Small to large camera effects on shop safety

products have been stolen any one of the shopkeepers have encountered, and shopkeepers are constantly looking for a solution. I have been in the tobacco and liquor store for seven or eight years, and I think it’s very important for me to feel safe, including the safety of people and the safety of the goods, for a few years.


just opened a small cigarette and liquor vendor, but many passengers, because the store is usually only one person I see, sometimes encounter peak sales, a person must busy serving customers, but also busy closing, bustling about a day, managed to dial a few good guests away, close the door at night is the Title. That is certainly profitable, found on the shelf number of goods is wrong, a lot less than the book. Looking back, I was busy with the time, the goods in the shelf behind the dead angle may be helped. I regret, blame themselves did not pay attention to. What should I do? So go on, how many goods I can not help but stolen ah!

later, a relative gave me the idea – installation monitoring, to ensure that you can help me to see the goods". The relative words I thought, this little half believe and half doubt, the camera can be useful? No way, let’s try it, I asked people in the store four corners mounted on the camera, and the computer on the counter ing. Unexpectedly, all corners of this store on a computer at a glance, the original shelf behind the vision corner, are clearly displayed on the computer screen.

to increase the criminals deterrence efforts, I also specially printed a "shop installed TV monitoring system" notices posted on the door. After a month, I found a small camera, really helped me a lot, the end of the month a stocktaking, no shortage of goods basically phenomenon.

encountered when many people, as long as the attention of the on-site monitoring system shows that it is easy to find the theft, can stop in time, in addition to install monitoring system has a good customer and is if disputes about money, in the television monitoring system is installed to the cashier can provide a good basis, directly to the regulation monitoring all the questions are out of playback, unlock.

do not look at just a small monitor, the first thing for those who can play a small role in the shock of the thief, and then can also be in the case of the owner to do a reference. Moreover, the price of the camera is not expensive, so the owner if you want to protect the safety of the shop, may wish to install some cameras in the shop.

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