Xi’an university graduates can apply to 21 base training

now college students have become the main force of the whole society to start business, at the same time there are more students entrepreneurs who have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship and wealth, in some city, also offers a platform for the majority of college student entrepreneurs.

in the entrepreneurial company exhibition, the reporter noted that an electronics technology company, it reflects the elements of the game. Company CEO Wang Yanan graduated from Northwestern University in 2004, just graduated from the start of the business, but due to lack of experience, the company failed to adhere to. In order to accumulate experience, Wang Yanan to Shanghai some of the world’s top gaming companies, and finally in 2014 successfully established its own game studio. Although only a year now, but his team has developed a number of independent game. Wang Yanan said that Xi’an is rich in human resources, but very little knowledge of the game’s independent research and development, he is willing to provide a platform to help those who have entrepreneurial ideas of college students practice, exercise.


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