How to operate a children’s inflatable swimming pool

a lot of people want to change their current business situation, the choice of what industry is better? Venture to do business, we must find the market demand, only the customer needs the product or service, in order to make you easy to make money. Inflatable swimming pool, a new product, the use of imported polymer materials, a molding, and now become a lot of young children love toys. Therefore, the money to invest in children to restart the pool is good.

inflatable swimming pool for children under the age of 13 specially designed, has the characteristics of convenient setting, safety and hygiene, without special venues, and supporting inflatable trampoline products, can set up a small children’s entertainment center.

Product Description:

(1) adaptation range, water depth adjustable.

(2) site adaptation. Can be used in squares, parks, playgrounds, kindergartens, family courtyard, residential quarters, etc..

(3) to save energy and water resources.

(4) use security. The wall for inflatable force around all of the flexible structure, caused by drowning accidents of children not leisure.

(5) clean health. Direct use of standard tap water, water quality and water treatment.

(6) easy to install and disassemble.

(7) easy to manage. Normal business hours, just 3 people.

investment value analysis:

how about running an inflatable swimming pool in summer? To the pool of 12 meters in diameter, for example: the diameter of the pool of 12 meters, an area of 113.04 square meters, the cost of $175 per square meter, that is a total of $19782, equipped with a gas machine.

meters swimming pool after a one-time injection of water throughout the summer without the entire pool offset, just for water treatment and a small amount of water. Daily consumption of water and electricity consumption of not more than 30 yuan, about 30X30=900 yuan in January, a water injection volume of about 60 cubic meters, a total of 60×2 yuan / cubic meter of 2120 yuan.

managers 3 people, wages paid about 3×500 yuan / month: $1500, venue rental costs by $1500 per month.

if the operation of 4 months a year, the average monthly cost = (19782+120) /4+900+1500=7375.5 yuan. Operating income; 12 m pool design capacity for the printed J pupil, according to the charge of $2 per person, if one day there are 150 children play, the daily fee can be recommended