How to open a spicy hot pot shop

shop catering for the novice, how to open a chain store is a big problem, because the franchise is a very complicated matter, if one step does not understand will be very upset, so Xiaobian to introduce you to the shop flow spicy pot.

1, store location: store location should be appropriate, in addition to the large business district, pedestrian street and other locations, according to the survey, in order to open in the vicinity of the school spicy hot pot franchise best operating results.

2, apply for a license: according to the general procedures for business license, also need to apply for health permits, health certificate.

3, business: as a fragrant pot store business is more to go to business, entrepreneurs do not think that the pot is a small business, but as long as the operation will allow you to make money.

4: in fact, the quality of taste spicy pot stores also need big business strategy, entrepreneurs will need to call, which is to make a marketing business, only know how to call the business can be bigger, at the same time as the area of large crowd spicy hot pot franchise business hot, more and more people began to see this market to join, so entrepreneurs to change business strategy, the introduction of some new species but also to focus on the taste, so as to have a repeat.

5, design and decoration: clean rooms, entrepreneurs need to decide the style of decoration according to the spicy hot pot franchise features, let a person into the store know this shop features spicy pot, such as Japanese, Korean, or chinese.

6, service: Although people eat exquisite is a taste and eat, and not too extravagant demands for service, but the entrepreneur must know the importance of service in the course of doing business is open when the spicy hot pot franchise, even if your spicy pot stores if you have characteristics, service attitude harsh words consumers do not patronize, they would rather not how to make do a delicious meal, the service must be synchronized with.

hope that the above introduction can bring you some help, if there are any questions you need to know, please leave a message below our website.