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shop security, shop security? With the development of the Internet, people are no longer unfamiliar with the shop. It is more entrepreneurial, focus on the Internet, although not what the new industry, but it is still popular today, Xiaobian with everyone, see the safety of the shop, the shop is safe?   how to make the security of the shop to be promoted. The security of network security technology –

1 not related security operating system configuration. No matter what the operating system used in the default installation conditions, there will be some security issues, only devoted to the related and strict security configuration for operating system security, in order to achieve a certain degree of security. Do not think that the operating system after the default installation, coupled with a strong password system even if the security.

2 not CGI code audit. If the problem is CGI universal, is a bit easier to prevent, but some of the CGI program for the development of specialized website or software vendors, many serious problems exist in CGI, in the electronic commerce site, there will be a malicious attacker impersonation account for online shopping and other serious consequences.

5 the lack of strict management system for network security. The most important thing is to think highly of the network security, the security of the site or LAN needs to use a complete security system to protect. The establishment and implementation of computer network security system and strategy is the basis of network security. Analysis and calculation of Safety – >

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