Hubei introduced exclusive custom entrepreneurship policy

now governments in promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship is still very strong, at the same time, in such a good business background, people’s entire business activities are also subject to a lot of people’s attention.

8 5 afternoon, the Hubei Provincial Government Information Office held a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" series press conference, released on the Hubei province "on the implementation of the views of the employment work under the new situation". According to the "opinions", Hubei [micro-blog] students, will receive 20 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan of free financial support; individual industrial and commercial households partnership loan amount up to 500 thousand yuan, and enjoy the full financial interest in the loan period.

"opinions" including the full implementation of the strategy of employment priority, efforts to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, outstanding college graduates focus groups employment, promote employment and entrepreneurship service level, improve the employment mechanism of the 5 aspects of the 28 views. Among the 12 opinions directly boost the public entrepreneurship, innovation, encourage entrepreneurship to stimulate economic growth, involving industry and commerce, taxation, labor and social security departments. With the Department of industry and commerce related policies, including the implementation of "three in one" as a "code" after the first photo card according to a multi site, the implementation of one window acceptance, parallel approval online etc..

now the mass of entrepreneurship and innovation of the slogan has been known at the same time, local governments are constantly promoting the two slogans into reality, in such a background, basically for entrepreneurs is a good.


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