Do business to be able to grasp the specific consumer groups – the whole

if you have the experience of doing business should be able to understand that the real success of the business is not a simple effort in the shop. In fact, do business, engage in business, you can say that you can grasp the different types of customers, in the real business, which is impossible. Sometimes it’s just the opposite. Concentrate on the work, it can sometimes have unexpected harvest.

retail customers Shen Yashi is a hardcore fans, so there are a lot of fans in this town friends. Last year, in order to watch the world cup, he had spent ten thousand yuan to buy a "projection", encountered a big event, he will put the timetable and events related to write a small blackboard hung in front of the door, so that the ‘boys’ to understand, will not miss the opportunity.

small Shen although foreigners come here to do business, but the fans in the town, he can be called on the name, usually to his home store, hardcore consumers is the most fans. Don’t look at the small Shen more introverted, people rarely see without sound, but you mentioned football, he caifeiyang God, there is much talk and those fans.

since he bought this big rear projection, the store can be lively, and a football game, the store is outside the shop. Especially at night, here is the racket for fear of disturbing those fans, family, have a bar stool, moving chairs here he went along for the ride. Popularity has also brought opportunities, encounter this kind of situation, not during the day, one night only cans and boxes of beer can sell seven or eight boxes of cigarettes, can buy a dozen. On this one, the income is very impressive.

Shen said: "watch everywhere business", before these fans did not what good place, usually "home" in the house, did not even have to show their place, and now have nothing to get to me here, look at each other. There are common interests of people to communicate, so it is easy to start a business. Because the fans have a place to go at night, do not disturb the rest of the family, those families who are also usually take care of our business." If you want to do a good job of business, it is not to have any special skills, and sometimes as long as the touch of a part of the people’s interests and hobbies can do business booming.

truly successful business, not only need to hold the market, know the policy changes, more need to grasp the psychology of consumers, for example, these specific consumers once able to grasp, to believe that business will have a great help. Therefore, the business needs to be more careful, a lot of dealing with consumers oh.

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