2015 money is difficult to make eight investment traps to pay attention to

my colleagues have a famous saying: this year, although not last year, but will be stronger than next year. If you use it in today’s investment areas, it is very appropriate. 2014 money is hard to earn, but in 2015 will be more difficult.

1, house

2, stock market

2015 is an important year for China’s economic transformation, is an important year for the valuation of the RMB denominated assets of the U.S. dollar interest rate hike, but a wave of steady growth as the goal of the market has been launched. How the stock market will go in 2015, full of suspense. If the IPO registration system reform is delayed, a wave of policy bull market may be short-lived, but if the pace of reform in accordance with established rhythm, then the current market is nearing completion. In short, the stock market in 2015 is very difficult to do, structural opportunities lower than in 2014, investors do not fall into trap.

3, P2P

2015 may be Internet Banking