Women’s clothing store display skills to share

contemporary people love to see packaging when choosing gifts, women in the store first see is on display and store decoration shop, so brand women’s clothing store, the display must also pay attention to attract consumers.

brand – color display skills like

takes color as a kind of criterion for side hung or side hanging hanging together, but a kind of bad will cause disorder, has the advantages of this kind of style is vivid and lively.

A, from left to right from light to dark, from warm to cool.

two, from left to right: dark, light, dark, light, can with the money can also be different, women’s clothing chain stores, but should pay attention to not cause too abrupt bottom curve.

three, symmetrical effect: middle front mounted, to the west, followed by light, moderate color and dark color.

brand display skills – style combination of black and white ash sample:

A, key effect: from left to right: white, black and white.

two, the gradual change effect: from left to right: white, grey, black. In addition, the appropriate combination of the same color combination, women’s clothing chain stores, such as camel, beige, coffee, give people the feeling of unity, coordination, overall sense.

three, symmetrical effect: turn from the middle to the two sides: positive sample hanging paragraph with the same color of the No. four ladies, chain store, this color is light colored, side hung with grey, with a black pendant.

color sample is not suitable for put together the color

display rack

T in the main distribution frame, each set of clothing store in T should be in a hanging rack. Reflect the diversity of women’s clothing stores in order to search for customers. If you can not put down, should choose to sell and the new and classic. T frame hanging on the kind of clothes, with hanging, such as jacket to match the shirt, skirt, pants, windbreaker to match shirt; T frame next to the model, to make the appropriate distance, and can not be separated too far.

brand display skills – model clothing