Rules for the opening of the restaurant renovation

in fact, a restaurant environment for the people’s appetite is still quite large, so the layout of the decoration or to pay attention to some good.

A, on the choice of lamps in the life of workers, mainly in the restaurant for dinner, lamplight is the lead that builds atmosphere. The restaurant should use low color temperature incandescent lamp, milk white bulb or frosted bulb, diffuse light, not dazzling, with natural light perception, more cordial, soft. The fluorescent lamp high color temperature, light, color, the face looks pale and blue colors are different, the food. Lighting can also use a mixed light source, that is, the combination of low color temperature lamp and high color temperature lamp, the effect of mixed lighting is very close to the sun, and the light source is not monotonous, you can choose.

On the choice of restaurant lighting

two, on the dining table dining table selection is the core of dining-room, effect of traditional culture on the dining way, reflected in the dining furniture. Chinese dining table is square and round, because the Chinese food is a common food, around a central dining. With the introduction of the western style food and beverage, the shape of the table has changed, rectangular table (commonly known as dinner table) into the ordinary people.