Husband and wife open the door to open the door of wealth

life there are a lot of entrepreneurs are in fact because of the life force, in order to make a living, so I want to bite the business, many of them are part of the people have been successful, now let’s look at the following the two.

couples choosing unemployment

several training down, through teacher’s explanation, her learning "prediction of start-up capital demand" and "early profit plan", "enterprise operation form the initial stage of the development of performance evaluation, SYB professional knowledge, have a preliminary plan for entrepreneurship. And she also heard about the skills training to master a few primary skills, with the idea of entrepreneurship coupled with the freedom of the craft, Wu Zhenbo on entrepreneurship that is full of hope. So she tried to open a restaurant, and then had a bath, selling clothes, but due to lack of funds, technical short board and other reasons are not successful.

as soon as possible in order to find a really suitable for their own road, she again found Cye entrepreneurial guidance teacher for help. Under the careful guidance of entrepreneurial teachers, through to Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities in the field, she gradually sort out their entrepreneurial ideas – health care.

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