Look at the 2016 Xiamen financial group how to serve small and micro enterprises

is an important part of the financial institutions in our lives, the majority of the people often need to apply for financial institutions. At present, financial institutions how to better serve small and micro enterprises? In yesterday’s 2016 Xiamen Financial Work Committee key work to promote the first anniversary of the establishment and review of the work of the meeting, the city 10 financial institutions live show and competition of small and micro enterprise innovation in financial services Chuangxiao "golden ideas" project.

the meeting aimed at a comprehensive summary of the first anniversary of the Xiamen financial work committee established the effectiveness of the work, the implementation of the Central Financial Work Committee on "double promotion" and "syndicated cooperation", the youth volunteer association and other key financial create work arrangements, to further stimulate the Xiamen youth financial "forge ahead, innovation, serve the people, dedication to" work enthusiasm.

after the early selection, financial institutions in our city 10 small micro enterprise financial services innovation and efficiency "golden ideas" project they show through the drama talent shows itself, and sketch, PPT presentations and lectures, visit the scene of the guests and representatives of financial institutions a total of more than and 40 people were selected by the vote.

eventually won the first prize of Xiamen Construction Bank, Xiamen bank, Xiamen rural commercial bank, Agricultural Bank of Tongan village bank won the two prize in Xiamen, China Merchants Bank, Xiamen bank, Industrial Bank (601166, shares) Xiamen branch, China Everbright Bank (601818, shares) Xiamen branch, Chinese life (601628, shares) Xiamen branch the company, Xiamen bank and other 6 projects for third-prize.

At the

meeting, the Xiamen finance group working committee also held a syndicated cooperation in 2015 review of the work and the 2016 ceremony. The meeting also received the central financial work committee of the city in recognition of the 2015 syndicated cooperation outstanding individuals, outstanding institutions and outstanding projects in the field of recognition.

through the above we can see that the 2016 Xiamen financial group in how to serve small and micro enterprises, emphasizing the idea of innovation and efficiency. At the same time, the meeting also held the inaugural ceremony of the Xiamen financial youth volunteer association. The establishment of financial institutions Youth Volunteer Association, to carry out youth volunteer activities, which is to promote the city’s financial institutions, spiritual civilization construction of new initiatives, but also under the new situation of financial youth to serve the community a new exploration.

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