How much money you need to open a mobile phone shop

mobile phone shop needs to invest in what areas? Investment funds for this important issue, many franchisees have shared their experience, if you want to shop success, then a lot of reference to prepare. Xiaobian share some basic information, I hope you can refer to.

profit channels to sell mobile phone number and pay the bill

"mobile phone repair shop sales revenue mainly from mobile phone number and mobile phone recharge payment business, mobile phone shop on what money? Open mobile phone repair shop in Zhengzhou City, Huayuan Road boss Lee said: open a mobile phone shop to what?" a mobile phone shop operating properly, at least a month can sell 100 mobile phone number this, at least $4000, through the management of payment prepaid business, but also from mobile and Unicom extracted 1000 yuan rebate."

a mobile phone shop need what? Specific as follows: 1 the rent of 6000 yuan

2. six counters, 150 yuan per day cost a total of 900 yuan; 3 and 3000 yuan; 4 computer 2000 yuan 500 yuan; 5 maintenance equipment;

6. including mobile phone packages, chargers, batteries, etc., the first batch of mobile phone accessories purchase 2000 yuan;

7. due to the high-end mobile phones in the urban villages no market, you need to sell 800 yuan or less in the low-end mobile phone or a mobile phone, the first to buy a reserve of five or six, the rest are put into the machine model, which requires $3000;


8. you want to operate the phone recharge business, you need to move in the first account of the company’s mobile and China Unicom 2000 yuan in cash. The monthly expenditure is only three items: the rent is 1000 yuan, the water and electricity is 2000 yuan, the business administration fee is RMB 30 yuan. Mobile phone shop on what to make money? If your business is better, you can hire two salespeople, the total wage should be around $2000. This means that a small mobile phone repair shop, not tax collection in 4000~6000 yuan monthly earnings. It’s a good little business.

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