How to join a feather dumpling shop

our great leader Chairman Mao said: death in Thailand, with the food and beverage brands today would be lighter than a goose feather, just like a feather on the. Feather dumplings, a couple from Beitaipingzhuang started to Chinese dumplings, traditional food culture understanding and unremitting efforts finally achieved based on unique taste "feather dumplings". The founder of dumplings called "feather dumplings" is quoted in Sima Qian’s "historical records", "weightier than Mount Tai sustenance of the founder, lighter than a goose feather" modesty, such as the famous poet Ming Imperial in his "Untitled" written "the name of Taishan, or a feather light" of the poem reflects the spirit of traditional culture and light name. A feather dumpling has been the first 35 people, dozens of square meters of shops has developed into more than 10 stores unique flavors of dumplings chain, and become the famous brand of Beijing city. So how to join a dumpling?

how to join a feather dumpling shop

feather dumplings join conditions:

1. distributor must have independent civil liability, legal person or natural person.

2. feather dumplings franchisees have enough financial strength, can meet the requirements of investment funds.

3. with good credit and certain management ability.

4. has a good commercial credit and business premises.

5. strong public relations ability and ability to plan and organize all kinds of promotional activities.

6. must ensure strict compliance with the company’s management of the distribution business, credit protection, other business planning and other aspects of planning.

a dumpling shop joining process:

1. telephone consultation

2. headquarters visits

3. signed a franchise contract

4. select the appropriate address

5. headquarters training

6. shop trial business

7. official business

Brief introduction of the

above is the small series of feather dumplings join the details, if you need to understand what the brand and other aspects of the problem, please give us a message on our website below, see the message after we will arrange the staff to contact you.

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