRev. Kenneth Earl “Kenny” Miller, age 72, of Vevay, Indiana, entered this life on January 31, 1945, in Milan, Indiana, the son of the late, Arnold Wilbur and Gladys Mary (Lindsay) Miller. He was a 1963 graduate of the Vevay High School. Kenny was united in marriage on July 26, 1963, at the residence of Roy and Agnes Wolf, to Carolyn J. Reed and to this union arrived two sons, Scott and Steve to bless their home. Kenny and Carolyn shared nearly 54 years of marriage together until his death. He farmed the family farm in Pleasant, Indiana, where he raised his sons, drove a school bus for years, and eventually helped form the church now called, Vevay Assembly in Vevay, Indiana. Kenny pastored for the Vevay Assembly Church for 35 years before retiring in 2011. Kenny resided in the Switzerland County community his entire life. He enjoyed going to AJ’S Diner in Vevay, Indiana and spending time with his family and friends. Kenny went to be with his Lord and Savior with his loving family by his side at 6:45 pm, Tuesday, March 7, 2017, at his residence in Vevay, Indiana.Kenny will be deeply missed by his loving wife of nearly 54 years: Carolyn J. (Reed) Miller of Vevay, IN; his sons: Scott Miller and his wife: Jennifer of Pleasant, IN and Steve Miller and his wife: Melody of Kasilof, AK; his grandchildren: Nicholle (David) Davanzati of Prospect, KY, Jacob (Deborah) Miller of Clarksville, IN, Caitlin (Vaughn Ashby) Miller of Louisville, KY, Brittany Miller of Louisville, KY, Kelsey Miller of Pleasant, IN, Judd, Ian, Gus and Luke Miller of Kasilof, AK; his great-grandchildren: Noah and Kyle Sedam, Aubrey Miller, Kyndell Furnish, Vaughn Ashby, Kingston and Malakiah Miller, Alex Davanzati and Caroline Miller; his sister: Carolyn Griffin of Pleasant, IN; his sisters-in-law: Tootie Leap and her husband: John of Vevay, IN and Pam Reed of Bennington Pike, IN; his brother-in-law: Davy Reed of Lake Geneva, IN and his nieces and nephews.He was preceded in death by his parents: Arnold Wilbur and Gladys Mary (Lindsay) Miller; his sister: Marilyn Morgan; his brothers-in-law: Pastor Robert Morgan and Dean Griffin and his father-in-law and mother-in-law: David and Becky Reed.A Celebration of Kenny’s Life will be held on Sunday, March 12, 2017, at 2:00 pm, by Bro. G.B. Turner, at the Vevay Assembly, 721 Main Street, Vevay, Indiana 47043.Friends may visit from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Sunday, March 12, 2017, at the Vevay Assembly, 721 Main Street, Vevay, Indiana 47043.In lieu of flowers the family request memorial contributions may be made to the Vevay Assembly Building Fund. Cards are available at the funeral home.last_img read more

Adebayor defends Spurs absence

first_img Adebayor claims the TFF left him and his team-mates stranded in a hotel in South Africa for four days while they tried to fly to Togo to meet the country’s president, who wanted to see them after their historic progression to the quarter-finals. Adebayor says they arrived in Togo on Friday morning, which meant he could only return to London later that day when Spurs chartered a private jet to get him back to England. “I read about (criticism), but, I was just trying to help my team-mates in the national team,” Adebayor said following Thursday night’s 1-1 draw in Lyon. “We went out on the Sunday, then we tried to find a plane to go to Togo to see the family and the president. “It took us four days to get a plane. On Thursday I had to call the president (Faure Gnassingbe) to tell him we had to leave South Africa. He told us to get to the airport at 4pm. We did, and we ended up staying at the airport for more than 10, 12 hours. “That’s not my fault, I couldn’t do anything. I can’t just put something on my body and fly from South Africa to London. I couldn’t just abandon my team. We went to the quarter-finals of African Nations Cup, which was historical for my country. “I could not just jump on a plane and come back to Tottenham, because the president of the country wanted to see us and congratulate us. I am the captain so I have to be there. So that’s what I did. Then I got the flight the club sent to me.” Adebayor has often lashed out at the TFF over what he sees as an unprofessional approach to organising a national football team. He was so worried that the federation would not organise sufficient security around the team in South Africa that he feared there could be a repeat of the deadly gun attack on the team in Angola three years ago. Things have not gone smoothly for Adebayor at club level this year either as he has scored just three times this season, leading to questions over his commitment. However, Adebayor said: “I’ve seen people dying in front of me. I’ve seen people with guns so I take 30,000 people abusing me as a joke. I get a tough time but I have to keep going because I could have been worse.” Emmanuel Adebayor insists poor organisation by the Togo Football Federation, and not his own laziness, was the reason behind his late return to Tottenham following the African Nations Cup. Togo were eliminated on February 3, but despite the fact that he was Tottenham’s only fit striker, Adebayor did not land back in England until five days later – less than 24 hours before the club’s crucial Barclays Premier League game against Newcastle. Adebayor on Thursday night lifted the lid on the events of a bizarre week which saw him stranded in Africa thanks to what he claims was a lack of organisation on the part of the federation – something that has riled the former Arsenal striker in the past. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more