f you want to make a lot of money, learn to control your time

only reasonable control of their own time, in order to work efficiently. As an entrepreneur, I always have limited time. I have reached this point: if you do not always think about how I can promote my business needs, I got out of breath. If you want to make a lot of money, you need to make every second count.

1. set short-term goals to achieve long-term goals. This scheme can be applied to almost anything. For example, when I launched Kickstarter financing activities, I make a to-do list, in addition to the affairs of the company, including making my activities page, making my video, you contact blogger and so on. My long-term goal is to achieve funding on the Kickstarter platform, and my to-do list includes short-term goals that can be further broken down. For example, the video can be broken down into these parts: to find a reputable photographer, writing the script, the plot to do the series.

2. using the application. Technology can help you manage your time effectively. One of my favorite tools in my iPhone is my reminder. Every night before I go to bed, I write at least three goals for the next two days. It helps when I wake up with a handy schedule, and I try not to go to sleep before setting a second day goal.

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