Open clothing store customers these psychological needs you know how much

apparel industry market space considerable profit, want to successfully run a clothing store, get better operating results, the first to grasp the customer demand for consumer psychology is the first step to success. How to enhance the store’s customers, operators in a clothing store, can be analyzed in several guests to meet the guests, and clothing to join what to buy clothes for psychological, can bring surprise harvest.

1, the opening of the clothing store buying psychology, the guests found that people who shop for a long time, they can not help but go to see if there is any good clothes or affordable clothes.

2, a clothing store in the clothing purchased psychological, often sell at a discount today, when our new listing price of the sale, the guests will try to wear, not to buy, the guests will ask what time the guests will wait for promotions discount?.

3, open clothing store herd mentality, competing for everyone to wear or buy clothes in droves, without thinking. Guide by fashion, reputation, sales promotion language Strike while the iron is hot.

4, the reverse psychology of the clothing store, when the guests feel the urgent need to promote the sale of clothing shopping, will have a reverse psychology and give up buying. Therefore, the shopping guide to recommend a few more to her choice, to solicit the views of the guests, more concerned about the needs of the guests and other methods.

5: open clothing stores preferred psychology, guests in the purchase of clothes, I hope to choose the best one through comparison, there is no room for choice, the desire to buy the guests will discount.

6, a clothing store fidgety psychological, guests in the purchase process, if the fitting room is dirty, the waiting time is too long, payment procedures, trouble stores crowded and hot, noisy, people will have psychological uneasiness, may go to.

7, a clothing store with curiosity, curiosity and novelty of nature, novelty, easy to cause the attention of the guests. Therefore, the new sales skills, new costumes, new clothing styles are able to attract the attention of the guests.

there is a source of benefit, how to have a better understanding of the source, it is necessary to understand the psychological needs of your consumer groups. When we opened a clothing store, will meet many different customers, in time to meet these guests should be psychologically how to deal with them, or methods and techniques to solve problems for all of us, these are very important.

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