Join the team in the 4 essential tea

is a brand to be successful cannot do without a team of hard work and hard work, a good team is the successful guarantee for a tea franchise brand, team building occupies an irreplaceable position in the development of enterprises. How to build an excellent team has become an important issue in the development of each tea brand. So, how to build a good team, what conditions must have


tea to join 4 essential team:

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What are the successful means to promote entrepreneurship shop

to do a good job in the promotion of the shop, it will naturally make more consumers familiar with the store, and then let the store’s business has become more prosperous. So, if you want to set up shop, naturally need to grasp more effective means of promotion. So, what are the successful business promotion means?

sales of a leather sofa store, sofa sales will be included in the annual home maintenance. Such an approach in the provision of maintenance at the same time, can promote the exchange with the customer, so that customers turn to other customers, or buy a new house, the two consumption. read more

Tibetan mastiff downtown injured 12 people were killed by police looking for the owner of the dog

last week, a Tibetan Mastiff in downtown Shaanxi, Tongchuan injured 12 people, and then rushed to the police rushed to the 7 gun, the Tibetan mastiff killed. One of the injured was seriously injured. Police are still looking for the owner of the dog.

1 at 6 am on the morning of 8, in the Tongchuan District, Changhong Road, Yuen Village, after a few shots, a Tibetan mastiff fell to the ground. Not long ago, the Tibetan Mastiff in the downtown area after another bite 12 people, one of the more serious injuries of a girl aged 13. At present, the police are looking for the owner of the Tibetan mastiff. read more

On the importance of interpersonal relationship in the process of entrepreneurship

success does not depend on the strength of the individual, in the course of business, people always look for outside help, in fact the interpersonal relationship in the entrepreneurial process plays an important role, do not ignore the important role of interpersonal relationship.

One of the important factors of

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How to choose the coffee chain brand

now, coffee is becoming a lot of young people’s fashion consumption, leisure consumption in the mainstream market economy, to join the chain of coffee shops is a good business opportunities. So, how to choose a long-term development of entrepreneurs, reliable brand?

The first step to join the

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Quit entrepreneurship part-time platform to get 5 million angel investment

graduated from the university to start a business, to the school business, and then to drop out of business, the entrepreneurial path of college students in a step forward. Two college students in Huizhou when students are still studying, they began to venture, has now been angel investment, the official start of the road.

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Zero risk project does not exist to choose carefully

a lot of investors heard that the project is zero risk, they believe, not hesitate to invest, but in this world and how there may be zero risk of the project? The results can be imagined, either cheated, or their hard work in the struggle.

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Run man take you on the phone around the world store

Baidu map panorama function so that people do not go out to contact the real world, now an innovative APP software can let people who love to shop in the mobile phone on the store around the world, want to go to what point which is so magical!

offline store "move" online

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How should investors recommend entrepreneurs to choose

to become a successful entrepreneur, my road is far away, and you? In this spring, I participated in the accelerator parade, entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue of how to deal with the views of investors or guidance. They do not know how to respond to the feedback of the parties to the venture.

the behavior of investors metaphor for the "waving pointer (mentor/investor  whiplash), as an entrepreneur you should be ready to whip. Inexperienced often all kinds of advice to get a headache, if not handled properly, will waste a lot of time, money and human resources, more terrible is likely lost confidence to realize the dream.

1. Make a table, the previous meetings and opinions will be all included in. Which information should be recorded, including which advice from which. In order to facilitate the analysis, you should also classify these feedbacks. And then analyze the information from time to time, if there are a number of issues mentioned in the number and the number is significantly higher than the other, then this is a concern.

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You need to know about this

is now very hot food and beverage industry, many people want to invest in the food and beverage industry, but not all food and beverage items are suitable for you, so if you want to do the catering industry, we must first understand the industry. So, what is the current situation of the catering industry? Let’s take a look.

1, the current dining into the Chinese style regression

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