How to open a clothing store

is now engaged in garment industry businesses brand is too many to count, number less, which means you want in this industry must be based on the premise, so that we can invest in the blockbuster after. Here, Xiao Bian will explore how to open a good clothing store tips.

An overview of


processAnalysis of district location survey – Decoration – Opening –


1, consider the clothing store for the new store, in order to reduce rents, reduce costs, shop area can be less, so the decision to rent 10 square stores can be.

2, there are two downtown lots, but the brand must operate in this brand street. Only in this street to find a shop has a commercial atmosphere.

3, is required to operate a comprehensive store, only for the local situation, because a Monopoly brand risk. To cover the second line, three line brand, accessories, etc..


The second step:

for further investigation

third step: take the fancy store

as soon as possible

three, budget

1, the budget (investment amounted to 2000 yuan to do market investigation and analysis of Guangzhou Dongguan mainly in various areas of Shenzhen and taking advantage of popular purchase market] prepayment 6 months rent 3000 yuan / month, a total of 18>

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