The 2016 Shandong Expo and the small and medium-sized enterprises entrepreneurial wealth Project Exh


2016 Shandong Expo project of entrepreneurial wealth of small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter referred to as zhanqiahui record Fair), is one of the two major brands of similar exhibitions, formerly known as the "China (Shandong) wealth project exhibition", at all levels of government departments, industry associations, media and investors concern and support has been successfully held sixteen sessions. The impact of the exhibition, exhibitors, professional services, such as by the majority of people in the industry recognized, has become China’s investment franchise, franchising industry party, enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Each session has hundreds of media focus, tens of thousands of professionals from all over the country. Not only open up a new way for low cost expansion with new technologies and new projects and enterprises, but also for the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs, looking for business opportunities, business investment provides the best opportunity, fully embodies the government to promote employment policy.

seventeenth Chinese (Shandong) project of entrepreneurial wealth fair by the SME Bureau of Shandong Province, Shandong TV co host, Shandong satellite TV "wealth" column, Shandong Province Security Industry Association, Ji’nan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center and other units specifically. Will be held on March 25, 2016 – 27 in Ji’nan. Make more outstanding achievements fully join the brand exhibition, and win more business to join the favour of high standards; at the same time, let people have dreams of wealth easily find their own entrepreneurial projects, realize their dreams of wealth!

two, organization

organizer: Shandong SME Bureau

Shandong satellite TV

organizer: Shandong TV "wealth" column

Shandong Security Industry Association

Ji’nan International Convention and Exhibition Center

official online partner: Qilu network

exhibition time: March 2016 25-27 days (24 days exhibition)

exhibition venue:

International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ji’nan

exhibition purpose: to find the entrepreneurial project   agent quality products, set up investment bridges, entrepreneurship to promote employment.

three, fluttering range

1, investment and investment companies and projects

        to the food and beverage, food and beverage, clothing, clothing, baby supplies, beauty care, environmental protection building materials, manual processing, such as investment in the business of enterprises;

2, e-commerce venture enterprise and project  

to the electricity supplier incubator Park, the electricity supplier capital operation, shop supply, shop infrastructure, shop operators and other services on behalf of enterprises or projects.

3, investment and financing guarantee companies and projects

to provide financing, insurance, financial management and other financial services for the company or individual investors, banks, insurance, funds, investment, small loans, pawn companies and projects.

four, previous exhibition data

after more than ten years of careful recommendation