Overall prices rose in Kunming and other places prices fell

accelerate the development of economy in the continuous, prices are constantly rising, many consumers can not help but see prices so the rally fell dejected. However, the overall price increases, prices fell in Kunming and other places. National hundred cities in July new home prices, the overall average house prices rose for 15 months. Your home town is the cheapest, or the most expensive? Now is not a hurry to buy a house? Reporters combed the latest data of the provincial capital cities and other data, as well as the authority of the property market forecast for reference.

this year the number of capital cities fell by

China Index Research Institute released a report last July, 10685 yuan / square meter of the average price of a hundred cities, a year later rose to 12009 yuan / square meter.

as the key cities in each province, the provincial capital in the medical, education, etc. have a relatively good resources, the provincial capital city housing prices are popular concern around the trend.

reporter combing 30 domestic capital city (including municipalities, capital; does not include "Lhasa", because of the lack of data) found home price trend this year, Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan three provincial capital city this year, prices rose more than Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin three municipalities. Jumped to the property market, the four dragons in Nanjing, Hefei house prices rose over 20%, per square meter rose to $18290, respectively, $9698. Among them, Nanjing house prices than Guangzhou, second only to Shanghai, Beijing.

overall price increases, Changchun, Urumqi, Kunming, Chengdu, Haikou, Shenyang, Taiyuan, the 7 cities prices have declined. For example, the price of new homes in Haikou in December last year, 9527 yuan per square meter fell to $9199, a decline of 3.44%.

and the capital city is the cheapest Guiyang and Yinchuan, two cities this year, although prices rose slightly, but the housing price is still not more than 5000 yuan per square meter. July, Guiyang housing prices 4623 yuan per square meter, Yinchuan is $4894.

which local residents to the provincial capital city to buy a house pressure?

Don’t talk about the existence of

City purchase policy to urban residents around 2015 per capita disposable income of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, per capita disposable income of urban residents is higher, but housing pressure still bear several top. Beijing, for example, urban residents rely on one person to work in full payment to buy 90 square meters of the house needs to save money for the past couple of years, if the couple shared the work of nearly 7 years of income can be paid on the first payment of the first suite of 20% to pay for the purchase of the first suite of two.

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