What are the student store management skills

student supplies store industry outlook is also very good, many franchisees want to take advantage of a good time to do investment business, then how to manage the shop after it? Students need to think about this business, if you want to learn more knowledge can look at.

how to manage student supplies store investors consider the most is how much money to open a school supplies store, in the end can not make money. Business students shop is very problem, we must first analyze the students shop advantage, grasp the key to shop, shop open fire! If you intend to invest in a wholesale stationery shop, then the investment is relatively large. The main investment in the wholesale store is a large amount of money and liquidity. A medium-sized stationery wholesale store about to invest about 500 thousand, student supplies wholesale store retail profit is not high, about between 10% to 20%.

how should a student store be managed? Student supplies are distributed between retail and wholesale, and the most important thing is to find stable customers. About 100 thousand yuan can open a shop based on the distribution of income is also between wholesale and retail. The first shop rent: about 10000 yuan (20 square meters, the rent is currently the specifications of most of our city a year rent, according to the specific local housing prices, mostly this price also rose trend) business school supplies stores money? Student supplies join advantage? The reference values listed above are based on many aspects of the investigation, and in line with the principle of small boat U-turn column. Do not have to pay to be able to get a return, the student supplies industry is even more so, their profit margins are thin, but the retail profit is still considerable.

student supplies store business can be based on the above to learn to manage the operation of the shop, only to continue to learn from the successful experience, continue to practice summary can get good profit, the above skills you get? Come and learn!

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