Sell eggs out of a rural billionaire

you can think of only a junior high school education of rural women through the sale of eggs, even in a short span of six years worth billions of dollars, in China’s rich list. An egg in the market will sell six or seven cents, but the processing into a loess egg, it’s worth doubling up. Relying on a small egg, Xiangyuan County Cui Ping not only made their own money, but also to promote the development of local related industries.

mention "loess" eggs in Xiangyuan county can be said to be All the world knows. A originally sold only two or three cents in the market after the egg processing value doubled up, the woman relies on a small egg interpretation of a legend.

loess egg is Xiangyuan County Guo Village yuan’s family specialty in the family, she listen to grandma, not to let others know how to cook the eggs, others do not care. As long as there is a guest at home, always eat her boiled eggs, said very good, say it is, and she did not want to go deep.

once the son unit a few guests home, Mi Cuiping cook eggs with loess to eat them, they are foreign, eat eggs with loess feel very sweet, they solemnly said to me: "you are holding a golden rice bowl, dragging the begging stick, could make a lot of money on eggs." Your Boiled Egg can become a commodity, the first time she heard people say, and seen the world foreign said, these words make a bright, enlightened feeling some of Mi Cuiping’s eyes. The guest’s words made Mi Cuiping determined to bring her own boiled eggs to the market.

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