What are the issues that need to be considered when investing in a dumpling restaurant

What are the key issues to be considered in the

investment dumpling museum? In fact, for each investment link, franchisees should be carefully considered. Today Xiaobian for you to share some of the need to think about the opening of the dumplings, look at it, I hope you can provide some business reference.

5 million opening day income of 2000 yuan

location principle:

to open a good hotel, the location is an important part of the first consideration, choose the place on the success of the half! Insiders said that the general principle of open popular dumpling location should be near the business district, shopping malls and office buildings, try not to open in residential areas. Because in the residential area, people are generally home to cook their own, very few people to the restaurant to eat dumplings, and commercial, office buildings are mostly white-collar workers or civil servants, who often time is tight, and their consumption is strong, is the main customer of popular dumplings.

: risk and reward

old experience:

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