Household bread machine ten brands list

in modern society, people are no longer fixed breakfast buns with rice congee, bread began to enter thousands of households, so the bread machine began to be sought after. A toaster is simply a toaster. According to the procedures set, put the ingredients, automatic and surface, fermentation, baking into a variety of bread machine. Can be divided into household and commercial. Bread machine can not only make bread, but also the production of cakes, yogurt, rice wine, etc.. The bread machine with the function of manual mode can also make fancy bread with various shapes.

the bread machine powerful not only allows users to easily create French, European style, whole wheat bread, Steamed Rice, can also set up program for making rice cakes, rice cake, filling to the nut shell, stir fry, even making yogurt, cheese and other delicacy. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of household bread machine, which can have a better choice in the time of consumption.


bread machine ten brands list of North America (Derun Gouda’s early launch, rotary toaster, global baking appliance industry well-known brands, to enter the market to China, pressure cooker and electromagnetic oven of North American Electric Company)

bread machine ten brands list of the 2 United States Midea (started in 1981, a world-class white household appliance manufacturers and brands, large-scale comprehensive enterprise group, listed companies, Chinese 500, Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd)


bread machine ten brands list (Matsushita in 1918 in Japan, the world famous consumer electronics brand, the early name for " National" 2008, changed to " Panasonic", the world famous comprehensive electronic technology group)


bread machine ten brands list (PHILPS in 1891 in Holland, the world-renowned multinational electronics brand, focus on quality of life and health care / Lighting in the field of large electronics company, Holland PHILPS company)

bread machine ten brands list 5.KENWOOD (KENWOOD in 1947 Britain from Europe’s world famous famous brands of small appliances, the world famous brand kitchen appliances, Yi Lung Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

bread machine ten brands list 6 Petrus Petrus (western electric appliance industry well-known brands, the most influential brand of bread machine, bread machine technology innovation of well-known enterprises, Beijing ZTE Petrus Electric Co. Ltd.)


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