Once the mobile phone manufacturers are now entrepreneurial upstart

has its own business circle in Dubai, selling mobile phones are also small achievements, annual income of several hundred million dollars, and now he took all the Asian and African pull, intends to enter the Chinese market, and strive to expand their own plans to become rich in china.

"Spring Festival that year, the family had the idea to do an independent brand. I was taking over the business." Subsequently, Zhang Wuxue founded Kivu International (G FiveInternational, hereinafter referred to as Kivu), as CEO, the main international market development and brand building, Zhang started the family business transition from OEM to own brand. At that time, the main members of the team was only one of his classmates brought from Peking University, two people on the battle.

chose Dubai as the company’s headquarters in Kivu, not only from the beginning to the internationalization Kivu marked imprint, but was still regarded as the most correct decision Zhang Wuxue this barbaric growth China mobile phone brand in the overseas expansion made the. Facts have proved that Dubai is the best choice.

3 years, Dubai as the Kivu office headquarters and distribution center, shipments of 30 million units or more, a large number of goods from here to Asia and other countries and regions, the "Dubai model" played a role. In Dubai, Kivu won from the grassroots companies around the world, the world’s top ten mobile phone brands, product extension covering the world’s market of 65%, annual turnover of billions of dollars.

Kivu originated from the Zhang family’s designed to do mobile phone OEM and trade jinwell days before communication, Kivu was established, the Zhang family of ODM and OEM in the circle has been a minor celebrity. Zhang Wuxue will seize the opportunity to quickly operate on this platform a valuable mobile phone manufacturing brand, product variety of 200. And in the years he was in charge of the company’s profits, at least 70% of the total profits of the enterprise.

in Dubai against agents

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