How can venture capital flow quickly

is currently a lot of entrepreneurs are small entrepreneurs, so for the circulation of funds of considerable importance, so they are for venture capital turnover rate is closely watched, following small series to introduce several methods for the rapid turnover of funds.

(two) but many Chinese have no such business acumen, they often ask: "what kind of business the most money?" no doubt they have eyes on the rate of profit and ignore the turnover rate, which focused on the profit margins of big projects (industry). But the big profit margins, often because of higher prices and slower turnover, the funds can not be healthy, rapid turnover, not only their own end retailers stock will be crushed to death, and the whole industry chain will be a crisis.

he Baiquan times, it has experienced such a disaster. In 1997 he was determined to share a cup of jelly market. In August the initial listing of robust jelly market reaction really warm, a Book: sales channels to goods to goods!! in 1998 after the Spring Festival, the market seems to be crazy to the summit, a few dozen provinces and autonomous regions are to be goods wagon. He Boquan brain fever, and immediately expand production capacity, the production line from 2 to 4, and the 6, the 8. Production line of 48 machines installed all the time when the production?? terminal comprehensive declaration of a sudden stagnation! Robust original jelly all crowded in the channel, and not into the hands of consumers. The normal cash flow did not form, robust quickly fell into a sweet "jelly swirl" fast market "

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