The nternet industry has a new two dimensional logic behind the hot

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animation enthusiasts are increasing, for entrepreneurs, this is also a good nuggets industry. Naturally, we should always pay attention to the development trend of the two dimensional field, and the amazing potential of the Internet industry is worth developing.

8 2, held in Shanghai ChinaJoy, COSPLAY contest has always been to attract the country’s top animation community stage performances.

8 14, thousands of people gathered at the Beijing exhibition hall, a total of a world of the two dimensional event – Video Game Music Conference (VGL).

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two dimension from the edge to the mainstream

90 as the main consumer groups in the two dimension, has gradually become the mainstream. For example, the mainstream video site began to try to add the two dimension of the representative product barrage, a variety of TV programs also try to join the barrage of elements.

8 6, barrage video site A station announced the completion of the A round of financing $50 million, the current round of financing by the United Group (formerly Youku potatoes group) collar investment, and A station valuation has more than $200 million.

and in March this year, one due to copyright issues and A station court, now the plot reversal. As for why one gains an enemy and A stations, A station chief Liu Yanyan speculated that one should not want to give up the market of young people.