Wang Jianlin told entrepreneurs venture is the key to find funds

Wang Sicong has been a point of concern, his father, Wang Jianlin is the richest man in china. Today, Wang Jianlin’s speech at the University of Oxford, made it clear that the key is to find a start-up company funds, with a large vernacular, entrepreneurs will learn to flicker.

"in China, everyone said that Wanda buy buy buy, but I don’t buy it can do?" Wang Jianlin when talking about Wanda’s international development strategy, said Wanda’s overseas development in mergers and acquisitions mainly, supplemented by investment. In the UK market as an example, Wang Jianlin said, from the beginning of the British Industrial Revolution to the present, a field if you want a foreign enterprises to enter the UK market, if you do not take the way of mergers and acquisitions, basically impossible.

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