How to avoid the temptation to open jewelry shop

The development speed of

jewelry industry is quite amazing, but many novice entrepreneurs will choose from a fashion jewelry factory started, and jewelry agency industry also has a certain degree of trap, Xiaobian now how to avoid in the jewelry industry to be analysed for everybody.


trick two: the model shop is a collusion. To join the company, the company will take you to go to the model shop, model shop decoration high-grade, rich products, business is hot, but these are the crooks arranged in advance, or any part of the franchisee with headquarters colluded to invest in order to cheat the interests of people, of course, these franchisees also more or less will get some benefits.

Trick three:

Four: contract is a mere scrap of paper. Join the chain of the contract is a network without any gaps, as long as you sign, it is tantamount to fall into the trap inside. Basically all franchisees will eventually collapse, but the problem of the length of time. At that time you will find out that the contract, there is no one can help you, and you want to sue him will lose.

to join in the jewelry project before the start, some preparatory knowledge is very necessary. After understanding the above on the jewelry investment patterns related to the introduction of the explanation, and now investors on the opening of the development prospects of popular jewelry chain, and now have a deeper understanding of it. Identify the brand to open the popular jewelry chain to get the success of the business. Finally, we must open the popular jewelry chain store actual operation.


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