Lesson seven breakfast Dong failure

this is an Internet era, it is also a national entrepreneurial era, many entrepreneurs are actively doing business of art, which has a successful, some have failed. Dong’s breakfast in the early stages of development is quite successful, because of fierce competition and the late rise and decline to fail, it will leave a profound lesson for us.

1. early budget is less than

2014 in August, Dong’s breakfast started to raise 1 million of its own funds, according to " ensure the operation of 6-8 months, " kitchen equipment and personnel are ready to calculate the amount of funds. Mainly for Guangzhou local white-collar breakfast service.

"and" a book mentioned by Virgin venture, venture funds needed at least doubled than the calculated, barely able to cope with the process will continue the unexpected funding needs, especially when you need to run a direct consumer oriented end consumer brands, brand management and promotion expenses is sustained a must.

2. financing awareness is weak

3. ignore marketing

"poineering Wei Jian, how much more difficult than to do" the book mentioned in this world, even if a good product needs a good sales, extend it out.

4. cross industry war

The main founder of

5. too much upfront investment, cost control efforts less than