Dyke not surprised by Edwin showing

first_imgGoing into the Gibson McCook Relays last Saturday inside the National Stadium, it was odds on for national high school female champions, Edwin Allen, to dominate the day’s proceedings and were favoured to win at least five of the relays. However, with Hydel coming to the party, making up for their average performance at the Milo Western Relays, and Holmwood doing well, it was very competitive among the girls. The Michael Dyke-coached Edwin Allen team was only able to win three events – the 4x100m for Classes One and Three, and the Open 4x800m. It was quality performances from the team, however, as there were two records, the 4x100m Class Three in 44.91 seconds and the 4x800m in 8:47.71. On both occasions, the records removed were held by Holmwood Technical. Despite not winning the expected many events, Dyke was very pleased with the team’s showing, especially their Class Three quartet of Saleica Myles, Kavona Davis, Lisandra Brown and Shanique Rowe. They became the first Class Three team in history to go under 45 seconds. This was undoubtedly the most outstanding performance of the meet. Dyke said that he was not surprised by the fast time done by his team. “I’m not surprised that they ran that fast, because I have been impressed with them in training due to their cohesiveness and their execution. I knew that they were going to do something special,” Dyke said in an interview with The Gleaner minutes after the event. “Credit to all the girls, especially that blazing second leg by Davis, whose run played a significant role in the new time. Their passes were just flawless,” he continued. WORKING HARD Dyke said the girls had been working hard since their Class Four days. “Except for Myles, the other three have been together as a team since their Class Four days when the team dipped under 47 seconds at Champs two years ago. They know each other’s style well and this made it simple for them,” he said. Dyke said the performance by his young team made up for the mishap in Class Four. “My Class Four team was on target to do something special in their event, but there was a mishap between my second and third-leg runner, and they did not complete the race. I sympathise with them as they are young, but the Class Three girls made up for that disappointment,” he added. He continued that his team was on target to win another title at the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Championships this year. – R.G.last_img read more

Margibi Legislative Caucus Donates 250 PPEs to County Ebola Taskforce

first_imgThe Margibi County Legislative Caucus has donated 250 pieces of  Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to the County Ebola Taskforce,  valued at over US$11,000.Presenting the donated materials, the county caucus Chairman, James Emmanuel Nuquay, said the gesture is intended to help augment the ongoing fight against the Epidemic.The distribution of the items had been earlier  announced but there was some delay in the process of arrival, due to what he termed as the lack of direct transport of the materials to Liberia. The materials were procured from the United States of America.He said the materials would be a help to health workers and the people of Margibi.Even though the supply of the PPEs would appear to be low considering the  needs for more and for other medical equipment and drugs, Mr. Nuquay gave assurance that the caucus is lobbying with relevant actors both in government and elsewhere  to provide more medical equipment and drugs to the county health system.The donation was made recently in the conference hall of the Margibi County Superintendent, during a regular county taskforce meeting in Kakata.Receiving the donated items, the county task force head, Supt. John Buway, lauded the gesture and assured the caucus  that material given would be used for purpose intended.According to Supt. Buway, the materials will be handed over to the county health team.Mr. Buway said the construction of Ebola Treatment Center was ongoing and that Save the Children is initiating the construction exercise. He expected the work to be completed in the next one to two weeks.The construction of the treatment center is being carried out around the county’s 20 bed room guest house in the Gbofella community in Kakata. The 20 bed room guest house will also be used to host medical personnel that will be catering to the center.Commenting on the management of the center, Supt. Buway told the county caucus that the county needs financial and material support to enure that health workers and other technicians who will be assigned to the center are adequately catered for.Supt. Buway advanced that the government only referral hospital, C.H. Rennie, cannot operate without the Ebola Treatment Center.  For this reason, the hospital is not providing the needed medical services to citizens in the county.  Speaking further, the co-chair of the Margibi County Incident Management Team, Joseph Korhene, expressed his sincere gratitude to the county legislative caucus for the donations and assured them that the materials would be properly used for the intended purpose.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Deputy Mayor questions legitimacy of contracted companies

first_imgParking meter systems… Director assures validity, says company is internationalBy Devina Samaroo And Ramona LuthiEven after being told he has no right to speak on behalf of the Mayor and City Council, Deputy Mayor SherodDeputy Mayor Sherod DuncanDirector of NPS Kamau CushDuncan refused to be muzzled and is now raising some grave concerns over the legitimacy of the companies awarded with the multimillion-dollar contract to install parking meter systems across Georgetown.In a Facebook post on Saturday, Duncan disclosed that he was provided with little information by the National Parking Systems (NPS)/Smart City Solutions; the two companies contracted to execute the project in a joint venture.The Deputy Mayor is questioning the companies’ capacity to execute the scope of the project to be undertaken, given that he is without concrete evidence that these companies exist and have undertaken similar projects like they claimed to have done.With suspicions high, Duncan said he resorted to his own research on the companies, but nothing substantial was found.“In my research I have not found any company by the name ‘Smart City Solutions’ associated with parking meter systems, in any of the places the company is purporting to have done business like Panama,” Duncan highlighted.Research on one of the Directors of Smart City Solutions Simon Moshevilli also revealed nothing. “There is no evidence that such a company actually exists,” the Deputy Mayor stated.However, Duncan said research shows that a “Simon D Mosheshvili” is a Director of a company called ‘Movilot’ which operates in places like Panama and Haiti. Its website says, “Movilot is a leading “DBO” (Design-Build-Operate) Technology firm providing turnkey solutions to the mobile lottery and mobile gaming markets.”Movilot’s other products and services include “Street Vending and POS”. “The Movilot vending platform is a boon to existing street vendors and shops as it creates new income streams based on the commissions that can be earned on various services from lottery sales, to cash in – cash out, to airtime sales, and other services.”InconsistenciesDuring a recent interview with the Director of NPS Kamau Cush, many inconsistencies arose over the operations of Smart City Solutions.Cush, who is also a Director of Smart City Solutions, claimed it is headquartered in Mexico City and has been operating in most of Latin America, and South America, including Argentina, Lima, Peru, Panama and Mexico City.He boasted that the company has, for the past five years, operating and managing about 20,000 spaces in Mexico City.He also claimed that the company has been involved in parking meters consultancy in Chicago, USA.Later in the interview with this publication however, he disclosed that Smart City Solutions was specifically established for the purpose of installing parking meter systems in Guyana.“Smart City Solutions is a locally formed company, it’s a locally registered company, corporation. It was established specifically for this project, a special purpose vehicle,” he stated.The other company, NPS was established sometime in the 1900’s, according to Cush. He explained that a proposal for the parking meter system project was made since 1995, when Hamilton Green was Mayor.He said the proposal was accepted in 1996.“For the past 20 something years, the company has been in the bands, but it’s been around, it’s been in the bands, we work in collaboration with other companies… In the global scheme of things, companies merge and demerge and come together so that’s how we work,” he stated.However, Cush was unable to say why the proposal was never acted upon after all these years.“I’m not going to presume, this is how I respond to that question, and I’m not going to presume to get into the minds of decisionmakers of the time. As to why they didn’t sign off on it. Had they done that, we would not have been in a position that we’re in today in terms of our city being afflicted with filth and gridlock and over crowdedness and the type of dysfunction that one finds in other cities of the world where there is this shanty town mentality, but it wasn’t done but you know, given the fullness of time, I think you know, we now have a new Administration with the type of vision,” he stated.He explained that in 1994, he observed that the city of Georgetown was crowded and there was total chaos and that something needed to be done to address the situation.“So I went to new York and I placed a call to one of my colleagues and I said listen here, there is an opportunity here to install and operate parking meters in the city of Georgetown and I sat down and with them, we put our heads together and we came up with a proposal, and so in 1995 we submitted the proposal, and in 1996 it was approved. But I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I always seek out opportunities and figure out ways that I can add value to those opportunities and that’s precisely what I did here, I did then but unfortunately there was no buy in from the previous Administration,” he said.Cush explained that shortly after elections in May 2015, he resubmitted the proposal to the M&CC and it was accepted in November.Moreover, he said the two companies will be sourcing the parking meters from a company called Parkeon, a company based in France.last_img read more

Guyana to improve Sea Defence through Coastal Engineering Design Manual by EU

first_imgAs Guyana aims towards strengthening its sea and river defences, the European Union (EU) on MondayAmbassador Jernej Videtič presents the final copy of the document to Public Infrastructure Minister David Pattersonpresented the Ministry of Public Infrastructure with the final copy of the Guyana Sea and River Defences Manual which had been in the making since 2015.Additionally, the EU has doled out $2 billion in funding to the Government of Guyana to facilitate the development of strategic approaches to Sea and River Defence.The presentation was made during a ceremony at the Marriott Hotel where EU’s Ambassador Jernej Videti? handed over the cheque along with the copy of the document, the Government Information Agency (GINA) stated.Noting that Guyana and the EU has maintained a close relationship, especially as it relates to sea and river defences, Ambassador Videti? during his remarks pointed out that the country is susceptible to rising sea levels and coast erosion which needed to be addressed through a comprehensive and extensive approach.Further, he added that there is a dire need for the development of the country’s capacities so that fighting rising sea levels would become unproblematic. In this way, Guyana would be at a vantage point of adapting to its vulnerabilities, which in turn would reduce the effects of the issue along with climate change. Both these issues continue to be main concerns for the Government of Guyana which has been working towards reducing its impacts.The country was additionally commended for its strident work over the past two years which has aided in protecting the country from the aforementioned global concerns.“I am pleased to note that over the past two years, Guyana has shown marked progress in developing capacity for protecting itself from rising sea levels. A newly developed Coastal Engineering Design Manual sets the standards for designing sea and river defences specific to Guyana’s conditions.” Ambassador Videti? highlighted.Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson in his address expressed gratitude for the support shown by the EU in completing the documents alongside the technical staff of the Ministry. He said this document will serve as a blueprint for the way forward.The presentation of this document comes seven months after the Government and EU had partnered to finalise the document which had been undergoing extensive review and drafting. The draft document had been crafted in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Transport and Harbours Department; and the Central Housing and Planning Authority.This manual is anticipated to provide fitting and practical guidance for the implementation of methods and techniques for coastal engineering projects in Guyana.Some of the projects that have been catered for are: the prevention of the erosion of oceanic, estuarine, and recessed coasts; coastal flooding; and the heavy damage from wave attacks to valuable coastal commercial, urban, and tourist communities of Guyana.The document also underlines four areas: integrated planning for sea and river defence works in Guyana; the physical site conditions and data collection issues; and natural flood protection systems along Guyana’s oceanic coast and river banks; and their relevance to the shore zone management process.Meanwhile, the Government continues to make strides towards developing its capacity of protecting the country against rising sea levels which Guyana has fallen victim to as a result of being below sea level.Thus far, the Administration has been able to craft an Integrated Zone Management Process and is working on drafting a new Sector Policy and Strategy, both of which will aid the country in its defence of rising sea levels.According to GINA, Guyana and the EU are currently working to develop a Sea and River Defence programme. This will fall under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) which could see the country receiving more than $7 billion to support the sector.last_img read more

FBI crackdown on porn makers

first_imgAn FBI agent warned a roomful of pornographers Wednesday that the government will be checking up on them – and they vigorously applauded. Last summer, the FBI sent letters to a handful of porn producers asking them to come to Washington, D.C., to talk about more stringent enforcement of industry record-keeping. Known as “2257 compliance,” the laws require the adult entertainment business to keep detailed records on the names and ages of its performers. Though the porn industry, through its trade group and prominent figures, supports the spirit of the laws – keeping out performers under age 18 and penalizing companies that break the rule – it has vigorously fought them in court. The industry had dispatched lawyers and spokespeople to the nation’s capital to engage the bureau in conversation. And that discussion continued Wednesday, as Special Agent Chuck Joyner took the stage at the XBiz Hollywood annual conference. Dressed in a conservative suit, with his hair neatly cut to government regulations, Joyner told the assembled crowd of moviemakers, actors, Web masters and lawyers that they have nothing to fear if they keep accurate records. “We would be delighted if every company went through this without a violation,” he said. Prior to meeting with Joyner, that was not the impression received by the largely San Fernando Valley-based industry. When producers began getting word that the federal government wanted closer inspections – and was threatening prison terms for noncompliance – “delight” was not the first word that came to mind. “This created a level of anxiety in the industry that I had not seen for some time,” said lawyer Greg Piccionelli, who moderated the discussion with Joyner. “There was a great, collective gnashing of teeth.” He described “a rich tradition of hostility from the federal government” that created the previous distrust but said he hoped the industry could normalize relations with law enforcement and regulators. No problem, Joyner said. Just keep accurate records of performers’ names, identification and dates of birth. Joyner, a partner and a team of eight retired agents hired as contractors randomly select companies from a list of more than 1,200 producers. The contractors arrive during normal business hours, ask to inspect the records and prepare a report showing any violations. Then, before the report goes to Washington, the producer has a week to address any violations and show a good-faith effort to remain within the confines of the law. “We’re not trying to play gotcha. We’re not trying to hammer you,” Joyner said. “We’re trying to prevent the exploitation of minors.” Of the 10 inspections his teams have conducted thus far, only two companies have come out without violations, but Joyner stressed that he’s not in the business of conducting raids to shut producers down. As long as they show they’re trying to comply with the law, he said, they have nothing to worry about. Joyner’s presentation drew a warm reception in the packed ballroom, but Tom Hymes, XBiz publisher and a longtime industry activist, said companies remain guarded about the government’s newfound interest. “We hope all pornographers using children get caught and thrown in jail,” he said. “I don’t know anyone in the industry who has a problem with that. But the regulations go far beyond that. … As positive and hopeful as this seminar was, obviously the message is: If you’re not in compliance, you’d better get things together right away.” brent.hopkins@dailynews.com (818) 713-3738 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Kids getting together, learning values and playing soccer

first_imgChildren’s Pastor for the Alliance Church, Mary Stregger says they want to reach out to the community and offer childcare for our “sports driven community”. Stregger says while they will be “talking about Jesus a little bit,” the majority of the time is spent participating in soccer drills, games, and some snacking.Coming from a teaching background, Streeger says keeping children active is the best way to successfully communicate with them, not to mention the value of exercise and time away from the computer or television screen.- Advertisement -The camp costs $75 per child, which includes a soccer ball, t-shirt and water bottle. If your child is registered and paid for by 3:00 p.m. on July 5, you get a $10 per child discount.   There’s still plenty of space for children to register, and if you’re interested, either send an email to office@fsjalliance.ca, call 250 785 4644 or just drop into the church, located on 9804 –  99 Avenue.last_img read more

Wenger hails Arsenal win after ‘nightmare’ week

first_imgWenger desperately needed a positive result after coming under pressure for a run of four straight defeats, and he got just that against a Milan side who saw a 13-match unbeaten run ended.“It is an important win of course after we had a nightmare week,” the 68-year-old Frenchman told BT Sport.“I am happy with the spirit and response we gave. When you are knocked down like a boxer you don’t have time to react and you are only halfway up, but you have to respond.“Your pride and desire to show quality has to come through in the game.”Gennaro Gattuso’s seven-time European champions now have it all to do ahead of the second leg at the Emirates in seven days’ time.“Arsenal are in a very difficult period, but are a great team, but we made too many mistakes,” said Gattuso.But Arsenal, 13 points adrift of the top four in the Premier League, will be confident of continuing their bid to return to the Champions League by winning Europe’s second-tier competition for the first time.“Overall it is important to win, but it is not qualification. We have to finish the job at home,” Wenger added.Arsenal started brightly at the San Siro but were lucky not to concede a penalty when Hakan Calhanoglou stayed on his feet despite appearing to have been fouled by onrushing Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina.Just moments later Arsenal broke the deadlock, as Mesut Ozil fed Armenian Mkhitaryan, a January signing from Manchester United, to cut inside and fire in a shot which deflected past home keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma off Leonardo Bonucci.The Gunners grew in confidence after that strike, with Donnarumma making two good saves late in the opening period to deny Calum Chambers and Danny Welbeck, before Mkhitaryan hit the crossbar.But the visitors did double their advantage before the interval, as Ramsey ran onto Ozil’s perfectly-weighted through ball and rounded Donnarumma to tap into an empty net.Giacomo Bonaventura scooped a shot over in the second half when he should have done better, while Suso drilled a left-footed strike out for a throw-in.Colombian keeper Ospina did well to beat Nikola Kalinic to a through ball when the substitute looked to be in on goal, as Arsenal closed out a much-needed win.– Salzburg shock Dortmund –Kosovo’s Valon Berisha scored twice as Salzburg stunned Dortmund © AFP / Patrik STOLLARZBorussia Dortmund slumped to a shock first-leg 2-1 loss at home to Salzburg, although Andre Schurrle’s second-half strike did cut the deficit ahead of next week’s return game in Austria.Kosovo international Valon Berisha scored twice shortly after half-time to put Salzburg in control, the first from the penalty spot, and leave German giants Dortmund facing a surprise exit.La Liga title challengers Atletico Madrid eased to a 3-0 victory over Lokomotiv Moscow at the Wanda Metropolitano, with Saul Niguez, Diego Costa and Koke scoring the goals for Diego Simeone’s side.Brazilian defender Marcelo scored the only goal as last season’s semi-finalists Lyon grabbed a 1-0 win at CSKA Moscow, as they look to go one better this term with the final at their Groupama Stadium.Lucas Ocampos scored twice, including in the first minute, with Dimitri Payet also on the scoresheet as Marseille saw off Athletic Bilbao 3-1.Lazio were held to a 2-2 home draw in their tie with Dynamo Kiev, while RB Leipzig will take a lead over Zenit St Petersburg to Russia after Timo Werner ended a four-game goal drought in a 2-1 win.Sporting Lisbon put one foot into the quarter-finals with a 2-0 home victory against Viktoria Plzen.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Arsenal’s win came at the perfect time for manager Arsene Wenger © AFP / MARCO BERTORELLOPARIS, France, Mar 8 – Under-fire Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was relieved after his side’s impressive 2-0 Europa League last 16, first-leg victory at AC Milan on Thursday, following a “nightmare” week.Henrikh Mkhitaryan drove Arsenal into a 15th-minute lead with his first goal for the club, and a shellshocked Milan fell further behind before half-time as Aaron Ramsey waltzed through to score.last_img read more

Child footballers ‘offered boots and underwear for sex work’

first_imgPublic prosecutor Maria Soledad Garibaldi has asked to meet all 50-plus boys aged between 13 and 19 housed at a boarding facility operated by the club in the Avellaneda suburb of the sprawling Argentine capital.“Of the five boys I spoke with (on Monday), three gave me some information,” said Garibaldi, quoted by local press.“One of them told me it didn’t happen, but that they had been approached. The children knew something was going on.“They’ve allowed me to reveal that they were offered to do it for a pair of boots or underwear.”Football referee Martin Bustos and his lawyer have been arrested over the scandal, which was brought to the judicial authorities’ attention by Independiente club bosses.Bustos’s lawyer is suspected of having destroyed a mobile phone in order to hide evidence.According to Garibaldi, there might also be similar underage prostitution networks operated at other clubs.“Unfortunately, that doesn’t surprise me,” admitted Independiente coach Ariel Holan.“It’s something that’s hidden and it’s a problem in society, like drugs, alcohol and human trafficking.“It’s not an issue that’s confined to sport or to Independiente.”According to Andres Bonicalzi, a lawyer for a rape victims charity, young players from the vast interior of the country — well away from Buenos Aires on the western shore of the Rio de la Plata estuary — who are far from their families, are particularly vulnerable to exploitation.“They see the club as a role-model, they see it as a father-figure. They’re far away from their own fathers,” said Bonicalzi.“(The perpetrators) have exploited their immaturity and these children’s need to belong to something.”Independiente are the fourth most successful team in Argentine history with 16 national titles, behind fellow Buenos Aires outfits River Plate (36), Boca Juniors (32) and their local rivals from Avellaneda, Racing (17).They’ve also won the continental Copa Libertadores — South America’s equivalent to the UEFA Champions League — a record seven times, having never lost a final.Part of a multi-discipline sports organisation, Independiente has a host of different teams throughout the youth ranks as well as a football academy and an education centre for children throughout their compulsory schooling period.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000© AFP/FileBUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Mar 30 – Trainee footballers at Argentinian giants Independiente were coaxed into underage prostitution with offers of football boots or even just underwear, a Buenos Aires public prosecutor has said.The shocking revelation of an illicit sex network operated at one of Argentina’s most prestigious and successful clubs was made after a 17-year-old told an Independiente psychologist he had been encouraged, alongside another 19-year-old player, to prostitute himself to adult men in a trendy Buenos Aires neighbourhood, local press said.last_img read more

Rwanda becomes Arsenal’s official tourism partner

first_imgThe three-year deal with Arsenal is the latest bid by Kigali to draw tourists and investors to the country, burnishing its reputation as a safe, sought-after destination.Ever since the devastating 1994 genocide in which 800,000 mainly Tutsis were killed, the country has been praised for a swift economic turnaround.“The country has been transformed in recent years and Arsenal’s huge following will bring Rwanda into people’s minds in a new and dynamic way,” Arsenal’s chief commercial officer, Vinai Venkatesham, said in a statement.“The Arsenal shirt is seen 35 million times a day around the world and we are one of the most viewed teams around the world.”As the club’s first-ever sleeve partner, the “Visit Rwanda” logo will appear on the shirt of all first team, under-23 and Arsenal Women’s players from the new season this August, the club has announced.Rwanda Development Board CEO, Clare Akamanzi, said that the sponsorship deal will highlight the country’s tourism offers, but would not be drawn on how much it had cost.“While we cannot disclose the amount, the partnership cost is part of our marketing budget to promote Rwanda and attract investors and tourists,” she said.Rwanda is one of only three countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, where one can see mountain gorillas.The country has in recent years re-introduced lions and rhino to its Akagera National Park — which had gone extinct due to poor conservation — to become a Big Five safari destination.“In addition, we are telling investors to Visit Rwanda and discover why we are the second fastest growing economy in Africa, growing at 7.3 percent per annum,” said Akamanzi.She added that Arsenal players from the men’s and women’s teams will visit Rwanda and club coaches will host coaching camps to support the development of football in the country.Rwanda received 1.3 million visitor arrivals in 2017 and tourism is Rwanda’s largest foreign exchange earner, government statistics show.The country has decided to focus on high-end low-impact tourism, and last year doubled the price of a gorilla permit to $1,500 (1,300 euros).Kagame is revered in some quarters for stopping Rwanda’s genocide and engineering what admirers see as an economic miracle, but rights groups accuse him of crushing all opposition and ruling through fear.The 60-year-old won a third-term in office last year after the constitution was changed to allow him to potentially stay in power for another two decades.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Rwanda becomes Arsenal’s official tourism partner. Photo/COURTESYKIGALI, Rwanda, May 23 – Rwanda has become the official tourism partner of English football club Arsenal FC, whose players will sport a “Visit Rwanda” logo on their sleeves, the club announced Wednesday.The tiny country’s leader, President Paul Kagame, is an ardent Arsenal fan and often expresses his opinions about the club’s performances during summits and on social media.last_img read more

Look what Liverpool fans are planning for Man City and Chelsea games

first_imgLiverpool fans are considering more demonstrations against rising ticket prices when the Reds face Manchester City and Chelsea at Anfield, following a mass exodus during the home game against Sunderland.Thousands of fans left the ground in the 77th minute of Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with the Black Cats, in protest against planned increases in the cost of games at Anfield, including a £77 matchday ticket in the new Main Stand, up from £59.“We are happy with yesterday’s demonstration and we are pleased with the number of supporters who took part,” Jay McKenna, a spokesperson for the Spirit of Shankly fan group which helped co-ordinate the walkout, told Press Association Sport.“The moment which preceded the walk-out also showed the strength of feeling, with the very loud, audible chants aimed at the directors’ box.“But the protest was aimed just as much at the owners because the decision of the prices is one made by Fenway Sports Group and the ownership of the club.“It is a good indication that supporters are very angry at prices and this will just be the start of taking more action.”According to McKenna, further protests are planned for upcoming high profile Premier League fixtures at Anfield.“We have got Manchester City and Chelsea at Anfield so those two league matches – where prices are still going to be on the forefront of people’s minds – will be opportunities where we will discuss what action we take next.“For us, it is unequivocal: this is the start. A walkout of Anfield it is unprecedented – it has never happened before – and I can’t think of an occasion where it has happened in such numbers in another league ground in the UK.“We don’t have a firm idea of what we will do yet as this has all happened very quickly, so we will take the next two days to take stock and talk to the supporters about what we do next.“But we will be taking action because we need to. Yesterday wasn’t about letting off steam, and saying we are a bit angry but we will carry on. We really need Liverpool Football Club, the owners, and the executives to think to themselves ‘is this the right approach?’”Before the Sunderland match, Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre had defended the club’s stance of ticket price increases.”I respect everyone’s right to do what they think is right but for every fan thinking about that I would say ‘Have a look at the facts’.”You might be walking out for something you are not quite understanding. ‘If people want to leave after 77 minutes that is disappointing but it shouldn’t be because they feel the prices are wrong as there is something for everyone in there.”If someone who sits in a certain position where there is a £77 ticket next season but can’t afford it, we have another option for them.”No-one is being priced out of the stadium. There is a seat for everyone at the right price.” 1 Liverpool fans protest rising ticket prices last_img read more