Men’s fake soldiers even cheat 4 women using the news for identity fraud

Shandong man fake soldiers even cheat 4 women also had a fake officer on TV "love", with superb acting Piancaipianse, will eventually fall into the police net. The man has been sentenced to 1 years and no more than 8 months.

by her cheat girls both teachers and graduate students, there are clothing factory workers and the self-employed. They are all of the "soldiers" boyfriend is very good, not only to send all kinds of things, still Zhao "difficult" when donate.

behind him again succeeded, he has the "winner" level of performance merit, also has his fake officer on TV "love" of the "smoke". Currently, the name of the soldiers have been Guangzhou, Zengcheng police criminal detention according to law.

female master love "soldiers"   but her boyfriend was actually a fugitive

in November this year, Zengcheng police received a public report: Ms. Lin she in September this year through QQ acquainted with a man "Zhao × Tao", the person claiming to be a military officer in active service. After the two meet, Ms. Lin Zhao, slim, dark skinned, and a short hair, was like a soldier, in addition, Zhao also let her see herself in a news video of the uniform helping needy families. All this, let Ms. Lin Zhao identity convinced, then the two established a relationship and began to live together.

in the communication process, in a hurry to Ms. Lin Zhao lied to borrow money at home, but Ms. Lin just graduate, and not much savings. In order to help Zhao tide over the difficulties, Ms. Lin to the bank to apply for a credit card of the amount of 50 thousand yuan to lend him the use of. However, in mid November, Zhao suddenly Frence leave, when this card has been overdraft consumption of more than 30 thousand yuan.

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