nvestment Teng Yu Huang braised chicken rice how much money

fast development momentum is we see in the eye, while Chinese fast-food franchise brand in the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice fast-food sales ranked before the mountain, which is why investors to join the braised chicken Steamed Rice one of the reasons, today Xiaobian to introduce is a brand of Huang Menji — Teng Yu Kee braised chicken Steamed Rice. Ji’nan Teng Yu Catering Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a food and beverage development, brand promotion, technical training, processing of raw materials, specialty snacks, as well as the integration of marketing and franchise franchise franchise operators. After the Ministry of Commerce of the franchise for the legitimate business.

investment Teng Yu Huang braised chicken rice how much money?

the company comply with the "global delicacy sharing franchise first" trend, the depth of excavation in the folklore of braised chicken with "special diet, reshape the catering culture, diet atmosphere reengineering" as its mission, to create a healthy diet and health characteristics.

in the realization of self value at the same time, Teng Yu Kee braised chicken also build wealth platform for investors, focus on equality, openness, trust, freedom, uphold the integrity of management, people-oriented, win-win cooperation "business philosophy, has a perfect project development system, market expansion and franchise store operation of the system construction. With hundreds of professional technical and management personnel, to provide personalized service and creative benefits hitherto unknown for customers! Many people want to know about Teng Yu Kee braised chicken Steamed Rice join cost? Today Xiaobian introduce:

we will start a shop as an example:

store area: 30 square meters

day traffic: 100

day business: 15000 yuan

monthly turnover: 45000 yuan

operating cost:

store rent: 4000 yuan

personnel wages: 3800 yuan

utilities fee: 1000 yuan

raw materials: 18000 yuan

tax fee: 1500 yuan

above is the cost of opening a shop needs only a few million, is a relatively low investment costs, suitable for business!

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