Women buy 45 less flat terrace developers said the area is a gift

‘s house found less 45 square meters with balcony. The developers of this explanation has said original gift area is the pen, and only willing to compensate the two property charges. This compensation is not accepted by the owners, lawyers said the developer is a breach of the contract.

2011 years, Ms. Lee to more than 8000 yuan per square meter price, buy the house of the top seventeenth units of the top two houses. "When developers promised that, if buy the top, will give an area of 45 square meters on the balcony, I think of the terrace, home a lot of things we have put in place, but in the summer, but also on the terrace of leisure and entertain friends." Ms. Lee said that in 2013 when she was found, said the balcony was missing.

"others, I wanted to go to terrace look, but found that the top floor of the door is locked, looked, and no relationship and my balcony, but a public building." Ms. Lee said.

in the purchase contract provided by Lee, China Daily reporter saw eleventh of the second clause of the contract was written: "under the contract of commercial housing with side / top of about 45 square meters of the garden / Terrace / platform (specific area to the actual delivery date), with the area not included in this contract under the real estate valuation area……"


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