What should we do after we add it to our website

for the novice, a website is included, very fortunately, my little game site www.pipiflash.com, after 2 weeks was Baidu included, but after included, we should do what? Everything in the game on their website to do the analysis to sum up:

first site included is only the beginning, ranked is pondering over the keyword website, keywords and then pondering the whole site layout is reasonable, do not know if I can go to the game site www.pipiflash.com to see how I arranged keyword.

, a key layout is the overall structure of the site, and the site included, we should do, but feel quite important is very complex, attention should be paid too much for too much to suggest you to look at the data, the best is to look at the original English, a piece of Chinese now SEO is still in the grass, and when everyone translation have some personal understanding, so a lot of the translation are somewhat different, is to understand. I’m advocating practice theory. That kind of thing needs to be understood, read more

The monthly income of 5000 yuan, the game master

occasionally listen to friends say there is a small game station to do very well, the monthly income remained at more than 5000 yuan. This is out of my surprise, I have always been not optimistic about the small game station. A set of procedures, a space station capable of acquisition point FLASH games may make a profit of 1000 yuan are quite good in my eye. So I decided to ask him to talk about and the webmaster, earning 5000 password in the end is what.

I can’t wait for my friend to come. QQ, the webmaster of this small game station, calls his name "red wine life"". Very ordinary, but by a luxury, I want a monthly income of 5000 of the owners living a little generous is also normal. When I added him, he just wasn’t online. I left him a message, hoping to have time to interview him, and finally we contacted him that night. He is a very good webmaster, the language is very simple. When I asked him about his experience in the station, he told me generously of the way he had done this little game station. read more

See traffic antecedents, analysis source, website user stickiness

July 27th morning my independent blog www.muchangqing.com officially launched, I deliberately wrote a soft Wen promotion to publish articles in my place, blogging is placed at the bottom of the 51LA, martial arts list, YAHOO statistics code, is to analyze their own independent blog the first day of the traffic situation, look at the site from which to myself blog traffic most, the highest conversion rate of PV. Before the third party blog, the most depressing is that there is no good flow source statistics, now has its own independent blog, and finally solved the problem. read more

What kind of Internet operation thinking can drive the user to consume

I ask, and now reading friends? Xiao Bian now basically did not read the book, even a year are not necessarily used several times, only occasionally post signature.

not only sigh to change the Internet on our lives is too big, now go out without my wallet, Alipay and WeChat all fix, also eliminates the need for a change. Internet in changing our spending habits, but also change the webmaster website operation thinking.

take marketing type website, many webmaster pay attention to or search engine, in order to website ranking, the method without any of its extremely. As a matter of fact, what did you do first? Have you considered the conversion rate? Not familiar with the user’s spending habits, even if it leads to more user traffic, turnover is also very small. read more

Zhang Huiqiang the Internet new people learn network marketing must not know six more

With the rapid development of

Chinese e-commerce in recent years, the network marketing as an emerging industry has become very hot, more and more enterprises and individuals want to use network marketing to make money, have begun to research and study of network marketing, especially many comrades started, it is like hunger and thirst to learn. So, as a new person, how can we learn online marketing well, then, Zhang Huiqiang will share with you, learn network marketing can not know more than six, I hope all of you will help. read more

SEO optimization keywords discussion

SEO optimization has to mention is keyword optimization, each webmaster to SEO optimization have different views, but no one will leave the topic of keyword, this is also the webmaster’s differences. Everyone into the Internet industry is different, perhaps after reading some of the experience of others, filled with blood joined the ranks of SEO. And their failures tell us not to do SEO for three minutes. Many SEOER in the new line will have the same trouble, no matter how hard, their keywords ranking is not go, even if ranking up, also can’t get traffic from here. Now I’d like to say something about SEO. read more

Why write the benefits of original articles

is all good flavor of the original, the webmaster of fragrant steamed bun, today the old Xie old why have some original content.

1. search engines like original content. Original things can bring more search traffic, a good quality original content is likely to be selected by Baidu seed, the flow can be imagined.

2. netizens like to spread new things. The fact is that even the highly rated classics, traditional art, are still very few. Unless there are new ideas, new forms come out. For example, remake film and television, such as "Red Chamber" draft. This gives us an attribute of originality and must be innovative. read more

Some laws of doing websites

1.250’s law

Ladd said: "after every customer, there are roughly 250 friends and family.". If you win a customer’s favor, it means winning 250 people’s favor; on the other hand, if you offend a customer, it means offending 250 customers.  :  , in your website visitor, a visitor may bring a group of visitors, any website has the beginning and the development process, in this process, this law is especially important.

2.’s law of

Davido believes that an enterprise in order to always occupy the dominant position in the market, then it is necessary to do the first to develop new products, and the first to eliminate their old products.     domestic websites to follow suit too serious, for example, some time ago the lattice, begging, bokee.com, a successful, everyone swarmed. But the actual effect is that the first well-known is often the most successful, so in the positioning of the site, it is necessary to move their own brains, not to pick up the remaining customers. Similarly, it’s bad to buy data to sell. read more

Specialty snack shop Daquan can not be missed

now has a lot of young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial vision on the characteristics of snacks above, there are a lot of people want to open their own specialty snack bar, then what is the good way? To look at the small series recommended.

now special snack popular throughout the city, there are a lot of people have wanted to open special snack shop, but a special snack shop what skills?

A, open investment limited

holds 50 thousand, investment projects are limited, take my snacks, I can rent is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best place to rely on the city near the farmers market. The rent is best to pay a month or three months to pay! read more

Website management, skills, website management methods summary

has entered the website construction and operation for some time, and it feels very deep. In the network owners inside the writing is not much, you may to me is not familiar with, a brief introduction of myself! My name is Wang Xiaoping, is Chinese. Wang www.mazz.com.cn grassroots webmaster, and many webmaster like in this huge fight a lone battle Internet market, but also in other identity I Oh! A mobile Internet Co manager, ha ha! Although the job is not very high, but we are a step up from the grassroots, everyone should support Oh! I always take with me the combination of site management in the daily management team, discovered that there are a lot of similarities, so today is waving the pen to blunt share. Writing is not good, we all corrected Oh, read more

The survival of the site navigation network (1)

in fact, before doing this kind of website, I’ve done a lot of that can bring a large traffic sites, such as movies, novels, forums, but always because of personal problems of energy and give up, later found that for most personal webmaster, do a CMS kind the website is really not easy, new things and less content is pseudo original, really not worth collecting. Before some do SEO is awesome friends, tell me his website, some of the main keywords in Baidu’s ranking remained at home, then I looked at the site, to tell the truth, even if it is this website ranking, but it is difficult to increase the PV value of the site, the basic way of using the title of the party a lot of content, visible value is also very low. read more

Wang Yunfei investment soup Mala what conditions need to be met

would like to say that the food and beverage industry has to be in China, China’s food and beverage market prospects unlimited, large population base, the natural population is not down. First of all, a large population need to solve the problem of food and clothing. At present, in China to do a restaurant, is a happy thing. For many entrepreneurs, choose the threshold is low, the risk of small food items for entrepreneurs is the best choice of the original capital accumulation, while Wang Yunfei soup Mala is undoubtedly the most respected entrepreneurs and preferred petty projects. read more

Dry sharing micro marketing one micro-blog marketing

we do network marketing planning, of course, micro-blog marketing is also one of our main business. We have been adhering to the principle of "no experience, no right to speak", sharing our most dry network marketing experience. The goal is three: 1, not to let more enterprises are more so-called "experts" flicker of the round and round. 2, let enterprises or will soon want to use micro-blog to do marketing enterprise, rational view of micro-blog marketing. 3, we hope that our sharing will make you feel valuable and apply your thoughts to your work. We don’t talk much, we go straight to the point. read more

Inventory of college students return to rural entrepreneurship three financing channels

for the intention of college students is facing the pressure of city life growing, may choose to back home business, the use of innovative technology and innovation mode of investment in agricultural production and sales business, home building.

in agriculture has become the stage of college students entrepreneurial path. Because they are most familiar with the policy, the most economic development ideas, the most interested in new technologies. Compared to the return of migrant workers and the village of capable people, they are educated, rational thinking, is an important backbone of the new rural construction. A large part of them are cherished personal ideals, want to achieve their aspirations in the vast countryside of the world, both to help change the backward situation in rural areas, but also to achieve personal value in the business officer. read more

Do you really know about users They can’t change our products

a while ago on the Internet to see an article "fire" on the downgrade, told us to do Internet products do not put myself too high, there will be good prospects sometimes do some seemingly not what low technological content of products. Recently, several veteran PM on micro-blog have also lamented that they sometimes have difficulty catching user needs. I also want to own the product looks longer, more distant from the user, we are in the process of product design, is likely to fall into the error of self expansion, although from a professional perspective, the height of the product is high, the product has a lot of ideas such as personnel, but the product came out, users but do not use, and not to the real needs of users. This National Day home, some friends and relatives to contact home, by the way also understand some of what he used to access the Internet and software installed in his computer, here I put myself down in the national day some thoughts and experiences at home to share with you. read more

A website, a dream, a dream need to persist

I was born in Jiangsu, Changzhou, a beautiful two or three line fashion city. I feel different from other children when I was young. People like to play games on the Internet, but I like the mess of website attack and website making…. Because at that time, I do not know, what blog, what is space, what SNS, even at that time of the QQ, but also feel good mystery, good fun.

real contact website, should be the beginning of a NetEase 163 blog, and QQ space; at that time I particularly obsessed with the QQ space, what images, FLASH animation, hope oneself and others out of the ordinary! So often think: the flashing pictures of what made the copyright text at the bottom? To get rid of it! Is this time from the start, what the "web Three Musketeers" know, but so far, still do not understand. The first contact to the virtual host: at that time I still use the self-service system, because of the feeling of DIY, fool type background let me become more familiar with the origin of the website was born; but because of various functions and layout constraints, so that my rebellion is more and more serious, so I do not like this kind of frame type website. Then when I saw on the website of IDC space business selling virtual host, I am slowly trying to do their own website, just remember only know that in the space WEB/wwwroot file directory decentralization Index, HTM files, web site can be opened! At that time, I feel very excited at that time. To start, according to their own ideas, try to modify the Index file, HTM, to express themselves through the software in the Index, HTM documents show, in this way, a pure static site appeared, and I know there is a software called Dreamweaver read more

Building site notes – domain name space considerations

whatever I do, I advocate interest, because interest is our best teacher and partner.

to say website, to tell the truth, I did not want to dare to think before, feel that it must be very advanced knowledge, and now slowly down the road, and found that the site is actually not as difficult as we imagined.

now we began to talk about how to build websites, the content of the website I do is my hobby, it is certain that the first step, we want to make sure that we have to do is what type of website website. I am fond of literature, so I do is literature website in the first, we still have to do their own websites marks a symbolic, as large as the website, although we just started now, is a small website, but if we stick to it, after a few years he will be like this? So we do from the long-term interests to consider, I is the symbol of Chinese parasol tree, do classic modern poetry (www.80wts.cn), but also to do in Internet to see how much you do these competitors, how to judge our competitors can be considered from the title of the website, if there is keywords multiple titles, and is the top level domain, it shows that this kind of theme website of a lot of people are doing, the competition in contrast is big! Secondly, we can determine the domain name The length of time of registration, generally speaking, domain name registration of the site, the site of the power is higher than the new station. read more

How will cattle break the bureau

the pattern of China’s online travel market is restructuring. Lasted for more than 10 years, Ctrip, eLong two world pattern has been let in Ctrip, where two hegemony, the hotel started, the latter with the entry ticket booking, the two relatively high degree of standardization of products, the way cattle from the tour with the group the non standardization of tourism products and to cut Chinese Tour online booking platform. The identity of the NASDAQ capital market.

from the establishment to the listing, the way cattle go eight years. After the listing, with the concept of tourism sale of "vip.com", the way cattle stock rose in just 4 months of 70%, the market value has exceeded ten years listed elong, become online travel companies China third big market, but the way cattle through high investment to pull into the high growth mode as well as the has brought huge losses in the second quarter of this year, the loss of up to 113 million 600 thousand yuan. read more

Dry sharing a grassroots webmaster clothing forum, making money experience

some time ago I had at home owners, A5 and Lu Songsong blog published an article entitled "I sold a record twenty thousand pieces of garbage station story", in general about how I put his toy car to sell website experience, in the query chain when inadvertently found an article for this paper reviews the netizen ID called "magentoon", is probably to do fashion forum, write very long, hundreds of words, really made me overwhelmed by an unexpected favour thanks.

the users with their own clothing forum experience for my article to do a detailed comment, he introduced some forum profit operation skills and drawbacks of using QQ group import traffic, said good, really is, many places make me feel inferior, personally feel that his comments than I write to the original "" if you can dry cargo, as soon as possible to the friends advice, I would not go to those detours. read more

Affordable is the hard truth, common webmaster server Buying Guide

in recent years, the number of personal webmasters on the Internet has risen exponentially, which has prompted the major IDC to actively introduce various hosting and sharing space services. Compared with only a small website, on the WEB space with low demand webmaster, virtual host is the best choice for them, after all, the website does not have income or income to buy space is very small, they pay more attention to the price factor, but the space capacity is not too high to also can not choose a direct result of their flat-share or alone in a rented server. For some of the higher requirements for the server space, but also on the price of certain requirements, or do BBS type site owners, the shared space is their best choice. Independent servers are essential for webmasters who are large personal websites or forums. The following I give you specific analysis of what kind of website should choose what kind of server. read more