ntroduction to the development of Yang Guofu

China as the world’s populous country, with a population of 1/4 of the world’s population, every day so many Chinese people living on the earth, to eat, to drink water. Every day, like the catering market staged a gluttonous feast in general, the great consumption of amazing, can be seen in its market prospects. The best way is the fastest way to join the venture capital investment, the first thing to do is to choose the project? So what is a good choice of small projects for you recommend Harbin Yang Guofu hot and spicy.

Harbin Yang Guofu spicy food service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a professional engaged in spicy snacks and franchising large national chain catering enterprises. Its own: a number of food and beverage projects; a modern large-scale food processing plant; five national logistics distribution center. As of December 31, 2015, the national franchise stores more than 3500, the radiation of the northeast, North China, East China, Southern China and other regions, all over the country’s 25 provincial-level administrative regions, 3 municipalities, more than 200 cities.

as the leading brand of China’s hot and spicy industry, Yang Guofu set up five unified standards. Uniform trademarks, uniform store design, unified operation and service standards, unified product quality and taste, unified advertising. In strict accordance with the fast-food industry standardization model to expand the national store, scientific research and development of food innovation. The company has reached a strategic alliance with domestic and foreign suppliers of condiment and dairy products, providing exclusive formula for "Yang Guofu". Mr. Yang Guofu, chairman of the company in person with authentic spices recipe, the end of the soup to promote the formulation of hot and spicy soup, firmly anchored in the technology industry leading position.

future Yang Guofu will always uphold the blessing culture core. The constant pursuit of brand innovation and breakthrough, respect the traditional food culture, integrity management, pay attention to improve the quality of enterprises, to further expand the national chain of strategic layout, build national catering chain industry gold brand


Yang Guofu hot pepper development course introduction:

2003, Yang Guofu Malatang first outlets set up in Harbin Yonghe Street – Yang Malatang

2004-2006 years, Yang Guofu completed the original accumulation of hot and spicy, and lay a solid foundation for future high-speed development.

2007, "Yang Guofu" successfully registered trademark, the same year, Yang Guofu founded Harbin Malatang Food Co., Ltd. forward to standardization, scientific, business oriented, and the first to carry out the franchise service.

2008 years, Yang Guofu spicy stores break through 300, all over Heilongjiang Province, the province’s first store settled in Inner Mongolia.


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