Qinghai Communist Youth League to build a platform for innovation and Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurs in the crowd, a large proportion of young people, such a group closely linked with the Internet, to strengthen the entrepreneurial support for young people to create the fastest speed to expand the development of the industry.

"six platform" respectively to build business incubator platform, youth entrepreneurship Park core play a leading role, and lead the enterprises run by the Communist society by way of breaking the provincial, prefecture and county level model, construction of Qinghai Province youth entrepreneurship park. And actively explore the mode of network incubation, take the O2O model, through the remote network and the new media to provide online services, the construction of Qinghai youth vocational skills training and entrepreneurship incubation base project.

create entrepreneurship training platform in agricultural and pastoral areas, relying on the Communist Youth League to carry out rural youth entrepreneurship rich leader and impoverished village rich leaders entrepreneurship training; in the city, relying on the youth entrepreneurship Park, to carry out a passenger salon, Entrepreneurship Forum, entrepreneurship training; in Colleges and universities, relying on Qinghai University Wanlian entrepreneurship education and training college students start to build education platform to Youth Entrepreneurship Forum.

to create a business platform for propaganda, strengthen media propaganda, the use of traditional media and new media propaganda, business philosophy, business stories, business projects and business model. Do a good job of exhibition promotion, the use of Green Fair, clean food exhibition, cultural festival and other large-scale exhibition, the organization of young entrepreneurs participating in the exhibition, set up exhibition platform outside the province. Organized entrepreneurship competition, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship for youth enthusiasm, start looking for plateau youth hit off "action, through cooperation with the central propaganda group outside the province and high-quality resources, the promotion of the Qinghai outstanding entrepreneurial projects, to attract capital, expand the market.

to create electricity supplier business platform, to strengthen cooperation with the provincial postal company, to support a number of recruitment services in rural areas, have electricity supplier entrepreneurial ability of college students, migrant young workers, veterans, Lingban township enterprises, agricultural and pastoral areas to build Township youth integrated service platform, integrated services, social entrepreneurship practice, convenience in one of the post.

to create a business platform to accelerate, incubation of agro industry, intermediary, legal, financial services of the young broker enterprises to establish long-term cooperative relations, to provide convenient services for young entrepreneurs.