Taobao guest single page site optimization of dragon and Phoenix four ways of Shanghai

many people now building Taobao guest website on the page, there will be a lot of a beautiful picture, but these pictures are useless, because the higher picture quality, it will cause the speed of the open web site is slow, but also not conducive to the user to browse the content of your website, also need to use the scroll bar to scroll down a drop to be able to see the specific content, even if you think the picture is wonderful, but the hearts of one hundred people have one hundred different Hamlett, the picture of the effect is still very poor! More critical is the home of the super large picture will seriously affect the search engine recognition so! Such sites are often flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum model! read more

Resource sharing website has no future

in fact everyone in the film is a non-profit organization of hundred-percent. Isolated in June 1, 2006 from the YYYYeTs subtitle group, formally established the independent forum, and attract fans to join, after years of development, the formation of the yyets. The network virtual non-profit organization the organization consists of a group of super fans, only interests and hobbies together in the network cooperation and sharing, free translation subtitles. It is also because of their efforts, so many people are able to have the opportunity to appreciate and understand the American TV drama. Unfortunately, even non-profit can not meet the conditions of protection for intellectual property rights. read more

To the end of the Shanghai dragon practitioners

the above two points are mentioned in the two end of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, after all is the competition destroyed the spiritual pillar of the original building, then our twilight city in which


: the industry

: a

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are established according to the logic of thinking began combat operations, but we can reverse the operation, using our hands accumulated resources to develop our own field, for example, we want to do a pure or help with a web site or a platform to help for some users, providing information access and interpretation of knowledge, not consider the interests of the gains and losses. I want to do as long as you have the idea of Wikipedia and the ability, then you are the next Wikipedia, one had to let us with. read more

Zhang Qing from the point of the importance of the five key words


today and we explore the importance of keyword research, choose good keywords, and keywords to do the optimization, in order to bring potential users access to your site.

second, keyword research can make your information is always on the Internet;

English originated from "Keywords", especially in the production of single media indexes, the use of vocabulary. Is the vocabulary of Library science. Keyword search is one of the main methods of web search index, the specific name is hope visitors to understand the product or service or companies and other terms. If you want to make your website a success, IP to the number of words, keyword research is one of the most urgent need to master the skills. Keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to do first is to optimize the study on you. read more

Four basic principles of website advertisingLinktech cnave lead member shopping straight cut 5 yuan

  dear Union member:


new membership reward, union members in accordance with the net sales divided into proportion unchanged.

read more

Zhang Huiqiang the nternet new people learn network marketing must not know six more

With the rapid development of

Chinese e-commerce in recent years, the network marketing as an emerging industry has become very hot, more and more enterprises and individuals want to use network marketing to make money, have begun to research and study of network marketing, especially many comrades started, it is like hunger and thirst to learn. So, as a new person, how can we learn online marketing well, then, Zhang Huiqiang will share with you, learn network marketing can not know more than six, I hope all of you will help. read more

Dry sharing micro marketing one micro-blog marketing

we do network marketing planning, of course, micro-blog marketing is also one of our main business. We have been adhering to the principle of "no experience, no right to speak", sharing our most dry network marketing experience. The goal is three: 1, not to let more enterprises are more so-called "experts" flicker of the round and round. 2, let enterprises or will soon want to use micro-blog to do marketing enterprise, rational view of micro-blog marketing. 3, we hope that our sharing will make you feel valuable and apply your thoughts to your work. We don’t talk much, we go straight to the point. read more

Building site notes – domain name space considerations

whatever I do, I advocate interest, because interest is our best teacher and partner.

to say website, to tell the truth, I did not want to dare to think before, feel that it must be very advanced knowledge, and now slowly down the road, and found that the site is actually not as difficult as we imagined.

now we began to talk about how to build websites, the content of the website I do is my hobby, it is certain that the first step, we want to make sure that we have to do is what type of website website. I am fond of literature, so I do is literature website in the first, we still have to do their own websites marks a symbolic, as large as the website, although we just started now, is a small website, but if we stick to it, after a few years he will be like this? So we do from the long-term interests to consider, I is the symbol of Chinese parasol tree, do classic modern poetry (, but also to do in Internet to see how much you do these competitors, how to judge our competitors can be considered from the title of the website, if there is keywords multiple titles, and is the top level domain, it shows that this kind of theme website of a lot of people are doing, the competition in contrast is big! Secondly, we can determine the domain name The length of time of registration, generally speaking, domain name registration of the site, the site of the power is higher than the new station. read more

Dry sharing a grassroots webmaster clothing forum, making money experience

some time ago I had at home owners, A5 and Lu Songsong blog published an article entitled "I sold a record twenty thousand pieces of garbage station story", in general about how I put his toy car to sell website experience, in the query chain when inadvertently found an article for this paper reviews the netizen ID called "magentoon", is probably to do fashion forum, write very long, hundreds of words, really made me overwhelmed by an unexpected favour thanks.

the users with their own clothing forum experience for my article to do a detailed comment, he introduced some forum profit operation skills and drawbacks of using QQ group import traffic, said good, really is, many places make me feel inferior, personally feel that his comments than I write to the original "" if you can dry cargo, as soon as possible to the friends advice, I would not go to those detours. read more

Where is the future of the QQ space resource station

saw a strong attack figure wangdage "! 3 million acquisition of QQ non mainstream sites, many webmaster will feel QQ space station good day arrived, I have begun to do the webmaster friends around the space station QQ. But did it really arrive,


I am a line near the small webmaster, also for the theme positioning website but worried, now the station is a chance, a friend to a space station program, made a few days to be traffic or have been hovering in the 100. Now with their own feelings and experience tell you webmaster, space station how difficult to develop?. read more