Mid Autumn Festival entrepreneurship hot why nternet companies keen to sell moon cake Mid Autumn Fe

2015 in the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake market is popular, selling a prelude to work being carried out hot, and unlike in previous years is more and more "lay" also laicourenao, many Internet companies have also joined the ranks of.

then the question is: the moon cake, and even food and are unrelated to the enterprise, why are keen to sell

Mid Autumn Festival moon cake?

however, although the moon cake market suffered winter, but the wave of the Internet has brought a new outlet to the industry, as the "gift" is synonymous with the moon cake has faded luxury coat, gradually return to nature, such changes to the "heart" to bring the new opportunity, after all, this is a fight of creativity, emphasis on the Internet the thinking of the times, what’s more, the moon cake industry and "grass root" similar, not difficult to do, but also people.

if the spell of creativity, so making moon cake more thought may be in the form of creativity, creativity, creative packaging taste. But no matter how it is, early are a few designers, planning, gourmet thing, there is no difference in the late.

2013, a Singapore businessman launched "Qiaotun" style moon cakes, 4 different shapes are wearing socks Bunny ass "tube" (Bunny), covering a hand covered "Google" (Cover-Up), wearing a thong ass "single hanging" (T-back) and the like trousers a hole in the "goldfish" (TheSplit).


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