Apple Prince kids to join a comprehensive policy

Apple Prince kids to join the headquarters to provide comprehensive support policies, hoping to help more agents successfully get wealth. Children’s clothing market prospects for the future development, we also hope to join hands with more businesses together nuggets, greater space for development.

Beijing dehei Hengfeng Technology Co., the company’s children’s clothing is very popular Apple prince, they take care of children for the purpose, to the healthy growth of children as their responsibility, to the joy of children’s dream, with a huge production base, high-tech hiring a professional designer, clothing with the international advanced production technology multilayer, quality inspection, to ensure high quality children’s children. This high-quality fabric with the scientific and dyeing technology production of children’s clothing without any formaldehyde, toluene and other chemical additives, so that the baby wear comfortable, mom more at ease.

comprehensive programme of support for the franchisee to more value-added profit space.

expert on your overall training and provide guidance to shop, visit the whole warehouse inspection, that make a lot of money.

No second specific areas of

, exclusive looks impeccable.

unified advertising support, to ensure that dealers enjoy.

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