Recommended for each of the six Super effective shop marketing methods

online shopping is a very popular way of shopping today, brings more convenience to our life, also brought a business opportunity for more people, many shopkeepers complain about their best efforts, the use of various means of operation is conducive to the development of the shop, but the shop still no improvement, and finally to the success and failure of the open shop due to luck. In fact, there are a lot of hidden resources can be used to be ignored to the owner. Here we look at a lot of shopkeepers did not understand the marketing method!

, swap shop links.

shop after a period of time, you can contact with other sellers in private, exchange links. Everyone can now add 35 links, so be sure to cherish oh. We can create a small network through the exchange of links, can enhance each other’s influence. Try to choose and you are not the same type of shop, on the one hand there is no competition, on the other hand, can also be good to promote each other.

two, participate in Taobao activities.

Taobao will have a lot of activities every day, to pay more attention to the latest developments. You can sponsor prizes, or donate money. This is the same as manufacturers sponsoring sports events, win-win. Be an active person, let more people know you.

three, shop joint promotion.

simple links, but placed in the shop home page, the role is limited. And if a few sellers cooperation, engage in joint promotion can play a different effect. As far as possible to find complementary nature of the shop. Such as photography books monopoly and digital camera store cooperation. In each other’s baby page hanging on each other’s recommendation baby, if possible, coupled with the introduction of attractive text.

four, Taobao joined the alliance.

business is a city of the seller, the seller or a certain kind of free composition. Need to apply to Taobao, after the adoption of a collective image can appear. Join us a lot of benefits to meet many sellers, the leader will organize a party or training exchanges, for people, is the fastest way to grow. Taobao home page and shangmeng special page, can be more exposure.

five, often on Taobao forum.

forum hidden many potential buyers, so do not ignore the role here. Remember to set your own avatar and signature files, and do a little better, more attractive. With good posts, whether it is the first post, or replies, others can pay attention to you oh. Share your business, Taobao in the bitter sweet and sour, reading and listening to music fun, etc.. Regular replacement of your signature, the latest policy in the shop recommended

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