How much money to buy east fat fat Aberdeen

rice noodle in the history of China’s food and beverage industry has a history of hundreds of years, so that people are familiar with the story of the bridge across the line. Now why can become noodle food consumption market in the best-selling products, mainly because of its components with high protein content, low fat content, can provide the necessary energy for the body is not easy to cause obesity, is a well-known Chinese snacks. This wire has distinctive characteristics of Sichuan snacks, at the same time, integration of the northern tastes and habits, with dozens of spices, the number of procedure and refined, unique taste, delicious taste, aftertaste.

Dongdong fat Aberdeen vermicelli with a unique taste, with a distinctive flavor of Sichuan snacks features, after several procedures refined. Taste more delicious, longer aftertaste. Gold cake sauce unique taste outside Giori tender, sweet but not greasy, eat a hundred tire, at the same time, management of rice, cold water and hot water ice, etc. also praised by customers.

Dongdong Aberdeen fat diet limited company operating the way to break the traditional Chinese mode of operation, the mode of operation of Western fast food meals, rapid delivery, reflecting the operating characteristics of modern fast food, more adapt to the rhythm of modern life.

east fat Tsai Tsai fee

first, store size:

start-up funds to be around 300 thousand (excluding shop rent), the shop has been rectangular, a single integrated area of not less than 100 square meters, about 12 employees.

two, standard store franchise fee, margin:

County-level City franchise fee: 50 thousand yuan deposit: 20 thousand yuan

prefecture level city fee: 60 thousand yuan deposit: 20 thousand yuan

provincial capital join fee: 70 thousand yuan deposit: RMB 30 thousand yuan

franchise fee: 80 thousand yuan deposit: RMB 30 thousand yuan

note: Join fee for 3 years for a cycle, cycle after each cycle of 30 thousand yuan. Margin refers to the franchise contract to fulfill the provisions of the contract, after the expiration of the contract.

three, join fee included items:

franchisee fieldwork selected stores; store design, planning (provide decoration drawings); personnel training (training time in a week, personnel 5-7, accommodation); assist to join equipment and raw materials needed in procurement before the opening of the store; store opened headquarters send technical personnel on-site guidance for two days.