Business needs to take the initiative to provide value-added services

is also the purchase of a product, some shops just to provide customers need products, and some shops will be deep excavation of customer needs, thereby providing some value-added services. As a result, it is obvious that the store that can provide value-added services will undoubtedly be trusted by more customers, so that the business can be more prosperous.

value-added services to allow consumers to meet the normal consumer demand at the same time get unexpected surprises. However, if the business in carrying out activities, provide value-added services properly will be counterproductive; if used properly, then the value-added services will become the "magic shop together".

recently, the author in a stall to eat, I saw a lobster shop next to the shop, because the child likes to eat I specifically wanted a copy. The boss asked me to wait a little while, and they placed a steaming lobster in front of us. What surprised us most was that when the boss brought the lobster, he gave two of us a man with a piece of gum and a napkin. In this way, let us taste delicious at the same time to solve the worries.

according to the iceberg theory, the actual needs of each person is only the tip of the iceberg, 90% of the demand is hidden under the sea. Therefore, according to the needs of the form is divided into realistic demand and potential demand. Real needs are easy to meet, potential needs are difficult to meet. The lobster shop owner in accordance with the potential needs of customers to eat lobster after digging, providing targeted value-added services, which not only ensures the source, but also to increase his profit.

now many bosses do business is simply to do business, what customers need to sell wine, but not from the customer’s point of view. In fact, as a retailer, usually operating a wide range of goods, hidden behind each kind of commodity is the potential customer demand. We might as well learn a lobster shop owner, usually in the spare time to take the initiative to consider how to meet and effectively tap the potential needs of customers. As long as we guarantee the quality of goods under the premise, both to ensure that the actual needs of customers, but also the initiative to provide a variety of value-added services, I believe the business will be better and better.

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