What happens between the owner and the customer

what kind of things can happen in the retail business, the customer is also tens of thousands of people, it is impossible for all customers to speak the truth, it can not always be in harmony with the customer. Although we are very careful, very careful, but sometimes there will be some accidents, so in the face of these accidents, how should we deal with it?

in fact, this is our ability to examine and improve the depth of conservation, it can be said that different shopkeepers have different methods, but must be able to long-term interests, not only in front of the other. In order to clarify this issue, we invited a few retail guests, let us listen to their speech.

Qing’an County West Market Zhang boss supermarket Zhang boss

said the owner and the customer should be in harmony, but sometimes, it is difficult to avoid. Once a customer came to the door, she said that I sell the goods in question, so I explained to her, but she is not, it is too radical. But, after all, I am not wrong, that is our goods sold in supermarkets, but was not damaged, her back broken. But come to me. I was really angry, so I quarreled with her.

my quarrel angered her, she just started to give me great momentum, said I was bad for the customer, attracted a lot of people watching. I look at the posture is not right, because it will ultimately affect me. No way, I can no longer make a sound, I hope she can be. However, after giving her back the goods, but also made her angry. Not only that, but also a lot of customers to see the excitement, so that the impact of my emotions. I think I still do not calm, in the face of such a customer, we should meet her requirements, rather than her theory.


with this failure, I can not do that, because I have affected customers, customers still stand on a point of view, they will think that I am not reasonable, is not good for the customer, at that time a serious impact on our supermarket business. Later, once, a customer to exchange, although not my fault, but I gave her back.

because I don’t want to make a big difference, the customer to exchange goods if we can’t meet her, then it will certainly offend her. It’s hard to make a customer, but it’s easy to get over a customer. She was happy after I changed her. I often go to the supermarket shopping, so that I will win. Therefore, in the face of customer returns and other acts, we must meet their requirements, do not quarrel with them, this is the secret of success.

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